Internet Fundraising

There are a number of ways to raise funds by leveraging the communication power of the Internet. This article examines three popular online fundraising approaches through example web sites.

Three Examples of Internet Fundraising

  1. Internet Fundraising with Affiliate Programs –
  2. Internet Fundraising with ECommerce Portal –
  3. Internet Fundraising with Network Marketing –

Affiliate Programs –

One of the interesting things about is it’s creative approach to using affiliate programs to raise money for a good cause.

In just two years of Internet fundraising, they’ve raised over $100,000 for education and employment training programs in Third World countries.

To give you an idea of just how creative their fundraising approach is, take a look at this list of ways their website lists to help their organization:

Study in Australia & Help Solve Poverty
Learn Online & Help Solve Poverty
Submit Your Site & Help Solve Poverty
Market Your Business & Help Solve Poverty
Advertise With Us & Help Solve Poverty
Join These Affiliate Programs & Help Solve Poverty
Shop & Help Solve Poverty

My hat is off to Simon Headly, Solve Poverty’s marketing director. He’s using so many affiliate programs in their fundraising in so many different ways that you have to see for yourself.

E-Commerce Portal –

A more straightforward approach to Internet fundraising is to open a virtual mall. The idea here is that your group collects
a commission on all the online purchases made by your supporters.

This is a nice silent fundraiser. A good example is the pre-built Internet fundraising website offered by SmartMall.

Here, all the work of setting up hundreds of affiliate programs is already done. All you have to decide is whether to sign up
as a free member or as a SmartPro member for $30 a month.

What’s the difference? A SmartPro member gets double the rebates that the free member does and they can earn money on their own
downline members.

As an example, shopping online at Wal-Mart through the SmartMall portal will earn your group between 5%-10% of purchases as a paid
member. As a free member, those rebates are 2.5%-5% of online purchases. Just imagine how much spending your supporters do at
Wal-Mart in a year’s time, then calculate 5% of that.

Internet fundraising through affiliated shopping works best if you have large numbers of households that you can persuade to purchase through your website. That makes this a good Internet fundraising fit for motivated school, church, and youth groups.

With stores such as Sony Music, Spencer Gifts, Sharper Image, Office Max, Priceline, Lands End, JCrew, Hallmark, Disney, Dell, Brooks Brothers, and Blinds Galore, your supporters will feel like they’re in a real mall.

If you are serious about Internet fundraising, I’d recommend signing up as a paid member. If you’re unsure, then try it out as a free member and convert after you’ve built up your traffic.

The paid membership cost of $30 per month is recouped with $1,000 worth of online purchases (or less). In addition, your
downline commissions from other stores will produce significant monthly commissions as well.

Network Marketing –

Network marketing for a good cause is a phenomenal way to create much needed funds. A good example of how this works is a web site
called Permaworld.

Permaworld is an organization of Associate Members and Customers in over 140 countries who support a belief in a sustainable future
based on co-operating with nature and caring for the earth and its people.

Fundraising events, direct appeals or door-to-door canvassing for donations leave many organizations frustrated at the difficulty to
raise needed funds.

Permaworld has developed a simple plan which offers a unique way to provide substantial funds for Earth Care organizations while at the same time giving financial benefits for those who help participate in the process by selling innovative products.

In Internet fundraising, there is no need to be restricted to one geographical location to raise funds. Permaworld utilizes the power of the Internet to provide an environment where people from any country in the world can connect with each other and network for common environmental and financial goals.

Here’s how PermaWorld works:

You can join Permaworld as a free or paid member. As a free member, your income is limited to $5 per paid signup beneath you. As a paid member, you can earn up to $5,675 per month by actively participating in their program.

Your downline is filled by your efforts and by those above you in your upline. All new signups go underneath you in a 5×5 forced
matrix (forced=no gaps & with spillover from above).

The great thing about this Internet fundraising program is that you are helping the environment and offering great products. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you or your group can make substantial amounts of money by using the power of Internet marketing.

We’ve taken a look at examples of online fundraising via affiliate programs, online shopping, and network marketing.

Take the time to explore the concept further. The future of your fundraising efforts might depend on it.