Fundraising Success #7

Fundraising Success #7 Fundraising Success – Issue #7 – Article: “Fundraising Event Ideas #3”; Supplier Spotlight: Spirit of America Fundraising; Free ebook: “Basic Pond Fish Care”

Issue #7


Welcome new subscribers and all you regulars.  Lots of good
stuff in This month’s issue along with another free e-book:
“Basic Pond Fish Care” – the last in the backyard pond series.

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Hope y’all had a great Fourth of July.  It was hotter than a
firecracker here in Raleigh with the temperature in the mid-90’s
and the heat index pushing 105.  Fireworks are always special
and this year’s dazzling display at the State Fairgrounds was no

Those amazingly beautiful starbursts in the night sky seem to
reconnect us for a moment to that childlike sense of wonder that
adults always suppress.  Maybe we should be a little less
cynical in our daily lives and a lot more open to experiencing
life to it’s fullest.

A good way to feel connected to the world around us is to get
involved with helping others.  There’s a special feeling that
comes from knowing that you’ve been part of a good thing.

One of the best ways I know to get that feeling on a regular
basis is to help out with fundraising for a good cause.  It
helps your community and it helps you connect with the world.
Get involved today!

In This month’s issue, the feature article is the third in my
series on fundraising event ideas.  I get more questions about
that topic than any other, so I’m going to keep adding to that
series on a regular basis.

The fundraising spotlight is on Spirit of America Fundraising.
They’re a long-time supplier whose products are high quality
and whose service is top notch.  I love their fruit-shaped
candles that retail for two for $5.  They’ve got strawberry,
pear, apple,and peach.  Talk about summertime fragrances! Yum!

*—————–HOT TIP——————*
Improve your net results at your car wash event
by selling pizza discount cards to your patrons.

Clients get a good deal and you double your net.
That’s a real win-win situation for everyone.
*—————–HOT TIP——————*


I bought your book and was amazed at the number of suppliers
that offer the same product lines.  We’d been using the same
supplier for years, but now I’m thinking about shopping for a
better deal.  Any advice on the best way to go about it?
– Annette D.

Here’s what I recommend for comparing suppliers for certain
product lines. Go to the Supplier Cross-Reference section of
“Fundraising Success!” and get the list of vendors for the
product category you’ve selected. Use the contact information
provided to call or email each one.

Ask for a detailed pricing breakdown based on your group’s
estimated volume. Once you’ve received their pricing, be sure
to ask the million dollar question, “Is that the best you can do?”

Take their best offers and select the one whose products,
pricing, and service level best suits your needs. Good luck!

FEATURE ARTICLE: Fundraising Event Ideas #3

In the previous articles in this series, I’ve talked about the
ongoing search for fundraising event ideas that are:

1) easy to do
2) don’t cost a lot
3) make a lot of money

It’s also been previously mentioned that there is no perfect
event, i.e. one that fits all three categories. This article
follows with further recommendations for events that fall into
each category, and of course, overlap said categories.

An example of a fundraising event that’s easy to do is staging
your own amateur musical revue. It’s a must to get a support
package from a supplier that includes just about everything
you need. A company called Christopher Allen Productions, aka
CAP Follies, has packages which supply all the music, fantastic
costumes, scripts, and even a director!

Staging an amateur musical revue is a unique, exciting way to
accomplish your fund raising goals. A CAP Follies is great for
commerce, community relations, and discovering the “hidden
talents” of participants! First-timers are often surprised not
only by the amount of income a Follies can generate, but also by
the positive impact the project has on the entire community.

You need only provide contestants, a place for the performance,
and an audience. Among the theme choices are Box Office Review,
Hooray For Follywood, Barnum’s Animals, and Let’s Get This Show
On The Road.

This is the type of fundraising event that brings out the ham in
everyone. People look forward to repeating these each year.

Find out more at

A fundraising event that doesn’t cost a lot of money is hosting
“A Night At The Races.” You re-create the atmosphere of being
at the racetrack with an all-inclusive event package.

Rental includes horse races on video or 16mm films, official
racetrack programs, wagering tickets, daily doubles, play money
& a complete instructional guide. Your guests wager “funny
money” on the races and receive a “drawing ticket” or additional
“funny money” if they win a race. At the end of your event, a
drawing or an auction is held for prizes.

