Jamba Juice Fundraiser

One of the most popular fundraising ideas these days is the Jamba Juice fundraiser. Jamba Juice is the hottest name in nutritional smoothies since they originated in Hawaii, the home of so many fruit ingredients.

Jamba Juice at your school

Fundraising With Jamba Juice

Try one of these ways to increase your profits while providing a healthy alternative to soda and ice cream.

Jamba Juice Fundraiser At Your School

Working with your local Jamba Juice location, offer a Jamba Juice mug and discount coupon. You will be selling a coupon sheet that is perforated- one coupon good for the mug and one coupon good for the smoothie.

If you sell the mug for $7 ($8.50 retail) your organization keeps $3 and $4 goes to Jamba Juice. The smoothie coupon offers a discount on mug refills.

Fundraising Events With Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice will set up a tent at your fundraising event. It’s called Jamba Go-Go! Imagine being able to offer a delicious, nutritious alternative to what you may typically serve at your event.

Jamba Juice at your fundraising event

This idea works great for Spring Carnivals, any sporting event, team outings, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Selling Jamba Juice smoothies and treats keeps much of the work off of you and your volunteers, but still adds to your fundraising profits. That’s a win-win for everybody!

On-going Fundraisers With Jamba Juice

This works much the same way as “Going to School with Jamba Juice”. It works especially well when there is a retail location nearby the places your potential buyers frequent.

Jamba Juice fundraiser – Sip To Support

You would sell the two part coupon, one for the mug and one for the smoothie. The profit stays the same, you just offer them throughout the year, season, or whatever is appropriate for your group.

Why It Sells
Healthful nutrition sells these days. Jamba Juice touts “5-A-Day” for servings of fruits or vegetables. There is a lot of attention to Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs these days. These are the good carbs.

By offering alternatives to the typical soda, ice-cream, and junk food, many people will spend a little more to get a delicious, very nutritious, and refreshing snack.