Grant Writing - Grant Funding

Tips on grant writing and getting grant funding by submitting the best possible proposal that matches the RFP specifications, provides testimonials, and does a great job of showing how the requested grant funding will be used wisely.

Applying For Federal Grants

Applying for Federal grants can be confusing and time-consuming for both businesses and non-profit organizations. The best way to go about it is to be prepared with all the required information such as obtaining a DUNS number, registering with the System for Award Managment (, and getting all your documents in order.Grant application expert Sheila […]

Win Grant Funding With A Compelling Needs Statement

If you want to win grant funding with your proposal, you’re going to need a compelling needs statement. Think of it this way: You’re the only one who really knows how big and how important your need is, so it’s your job to convey that need in a compelling manner.Professional grant writer Betsy Baker shows […]

Grant Funding Foundations Tips

One of the best tips for grant funding from foundations is to build relationships with the funders, i.e. the key personnel making the funding decision. And just how do you go about building those relationships to improve your chances of getting your grant funded?Fundraising consultant Tina Cincotti, founder of the consulting group Funding Change, explains […]

Grant Proposal Success – Use Testimonials

The secret to writing a grant proposal that gets funded is to use testimonials to help tell your story. Testimonials help grab the grant reviewer’s attention and provide a compelling case for funding your proposal.Grant writing expert Pamela Grow, who is the author of “Five Days to Foundation Grants”, explains how to use testimonials to […]

Grant Writing Tips From Top Foundations

What better source for grant writing tips than the top foundations that are doing the funding? Grant proposal expert Pamela Grow covers 8 tips for improving your grant proposal from the top funding sources.From following the guidelines and getting right to the point, Pamela provides succinct insights into what the foundations are looking for in […]

Grant Writing Myths & Success Tips

When you want to know about grant writing for schools and what works and what doesn’t, it’s best to consult an expert; a grant writing expert who’s not only an educator, but has also successfully obtained millions of dollars worth of grant funding. And, it would be nice if they were a published author and […]

Best Practices For Grant Research

There’s a right way to do grant research and a wrong way when trying to find grant funding for your non-profit. These best practices for grant research will keep you on track and help you avoid wasting time and energy applying for the wrong grants.Grant funding expert Marcie L. Wagner explains four simple ways to […]

Writing Great Grant Proposals

An essential part of non-profit fundraising is writing grant proposals and filling out grant applications. An effectively written grant application can bring in much needed funds for your non-profit group.Applying for grants can be a very long and tedious process, but in the end it will be well worth it for your organization.Most grant applications […]

Corporate Foundations

There are many types of foundations–community, private, operating, and corporate, to name the big ones. The differences are based on a number of factors: Internal Revenue Service regulations, where the foundation money came from, and what the foundation money will be used for.Comprehending the differences can be confusing, but one type of foundation that is […]

Writing Grant Requests

Here is a brief recap of the essential elements of writing grant requests: Summary or abstract – Write this part last. Establish your credibility, state your goal, sample activities, and cost. The summary should be brief, clear, and informative and of very high quality. STAY FOCUSED!Introduction – This section highlights your credibility and your school’s […]

Grant Writing

A lot of people have questions about grant writing in general and specifically tips on finding sources and how to fill out applications. Grant proposals are different with every non-profit funding source or corporate foundation, but these articles deliver some great tips on getting your grant request approved.How To Apply For GrantsWriting Grant Requests – […]

Grant Writing Tips

If you want to get your grant request approved, then follow these 10 grant writing tips:1. Understand the needs of the grantorsBehind every foundation grant is a philosophy, intention or basic principal. These principles not only determine how grants are funded, if you pay attention, they will also tell you how to approach the foundation […]

Grant Writer Tips

Here are a few ideas and grant writer tips:1 – Have a great idea that stretches the minds of students and challenges teachers to extend past their comfort zones. Your program or project needs to be unique, have some sound benefits for students, and be able to be maintained by the district and/or replicated by […]

Grant Proposal Tips

40 Tips On Putting Together A Grant Request1. Don’t use a committee.The fewer writers involved, the better the writing.Preferably, the project innovator should be the author with editorial assistance by a grants coordinator.2. Write in the third person. It’s easier to brag about “they” than “I”.3. Select an appropriate and interesting title of ten words […]

Grant Application Tips

A grant application generally consists of three parts: the application form or forms, the narrative, and the budget. Grant writers and grant givers alike caution applicants to give equal weight to all three sections, and they provide the following advice for completing each part successfully. Here are some grant application tips:Fill out application forms meticulously […]

School Grant Writing Tips

Most successful grant writers give the same advice: begin your school grant writing with a Project, a Plan, and Permission. The Three P’s Of School Grant WritingIf you’re planning to apply for a major grant, be sure you have the support of your principal or superintendent. Many grants for more than a few thousand dollars […]

School Grant Application Tips

The following tips are for educators about to embark on the school grant application process for the first time.Writing Your School Grant Application ProposalHave a clear plan for your project. Know what you want to accomplish and the steps you will take to do it.If you can find grants that others have submitted, read them […]