Fundraising Suppliers: LaMontagne Chocolates

LaMontagne Chocolates is another longtime fundraising supplier with great reviews. Based in Canada, LaMontagne Chocolate Inc.  supplies chocolate fundraising products for schools, church groups and youth sports teams to sell to raise funds.

LaMontagne chocolates use premium ingredients

LaMontagne has a great selection of chocolate made from the finest ingredients, so your customers will love the candy choices. They have a wide assortment of chocolates including some that are gluten-free and nut-free for those with allergies. All their candy is certified peanut-free and all ingredients are kosher.

Lamontagne Chocolate Candy

Popular fundraising chocolate candy choices include:

  1. Belgian Chocolate Boutique – $3 candy bars in 5 different flavors in a large 85 gram size.
  2. Nut-free Belgian Chocolate Boutique – $3 large candy bars in 5 flavors entirely that are nut-free.
  3. Nestle Premium Milk Chocolate – $3 bars in 4 flavors Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties, and Coffee Crisp.
  4. LaMontagne Dark Chocolates – $3 packs of coated almonds, almond bars, caramel, raspberry and cranberry.
  5. Nut-free LaMontagne Dark Chocolates – $3 packs of caramel and raspberry filled candy bites.
  6. Milk Chocolate Almonds – $3 boxes of chocolate-coated almonds.

$2 Chocolate Variety Packs

  1. Destinations Milk Chocolate – 4 ounce sizes in 5 different flavors.
  2. Destinations Nut-free Milk Chocolate – 4 ounce sizes that are nut-free and peanut-free.
  3. Chocolate Trio – 85 gram (3 ounce) caramel bars and almond bars plus 70 gram box of almonds.
  4. Chocolate Trio Nut-free – 85 gram bars in caramel, crispy rice and milk chocolate.
LaMontagne chocolate fundraiser pack

$1 Chocolate Packs

  1. Variety pack of 43 gram milk chocolate candy bars in almond, caramel and crispy rice.

Other fundraising products offered by LaMontagne include:

  1. Coffee – $5 bags of Fair Trade coffee beans.
  2. Popcorn – $2 bags of popcorn in 4 flavors.
  3. Spices – $5 bottles of 4 different spices.
  4. Soaps & lotions – $5 dispensers of 4 different hand soaps or body lotion.

Groups have the option of selling with an order-taker brochure or ordering case candy for their fundraiser. LaMontane’s $3 Belgian chocolates are a favorite among chocoholics, but all their chocolate candy offers a good value at each price point.

LaMontagne Brochure Sales Choices

  1. Cheese Catalog – 20 different types of gourmet cheeses priced from $9 to $50.
  2. Cookies and More – 22 choices including cookie dough, cakes, bread, and party dips from $6 to $21.
  3. Jewelry Brochure – 65 items to choose from ranging from $12 to $29.
  4. Fall Collection – 103 items from $9 to $29 including gift wrap, candles, calendars and kids products.
  5. Spring Collection – 66 items from $8 to $29 including home & garden items, plus everyday essentials.

For fundraising purposes, most of LaMontagne’s chocolate candy items have a 50% profit margin, plus sellers can participate in a prize program. LaMontagne chocolates always sell well because they provide great value and use only premium ingredients, so they are a great pick for your next fundraising candy sale.