Golf Fundraising Ideas

There are a lot of unique golf fundraising ideas that you can use to raise money for your nonprofit group. Here is a list of the top 10 golf fundraisers that are both fun and easy to do.

Top 10 Golf Fundraising Ideas

Top 10 Golf Fundraising Ideas

  1. Golf Fundraiser Tournament
  2. Golf Ball Drop Raffle
  3. Golfing Expo
  4. Golfing Lessons Fundraiser
  5. Miniature Golf Tournament
  6. Zombie Golf Tournament
  7. Frisbee Golf Tournament
  8. Golf Clothing Sale
  9. Golf Equipment Raffle
  10. Dream Golf Trip Raffle

Here are some tips on how to raise money at these 10 golf fundraising events:

Golf Fundraiser Tournament Ideas

Golf Ball Drop Raffle

Golfing Expo

Golfing Lessons

  • Offering golf lessons as a fundraiser is easy to do
  • You don’t have to be the instructor, just hire local pros
  • Its a great way to learn golf basics
  • Instruction can be done at driving ranges & local courses
  • Offer lessons for beginners, average golfers, and experienced ones
  • This fundraiser is all about selling these lessons at a good markup
  • Take advantage of group discounts to offer good deals

Miniature Golf Tournament

Zombie Golf Tournament

  • Great for fraternities, sororities and young adults
  • Use same fundraising methods as for regular charity golf tournament
  • Include prizes for best costumes
  • Could combine with evening event like Zombie Prom or craft beer & wine tasting

Frisbee Golf Tournament

  • Golf played with Frisbees or flying discs
  • Teams raise money for charity to qualify to compete
  • Can also combine with other fundraiser such as dodge-ball tournament, etc.
  • Include chili cookoff, barbeque competition, or other food fundraiser to draw crowd

Golf Clothing Sale

  • Similar to golfing expo, but focused on clothing & shoes
  • Work with merchants for revenue share on items sold

Golf Equipment Raffle

  • Raffles make great fundraisers
  • Get donated or discounted equipment for prizes
  • Here’s how to sell lots of raffle tickets
  • Partner with golf courses and merchants to sell tickets for you

Dream Golf Trip Raffle

So, those are the top 10 golf fundraising ideas for raising money for your cause. Pick one of these great golf fundraisers and you’ll have a ready made audience eager for what you’re offering.