Hunger Games Fundraiser

In the Hunger Games fundraiser, contestants compete in four events to become the grand champion. Inspired by the incredibly popular Hunger Games books and movies, this unique fundraising event combines an archery competition, shooting range, obstacle course and a willingness to eat weird foods. Depending on the number of competitors, you can do the events one at a time or have all four events going on simultaneously with groups rotating between the challenges.

Hunger Games fundraiser event has widespread appeal

The usual caveats apply on getting lots of publicity and media coverage ahead of the event. To further maximize turnout, enlist the aid of select local businesses to sell tickets as well.

More Hunger Games Fundraiser Ideas

Like any other fundraiser event, you want to keep things fun for everyone that attends, not just the competitors. That means having lots of extra activities going on besides the main competition events.

Fun activities include live music, a pig roast, door prize drawings, face painting, temporary tattoos, a Hunger Games nickname contest and just about anything else in the way of family fun.

You can even have a children’s competition using easy events like a bean bag toss, dart throwing, lawn bowling and a standing broad jump. Make sure there are plenty of prizes for the little ones as well as for the preteen set.

If there are a lot of preteens and younger teens in the crowd, consider having a separate competition just for that age range that’s a little more advanced and maybe a little grosser. Anyone up for an eating contest featuring chocolate-covered grasshoppers?

Think outside the usual foot races and feats of strength. Consider juggling bowling pins as an event or having a SuperSoaker water gun battle. Do archery since that’s one of the big draws for the Hunger Games crowd, but use arrows with suction cups and draw a fun target on a portable dry erase board. You could even have a Tarzan-style rope swing across a mud hole, but be prepared to hose down competitors that fall in!

To raise money, sell tickets for the event either singly or with a family pass. Charge a fee for competitors in the main competition because there are additional expenses involved. Price accordingly depending on number of competitors, expenses, prizes, and desired markup.

Publicize that you are offering prizes for best costumes. Have your audience vote on the winner for each costume category, either with a ballot box or by voice vote with all the competitors lined up on the stage.

Hunger Games Event Ideas – Extra Profit Tips

Additional money can be raised by adding eating competitions, including a raffle such as the infamous cow pie fundraiser, and offering lots and lots of silent auction items.

Follow these silent auction tips and this merchant plan in order to get high-quality goods and services donated to support your cause. Remember that when asking for support from any business to keep in mind the ultimate decider, i.e. “What’s in it for me?”

Look for items that might tie in with your theme such as archery equipment, shooting lessons, a gun safety course, a set of the Hunger Games books, a movie DVD, fan posters, etc.

Prominently feature the business name for each donated item along with their location. Also, thank your supporters by name during announcements, such as who the winner is of your Hunger Games competition.

Be sure to place your silent auction items in the area with the most foot traffic, which is usually where the food and entertainment is located.

The more attractive the display, the more bids each item will receive. The more fun the event is, the longer people will stay and the more money they will spend.

So, aim your fundraising arrow at the target of making your Hunger Games fundraiser a fabulously fun time for all. You’ll not only draw a great crowd, you’ll raise lots of money as well.