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Fundraising tips you can bank on

Tips For All Kinds Of Fundraisers

12 Fundraising Tips – Twelve fundraising tips to raise more funds with your next school fundraiser – Includes sample sales script.

12 Sales Secrets – How to boost your fund raising sales results with twelve sales secrets.

101 Fund Raising Tips – Boost results with organization, the right incentives, and preparation.

Advance Planning – More from the series on Preparation about the importance of planning ahead.

Advance Planning: Part 2 – Additional specifics about what needs to be done ahead of time.

Approach Your Fundraiser Like A Business – Why it makes sense to approach your fundraiser like a business – Tips on how to boost your fundraising results.

Basics: Part 1 – Why being prepared, organized, and executing well is important.

Basics: Part 2 – Why being prepared, organized, and executing well is important.

Basics: Part 3 – Why being prepared, organized, and executing well is important.

Basics: Part 4 – Why being prepared, organized, and executing well is important.

Build Your Fundraising Team – Build your fundraising team by recruiting more volunteers – Here’s some ideas on how to get the right kind of helpers.

Business Focus – Continuation of the Preparation series about focusing on the business aspects of your fund raising.

Candy Fundraiser Sales – Four tips for improving your candy fundraiser sales – How offering an overlay or supplemental product can double or triple your profits.

Capital Campaigns – Capital campaign strategies for non-profit groups to increase their donor base.

Charitable Giving Tax Law – The effect of changes in estate tax law on charity donation and programs.

Charity Fundraising – Overview of a dozen charity fundraising methods – Common mistakes non-profit groups make when asking for donations.

Common Mistakes – Simple mistakes many nonprofit groups make and how to avoid them.

Communication – Final piece of the Preparation series about the best ways to communicate your need.

Donor Recognition – How to use donor recognition to increase your capital campaign results.

Five Fundraising Tips – Five easy ways to double or triple your fund raising profits with no extra work.

Follow-up – Describes the importance of follow-up and its impact on your future fund raising success.

Fundraiser Preparation – Everything you need to know about getting ready to raise funds.

Fundraising Auction Tips – Fundraising tips on how to get more out of your next auction fundraiser – The importance of using a professional auctioneer.

Fundraising Event Tips – Tips on raising maximum funds at your next event – Easy to follow fundraising event tips for getting publicity and attracting sellout crowds eager to support your cause.

Fundraising FAQ – Article covering common fundraising questions asked by those new to school fundraisers and other nonprofit charitable activities.

Fundraising Fundamentals – How to increase community awareness of both your need and your offering.

Fundraising Management – Tips on maximizing capital campaign contributions through proper management.

Fundraising Safety – How to put a safety focus in place in your fund raising program.

Fundraising Successfully – Fundraising tips on how to raise funds successfully for your group’s next fundraiser.

Get Organized – Organizational tips for getting the most out of your volunteer organizations.

Getting Media Coverage – How to get media coverage for your non-profit group, charity auction, or fundraising event.

Hiring A Fund Raising Professional – FTC advice on hiring a professional consultant for your fund-raiser.

How To Write A Fundraising Letter – Advice and tips on what works and what doesn’t.

How To Write Fundraising Letters – Sample donor query letter and tips on writing your own donation request.

Incentive Programs – Boost your school fundraisers results with the right incentives and rewards.

Location, Location, Location – How to find the best fundraiser locations and work them for maximum profits.

Major Gift Plan – How to structure a major donor program and properly categorize and track potential donors.

Make It Fun – Simple ways to make fund raising a fun activity for everyone.

Maximize Your Results – Ten quick tips on improving your results – Easy profit boosters.

Merchant Plan – How to put together a successful merchant plan for long-term success.

Mission Statement For Fundraiser – How to create a mission statement for a non-profit organization.

Objectives – The importance of having the right offering and getting your message across.

Online Fundraising Tips – Tips for using online fundraising activities to replace traditional product fundraisers.

Organize School Fundraiser – Quick tips on organizing your school efforts by planning ahead.

Organizing a School Fundraiser – Part 2 – Here are some other things to consider.

Organizing Charity Events – Advice on how to organize a special charity event for your nonprofit – Organizational tips and planning suggestions.

Overview – Get the big picture of what fundraising is all about.

Political Fundraising Event Tips – How to tips on putting together a political fundraising event – Action steps for making your fundraiser events quickly come to life.

Political Fundraising Online – Effective ways for political candidates to leverage the power of the Internet to win an election at the local, State, or national level.

Preventing Fundraising Burnout – Tips for keeping your fundraisers fresh and avoiding burnout in your fundraiser participants and supporters.

Publicity Tips – Simple methods to get your fundraisers well publicized – Publicity is the key to successful events.

Recruiting Volunteers – Preparation tips about the best ways to recruit volunteers.

Return On Investment – Spend funds wisely to maximize your fund raising ROI.

Reward Programs – How to use sales rewards to increase your fundraising product sales – Examples of different reward programs to use.

Sales Incentives – Using the right incentives can dramatically increase both participation and results in your school fundraiser.

School Fundraising Tips – How to improve the results of your next fundraiser – Ten tips you can use.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 1 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 2 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 3 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 4 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Selecting the Right Fundraiser: Part 5 – Good advice to use on picking the right fundraiser for your group.

Six Fundraising Ideas For 2006 – Tips to improve fund raising results at your non-profit organization in 2006.

Successful Fundraisers – Boost results with organization, quality incentives, and sales preparation.

Successful Fundraising – Tips and tricks for pulling off a new one or improving on last year’s results.

What’s In It For Me – To succeed, everyone needs to know “What’s in it for me?”

Written Documentation – More from the Preparation series about why you need written documentation.

Youth Group Fund Raiser – How to increase demand and get a stronger sales response in your fundraiser.