Holiday Fundraising – Part 3

Holiday fundraising is all about timing. Schools, churches and youth sports groups can schedule their fundraisers to coincide with a time when most people’s spending increases.

Part One looked at Christmas tree and wreath sales as a way of raising funds for non-profit groups. Part Two, explored a common but profitable holiday fundraiser, catalog sales. In Part Three, we’ll see what it takes to throw a holiday carnival.

Carnival Event Fundraiser

A fundraising event like a holiday carnival can be labor intensive, so start with your volunteer base. Delegate responsibilities to the committee chairs. You’ll need someone in charge of ticket sales, decorations, advertising, entertainment, food, and so on.

A holiday carnival is a great place to also host a silent auction, bake sale, or large item raffle. These fundraising events within the event can draw large dollars.

Depending on your expected attendee volume, you may consider raffling a 4 day cruise, and MP3 player, a large screen TV, and such. Look to local businesses to help defer the cost of the large item or items. Begin selling raffle tickets as far in advance of the event as possible.

Along with raffle tickets, sell event tickets in advance and allow advance purchased tickets to be picked up at the “will call” table. Intersperse ticket sale tables throughout your event location.

I once helped organize a carnival event for our elementary school. We made use of the gym or multipurpose room, but also spread games throughout the hallways. This allowed each classroom to host a game like ring toss or face painting and spread the crowd out so we didn’t experience over crowding.

Cake walks at holiday carnivals are usually very successful. Since the baked goods are donated, you can receive greater profit from each item. Sell smaller items such as cookies and brownies at the bake sale, and use the larger items like whole cakes and pies at the cake walk.

If you have the space, look into using a large inflatable game like giant slides or obstacle courses. These can be rented for the day and are a large draw for younger children.

Use your imagination for planning your fundraising event. Consider how many people you might expect, as well as the age range. Tailor your games and events to appeal to the masses. Keep it fun and your carnival will be a huge success!