Fundraising Suppliers: Old Fashion Candy

If you are looking for reliable fundraising suppliers, the Old Fashion Candy Company has been supplying fundraisers with all types of fundraising candy to sell since 1970. They carry all types of traditional case candy along with several new variations on candy fundraising products to sell like popsicle-shaped lollipops, chocolate roses, and chocolate pretzel rods.

Fundraising Suppliers: Old Fashion Candy Company

Picking the right fundraising supplier is a critical step when selecting the type of fundraising products for your group to sell. The Old Fashion Candy Company has a very nice selection of products to sell, excellent sales materials, and a very helpful sales staff that can guide you to the right items to sell.

Fundraising Products Offered

Here’s a partial list of their fundraising candy products:

  1. School store candy
  2. Chocolate bar candy
  3. Snack variety packs
  4. Soft cookies variety packs
  5. Cracker variety packs
  6. Mixed variety packs
  7. Jumbo fruit candy
  8. Theater candy packs
  9. Monster candy
  10. Sour Mania packs
  11. AirHeads candy packs
  12. Large candy bars – $2 size for chocolate lovers
  13. Welch’s fruit snacks
  14. Stick candy – amazing variety of lollipops
  15. Valentine’s Day candy – sweet lips, sour lips, chocolate roses, etc.
  16. Summer Supreme packs – heat resistant for youth sports teams fundraisers

Here’s another partial list of other fundraising products offered:

  1. Purell hand sanitizer – personal size with handy clip
  2. Scented lip balm – handy 24-piece bucket with six flavors
  3. Celestial candles – order taker brochure
  4. Donation Dots – scratch card fundraiser
  5. Berry Buds – colorful earbuds for MP3 players
  6. Mega glow sticks – six neon colors
  7. Snack Time products – order taker brochure for gourmet candy

When it comes to fundraising suppliers, The Old Fashion Candy Company obviously delivers the goods. Their website is well designed and easy to use with lots of photos of the various products offered.

You can also order online or by phone. So if you’re looking for the right fundraising products to sell, then you’ll be in good hands.