Girl Selling Fundraising Candy Robbed At Gunpoint By Classmates

A 13-year old Dallas girl selling fundraising candy was robbed at gunpoint by 8 male classmates. A Dallas police report states the girl was selling fundraising candy to help pay for a band trip to the Six Flags amusement park this spring.

Fundraising Candy Robbery News Video:


Yesenia Ramirez, who plays the clarinet in the school band, said she was going door to door at an apartment complex near her home when a group of boys approached her.

One of them came up from behind, grabbed her in a choke hold and then put a gun to her neck.

The girl told police. “He said give me your chocolates. He really choked me hard. I couldn’t breathe,” she said.

After she started screaming, the boy with the gun decided to leave her and her friend alone.

Ramirez said there were about eight boys in all. She recognized most of them as seventh graders from her own school.

The girl said that the boys didn’t get any of her candy fundraising money, but they stole her cell phone from her friend’s back pocket before running away.

Pretty scary stuff for a 13-year old, but she told police she could identify most of the boys who threatened and robbed her.