Jingle Bell Walk

A fun fundraiser for the holiday season is doing a Jingle Bell Walk for your favorite cause. It can be a great fundraising event for a school, church group, medical research, or any other nonprofit group.

Raise Funds With A Jingle Bell Walk Fundraiser

The basic premise is very simple. You gather a group of people who will walk a certain distance or route and you raise funds for charity through sponsorship donations.

The fun thing about this event is it’s holiday theme and festive air. Every walker ties jingle bells to their shoelaces and as they walk, the happy noise brings smiles to the faces of everyone involved, event spectators, and even passerby.

Raising funds
You raise funds with your Jingle Bell Walk for a charitable cause by seeking both corporate and individual sponsorship donations. Companies like being involved with a family-oriented event with a festive air, a holiday theme, and a good cause.

Contact companies well ahead of time with a fundraising donation request letter. Explain why you are raising funds, ask for their help, offer different levels of sponsorship, and highlight your fundraising walkathon’s holiday theme. Be sure to include a donation form with suggested amounts and a pre-addressed envelope.

Individual sponsorship donations are another excellent way to raise funds. Each walker in your Jingle Bell Walk should help raise funds by getting their friends and family to sponsor their participation.

Popular approaches are donations by set amount ($5 or $10 is common) or by distance ($5 per mile, etc.). Ask each participating walker to raise at least $50 in individual donations.

Getting publicity
Increase participation with news coverage by local newspapers, radio, and television stations. Follow the standard press release format of a summary paragraph followed by specific details.

Your press release should highlight why you are raising funds and provide event specifics such as date, time, and contact information.  To maximize your chances of getting good press, be sure to include a unique newsworthy angle such as pictures of previous events or of the good work being done by your cause.

You can even include a pair of jingle bells to attach to their own shoelaces along with an invitation to participate in the event.

This is a fun fundraising event that is easily put together. All you need is a good place to walk, a large supply of jingle bells, and some eager participants. Promote your cause with good publicity techniques to increase your turnout.

Use standard corporate and individual sponsorship techniques to raise funds. Seek corporate sponsors to defray event costs. Provide each participant with a donation request letter to use for seeking individual sponsors. Set a minimum sponsorship level for all your walkers and offer prizes for top fund raisers.

Plan ahead and your Jingle Bell Walk will be a fun fundraiser for your sponsors, volunteers, participants, and spectators.