Grocery Shopping Spree Fundraiser Raffle

Grocery Shopping Fundraiser – Everybody goes grocery shopping, so why not turn it into a fundraiser raffle for your school, church or nonprofit group? After all, who wouldn’t want to win an unlimited grocery shopping spree where you get a ten minute dash through your favorite store to load up on all your favorite foods.

A grocery shopping fundraiser works like this: Your group sells 300 raffle tickets (or even up to 1,000 tickets) for a quick fill-the-cart scramble through the supermarket. Your group keeps the net proceeds after paying for the shopping spree and the cost of the raffle tickets. A fundraising event like this is perfect for media coverage, particularly the shopping spree itself, so be sure to use press releases for media attention, social media to create excitement, and an emcee to liven up the actual event. Use a large electronic countdown clock to heighten the drama.

Grocery Shopping Spree Raffle

Depending on how much you want to spend, your shopping spree winner can use two shopping carts with no limits on what goes in the carts,. Or, if you’ve sold a larger amount of raffle tickets, they can use up to four carts with a limit on premium items like meat, wine, etc.

You set a time limit on how long they have to get everything into their carts and to the checkout lane. You want it to be a frantic, madcap dash through the store so its best to set your time to something like 10 minutes total.

Price the raffle tickets at a reasonable price – something in the $5 to $10 range works very well – and promote the shopping spree to friends, family, and supporters. You can also sell raffle tickets outside the grocery store by getting permission from the store manager.

For more on that, read this article about the best fundraising locations. Also, be sure to use the links on this page to check the raffle laws in your state.

Here’s the thing about selling raffle tickets. It’s all in how you present the raffle opportunity. It’s actually quite similar to any fundraising product sales pitch.

There are three main points:

1 – Explain why you are raising funds
2 – Ask for their help to meet your goal
3 – Use the word “because” with your call to action

So, let’s look at a short example of a raffle ticket sales pitch for a school fundraiser.

We’re doing a raffle to raise funds for new playground equipment for our school.
Can you help us meet our goal by buying a ticket because the prize is a grocery shopping spree?

You don’t want to say too much about the raffle in your pitch. Groups always make that mistake.

You want to state a problem that you’re solving (the need for new playground equipment),
You want to ask them directly for their help,
You need to use the word “because” – its a psychological trigger to get a positive response.

When using a sales table at a shopping center, do the same thing with your signage. Create pairs of signs that work together to make those three points.

If you sell 1,000 tickets for your grocery shopping raffle at $10 each, your group should net at least $9,000 after expenses and paying for the shopping spree. You can also offer some smaller prizes such as a prepaid gas card or donated prizes from local business.

A grocery shopping fundraising raffle is a fun event that’s easy to put together and always raises a lot of much needed funds. Get started planning yours today!