Impact Auction Boosts Fundraising Event Results

An impact auction at a fundraising event is also known as a paddle raise. At large fundraising events, a professional auctioneer conducts a live auction of large ticket items which eventually go to the highest bidders. During the live auction portion of your event, an impact auction will definitely boost your results.

An impact auction or paddle raise will help raise substantial donations

The “impact auction” or “paddle raise” is when the auctioneer asks for audience members to raise their paddles to give a donation at the announced dollar amount. The “impact” designation comes about because these paddle raises will make an impact for your cause.

The bidders are not bidding on anything. They are just raising their paddles to make a donation at that announced price. All bids at each price point are accepted during the impact auction.

People who give money to support a charity like to be recognized by their peers. The impact auction gives every registered bidder at the live auction a chance to make a public contribution.

And of course, it is a point of great pride to be one of the ones making a donation at the highest price point during the impact auction.

Its just one more reason why groups should use a professional auctioneer at their charity events. Having a professional host the live auction can easily double the net proceeds, making the cost well worth it.

Their stage patter keeps everyone involved with what’s currently up for bid and maximizes the competitive bidding on each lot. Plus, as events usually have several raffles going on in addition to the live and silent auction activity, the auctioneer can smoothly handle the raffle process as well.

For instance, if your group is doing a reverse raffle where the grand prize goes to the last ticket drawn, there needs to be periodic ticket drawings to build excitement toward the grand prize drawings. Since you don’t want to interrupt the flow of the live auction too much, an auctioneer can weave that drama into their stage narrative.

To get more people involved in the auction bidding, consider using colorful custom paddles in lively shapes.

So, if you are looking for another tool to boost your fundraising event results, be sure to include an impact auction because it will definitely impact your bottom line!

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