Grandmas Gone Wild

Grandmas Gone Wild is a great example of fundraising for small groups because it shows that everybody can make a difference just by joining together to support a favorite cause. Many seniors want to make a difference, but sometimes feel lost in bigger fundraising groups.

And that’s where Grandmas Gone Wild helps fill the gap by giving like-minded seniors a way to band together. And of course, they can always call on Grandads Gone Wild and Grandkids Gone Wild to assist them in their charity endeavors.

Fundraising Activities For Grandmas Gone Wild

  1. Raffles – Everybody loves a chance to win something, so why not organize a raffle.
  2. Bingo Night – Good times for all at the local hall.
  3. Crazy Hat Party – Just the excuse you need to get that really crazy one out of the closet.
  4. Wine Tasting – Fundraising  doesn’t get any funner than this.
  5. Bunco Fundraiser – Great fun for a large group of gals.
  6. Mystery Dinner Theater – Classic whodunnit performed by volunteers amidst the restaurant crowd
  7. Pancake Breakfast – Stacks of flapjacks and maple syrup
  8. Spelling Bee For Cheaters – Hilarious way for everyone to have a good time buying vowels
  9. Prom For Parents – After all, they obviously need something to dress up for these days.
  10. Senior Triathalon – Compete in your own funny Armchair Olympics.

The whole point of small group fundraising is to do good things for other people, so why not have a good time doing so? Grandmas Gone Wild is just a fun format or umbrella banner under which to raise funds.

As with any type of fundraising event, there are certain things you should do to maximize the dollars raised:

  • Publicity – Place flyers in local businesses, do press releases, use social media and anything else to attract a large crowd.
  • Business partnerships – Get donated items and services to auction or raffle off to attendees.
  • Advance ticket sales – Selling tickets in advance gets people committed to attending your event.
  • Silent auctions – Always popular, but you can also use Chinese auctions to boost revenue

The bottom line is that fundraising for small groups can be a lot of fun, even if you have a little snow on the roof!