Volunteers from your organization solicit prize donations from
local merchants. You offer food and refreshments and make a
profit on the “donation fee” charged to attend your event.
Additional revenue can be accomplished by printing your own Race
Programs and selling advertising space. Another interesting
idea is to “Sponsor-A-Horse” for prize drawings.

You have a choice of selecting Thoroughbred Racing, Harness
Racing or Greyhound Racing in the desired racing format. These
“Racing Kits” contain enough supplies for an audience of 200
people to play the basic six (6) races within each Standard
Basic Kit.

Find out more at

A good example of a fundraising event that makes a lot of money
is hosting a Bed Race. A Bed Race involves rolling beds down a
local street and having local businesses, organizations, and
clubs sponsor the beds. Teams consisting of 5 members race in
two-bed heats until the winning bed is determined.

You’re probably thinking that this fundraiser sounds like a bad
fit for all three categories – it would be an awfully large
amount of work, cost a ton of money, and probably wouldn’t even
recoup expenses. Well, you’re off base and I’ll tell you why.

First, there’s a company called Bed Race USA that has this event
down to an art, if not a science. They provide the entire
package – everything you need to host a fundraising bed race.
You get a detailed 100-page manual, the racing beds, event
banners, fundraising event t-shirts, and even a videotape to
show to prospective sponsors.

Second, Bed Race USA even comes to your community to help you
solicit major sponsors and bed race contestants. Not only that,
they come four different times – 120, 90, 30, and 7 days prior
to the event. Your fundraising organization is still responsible
for various logistical tasks, but everything that you need to do
is spelled out in the manual.

Third, this type of event lends itself to massive amounts of
free publicity, particularly if you enlist the help of a local
radio station or newspaper as a participant/broadcaster.

Find out more at

Your group can make a lot of money when all the ingredients to a
successful fundraising event are not only present, but pre-mixed
and ready to bake to perfection.

That’s all there’s room for in this article. Look for further
follow-on articles in the fundraising event ideas series in the
near future. And of course, you can always read all about it
in my book, Fundraising Success!

FUNDRAISING SPOTLIGHT: Spirit of America Fundraising

(Excerpt from Fundraising Success)

Supplier: Spirit of America Fundraising
Phone: (800) 628-3671
Fax: (334) 277-5133

Address: 5748 Carmichael Parkway
City: Montgomery
State: AL
Zip: 36117

Description: Ensure a successful fundraiser with quality candy,
stationary, holiday and safety items, plus low prices, 50%
profit and free bonus cases.

Offers an immediate sale version of candles shaped like fruit
that retail for $5 and cost $3. They come packaged 12 sets
(a pair of fruit) to a box with a mixture of pears, apples,
strawberries, and peaches. Each pair of fruit sells for $5.
Minimum order is 8 cases and if you order 10 cases, you earn
2 more cases as a free bonus.

Also offers Guardian Angel photo frames and pens. Each 5 1/8″
tall angel-shaped frame is individually gift boxed and holds a
2″ X 3″ photo. They retail for $6 and cost less than $3.37
each. Pens are individually gift boxed and cost less than $1
each while retailing for $2.

Case candy is offered in price ranges from $0.50, $1, 2, and $3.

Product Lines: Calendars, Candles, Candy, Candy – Case, Catalog
Sales, First Aid Kits, Gift Wrap, Inspirational, Photo Frames,
Pens, Planners, Religious, Safety Items, Wrapping Paper.

Terms: Prepay

Notes: Gives $20 discount off your first order.


SiteSeeing Tip – Ever get confused about which tech terms mean
what? I do and I worked at tech stalwarts like Dell and Cisco
for a dozen years. Amaze your friends or cow your nemesis by
expanding your knowledge base.

Places to go:

Thinking about buying a new car, truck, or SUV? Ever wonder
how safe a particular model is compared with the competition?
Check out the crash test results, vehicle safety records, death
rates, injury claims, etc. and see for yourself.

Taking a road trip this summer? Check out some of the wacky
tourist attractions to visit along the way that are listed in
Roadside America. In my book, they don’t get much wackier than
“South of the Border” on I-95 in Dillon, SC.

Things to see:

Save big with the latest discount offers at Bargain

Solid gold One Rings, Lord of the Rings posters, and all sorts
of movie paraphernalia are available at the New Line Cinema store.

Free ebook:

This month’s free ebook is . It’s a
Windows only version (.exe file).

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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