Fundraising Success #6

Fundraising Success #6 Fundraising Success – Issue #6 – Article: “The Power of Thank You in Fundraising”; Supplier Spotlight: All American Fundraising; Free ebook: “Pond Care Basics”

Issue #6


Welcome new subscribers.  We’ve got plenty of fundraising
tips and techniques in This month’s issue along with another
free e-book: “Pond Care Basics” – the sequel to last month’s
“How To Dig A Backyard Pond.” Enjoy!


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Happy Fourth of July!  This month is traditionally a time to
enjoy life and celebrate our freedom.  It’s also a time when
we should remember to say thank you to everyone who has helped
to make America great.

In our own small way, nonprofit organizations and their
volunteers help to make our country a better place.  Let me
take a moment to say thanks to “all y’all.”

This issue features a guest article on “The Power of Thank You
in Fundraising and in Life” by Katherine Khalife.

It seems appropriate in this Fourth of July month to shine the
Fundraising Spotlight on All American Fundraising.

Hope you have a great holiday!

*—————–HOT TIP——————*
Get environmentally friendly with your
fundraising by providing a drop-off box
for recycling printer cartridges from
businesses and home users.
*—————–HOT TIP——————*


Do you have a short section of your book that I can browse to
see if it’s worth buying?  Pat G.

Pat, you can read the Chapter on “Common Mistakes” on the site:
I’m also working on a short (50 pages or so) trial copy in PDF
format that I should have up on the site soon.

FUNDRAISING SPOTLIGHT: All American Fundraising

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: All American Fundraising, aka
Phone: (888) 540-6070 or (610) 239-0200
Fax:  (610) 239-0364

Address:  250 Water Street
City:  Norristown
State: PA
Zip:  19401

Description: Quality lineup of food products with nice packaging
and literature. Emphasis is on name brands and quality, not

Candles – Retail prices range from $8 to $24.50.  Profit is 40%
Case Candy – Hershey and Mars.  $1 candy bars.  50% profit.
Cheesecake – 36 oz New York style sells for $15 ($5 profit)
Cookie Dough – Mrs. Fields 3lb tubs sells for $10 ($3.50 profit)
Pizza – Six pack of 6″ pizzas sell for $13 ($5 profit)
Snacks & Nuts – 9 oz or less packages sell for $5 ($2.50 profit)

Product Lines: Cookie Dough, Cheesecake, Pizza, Case Candy,
Candles, Snacks, Nuts

Terms: Prepayment or COD

Notes: Free starter kits.  Free freight on larger case candy
orders.  Other orders are presorted if over 500 items.  Candles
are pricey. Cheesecake and cookie dough are kosher.  Estimates
$30 to $60 net profit per participant on average fundraiser.
FEATURE ARTICLE: The Power of Thank You

The Power of Thank You – In Fundraising and in Life

by Katherine Khalife

“I was in line at the grocery store the other day. The cashier
was really rude to people. When it was my turn, I handed her my
money, she grabbed it, gave me my change, and that was it. I
couldn’t help myself. I asked, ‘Would it kill you to at least say
thank you?’ She looked up and snapped, ‘It’s printed on your