Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 4

Summary: More fundraising tips – Part 4 covers the organizational aspects of your fundraiser. Communication is extremely important for successful fundraisers.

In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to consider for your fundraiser:

How will you organize everything that needs to be done?

Cover the basics
Organization depends on executing well on the basics. Get a detailed project plan in place and work from it. Identify all the manpower requirements. Spell out your action plan with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Don’t assume anything
Never assume that anyone knows exactly what to do. Describing an action item as, “It’s the same way we did it last year” just won’t work. What about all the newcomers you’re recruiting that weren’t here last year?

Communicate your needs
Staff all your needed positions by recruiting volunteers, not by waiting for them to step forward on their own. Communicate clearly the organizational need and the reason you’re raising funds. Volunteers are just like customers; you have to sell them on the idea of helping your cause. Give them written job descriptions that include an estimated time commitment.

Fundraiser type affects structure
When considering a fundraising category, choose one that will produce enough profit to cover those needs. The type of fundraiser selected will certainly affect your organizational structure. You’ll need more volunteers for catalog sales and for big events than you will for an immediate sale fundraiser.

Decide about a consultant
Decide on whether or not to use a professional consultant. This decision is dependent on what approach you take. For certain types of fundraisers, they can provide valuable assistance. For other types, there is no need.

Make sure you take the time and place the right emphasis on maximizing your results with the appropriate consideration of who, what, when, where, why and how. It’s the basic starting point for all your planning and decision-making.

Once you’ve thought all that through, you’re ready to select the right fundraiser.