Mr. Z’s Fundraising Company

As a fundraising supplier, Mr. Z’s Fund Raising Company had a good run of 28 years helping schools and nonprofit groups raise millions of dollars. Unfortunately, the tough economy left them unable to secure a proper line of credit to ship orders on time and still give net 30 terms to their customers.

The Chip Shoppe bought Mr. Z’s Fundraising

Mr. Z’s Fundraising is now out of business. The company name and Mr. Z’s product lines were acquired by a Minnesota fundraising supplier named The Chip Shoppe.

“We were in virtually the identical business. They were very formidable competitors with a similar business model, making customer service a top priority,” said Rick Anderson, president and co-owner of The Chip Shoppe, which is headquartered in St. Paul. Minnesota. “Basically, we just acquired the sales force and name. We aren’t involved in securing any of the assets,” Anderson added.

The Chip Shoppe owner said the company will continue to offer Mr. Z’s frozen pizzas, Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels, and Mrs. Fields cookies to schools and other groups holding fundraisers.

Mr. Z’s was founded in 1974, specializing in the sale of frozen pizza as a fundraising product for schools and youth sports teams.

Mr. Z’s had offered the popular Z-licious frozen pizza. They also puts together their own catalogs to consolidate their best fundraising product offerings. One example was their 26-item Frozen Foods catalog featuring cookie dough, pizza, French Silk pie, garlic bread, etc.

Several of their small catalogs were designed to complement other catalogs while restricting the offerings to just the best sellers. That helped Mr. Z’s stay competitive with the larger national fundraising companies.

While its sad to see an old favorite supplier go out of business, it looks like The Chip Shoppe has everything under control. The Chip Shoppe co-owner Rick Anderson said, “As far as customers are concerned, they shouldn’t even notice the ownership change.”

So, if you’re searching for Mr. Z’s Fundraising or its Z-licious frozen pizza, give The Chip Shoppe a cal at 800-771-2447.