Fundraising Success #52

Fundraising Success #52

Fundraising Success – Issue #52 – Article: “Gardening Fundraiser”; Supplier Spotlight: “Clean Comedians”


Fundraising Success #52 – March 2007


=> Kimberly’s Column: “Spring is Here (and pollen too!)”
=> Reader Q & A: “Fundraising Events More Popular?”
=> Feature Article: “Gardening Fundraiser”
=> Supplier Spotlight: “Clean Comedians”
=> SiteSeeing: “National Trust, Saturn’s Moons”

Kimberly’s Column: “Spring is Here (and pollen too!)”

Hi everyone!

Spring is here in North Carolina and the pine pollen is out in full force. Everything, and i do mean everything, is coated with a thin blanket of that pesky pollen. Any breeze stirs scudding clouds of the yucky stuff that set off waves of sneezes.

Thank heavens it’s been raining a lot because that clears the air!

So, in honor of all the fun that Spring brings, this month’s feature article is a Gardening Fundraiser. It explains how to put together a one-day event selling gardening supplies like pine straw, mulch, plants, flowering shrubs and more.

A garden fundraiser can easily net a group $10,000 in a single day because you can partner with nurseries, plant wholesalers, lawn services and other companies to create a mega event in a parking lot.

As always with any fundraising event, publicity is the key to getting a huge turnout. Read the article for great tips on how to make it happen for your group!

Readers Q & A: “Fundraising Events More Popular?”

Question: Are school events becoming more popular than selling fundraiser products like candy or cookie dough?

Answer: My answer is a qualified yes. My belief is that they raise more money and do it in a way that brings everyone together.

While putting together a big fundraising event like a school carnival is a lot of work, it’s mostly done by the parents and that pleases those who think kids shouldn’t be selling things door-to-door.

Plus the events themselves are a whole lot more enjoyable than distributing everyone’s fundraising catalog purchases!

Happy fundraising!


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fundraising endeavor.

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Gardening Fundraiser

Home & Garden Fundraiser

Springtime is perfect for a gardening supplies fundraiser. A home & garden fundraising event will scale nicely to help meet even major fund raising goals.

The basic premise is to host an event where all sorts of gardening items are offered for sale. There are many ways to make money with this type of fundraising activity and it works well for just about any type of group from schools to churches to nonprofits.

Getting started
First, you need to decide how much you want to raise and structure your event accordingly. For example, your group may want to raise $5,000 or you may desire to raise $50,000 or more.

In the first case, you could coordinate your event in a very basic location such as a parking lot in a high-traffic area. You could arrange for wholesale delivery of popular gardening supplies such as pine straw, mulch, potted shrubs, flowers, etc. and sell those items on the spot at very attractive prices. Advertise your one-day sale and gain extra profit by charging for immediate delivery of purchases.

In the second instance, to raise the big bucks you need a larger event such as hosting a Home & Garden show at a convention center or other large meeting space. Arrange a layout and sell booth space to gardening supply vendors, nurseries, gazebo suppliers, and anyone else with a product geared toward outdoor home living.

In other words, scale your event to meet your needs and plan accordingly. Divide your organizational tasks up and have your plan in place well before you start publicizing your event.

Extra profit tips
Depending on the size of your event, there are many ways to add additional fundraising activities. Selling raffle tickets, having a live auction, or placing tables with large amounts of gardening items for silent auction bids are great ways to raise extra funds.

A raffle with an attractive grand prize is a surefire moneymaker. Work with a vendor to arrange a substantial discount or outright donation of a grand prize such as a gazebo, hot tub, deluxe backyard makeover, etc.

Obtain donations of secondary prizes such as free lawn service for a year, gift certificates from gardening stores, new lawnmower, power tools, and other desirable products and services. Sell the raffle tickets ahead of the event at participating merchants and through your own group.

Keep the ticket price low and aim for volume on ticket sales. You’ll actually make more that way than with expensive tickets with lower sales volume. A price point of $5 per raffle ticket is attractive to most people.

With a big indoor event, a live auction can help draw a big crowd. With a smaller outdoor event, go the silent auction route. Arrange all the auction items on tables in high-traffic locations and tape down the descriptions and bid sheets. Use easy to read font sizes on everything and tape down pens next to each bid sheet.

Events like this depend on good advance publicity and day of event roadside signs. Put together a press release explaining the most noteworthy aspect of your fundraising event. That might be the net benefit provided by the funds raised such as funding an animal shelter for a year. Or it could be the awesome grand prize in your raffle or the presence of renowned gardening experts.

The bottom line is that newspapers, radio, and television stations will give plenty of publicity to events that they think their public wants to hear about. So, make your press release as newsworthy as possible and do follow-up calls to all the major contacts to offer interviews, arrange live radio broadcasts, etc.

Gardening fundraiser wrap-up
A successful home & garden fundraiser can produce excellent results for any size group. You can make money by buying wholesale and selling at or below retail. You can offer raffle tickets to attendees and also sell them ahead of time to people who just want a shot at winning the grand prize.

Work with suppliers to arrange attractive displays of a variety of related products. For big events, you can charge booth fees while smaller events can do well by drawing bigger crowds by having some additional vendors and asking for just a small slice of their revenue.

Publicity is key to your success, so actively work the most newsworthy angle of your event. Make it fun, informative, and easy to get to and your group will do very well.

Now spring into action and organize your own gardening supplies fundraiser!

Supplier Spotlight: Clean Comedians

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Clean Comedians
Phone: (800) 354-4523
Fax: Unknown

Address: P.O. Box 1027
City: La Mirada
State: CA
Zip: 90637

Description: CLEAN COMEDIANS offers over 50 performers capable of meeting almost any entertainment need. These hilarious entertainers will have your audience rolling with laughter — and no one will be offended!

From stand-up comedians and impressionists, to musicians, magicians, and jugglers, our performers provide outstanding, clean entertainment for any group.

Many groups are reporting record giving with this unique “Bucks through Yuks” approach. Hundreds of schools have used CLEAN COMEDIANS for years to provide top quality entertainment for their students.

Not only are these guys hilarious entertainment, but each performer also has several messages focusing on important issues students face today.

Product Lines: Special Events

Terms: Prepay

Notes: The entertainers will even pitch in on the rest of your special event such as being the auctioneer for items you want to auction off to the crowd.

This company profile is an excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success, which provides complete how-to information on all aspects of raising funds for schools, churches, youth sports teams, and nonprofit groups.

Places To Go, Things To See

Places to go:

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has received a number of awards for
its magazine, Preservation, and their online version is well worth a look. The
site is divided into several main sections, including “Today’s News”,
“Preservation 911”, and the “Story of the Week”.

The “Today’s News” feature is
quite nice, and it contains brief profiles of current preservation stories
written especially for this website. Recent stories have included profiles of
neon signs in Los Angeles, brewery renovations in Milwaukee, and a list of the
ten most endangered Civil War battlefields.

The “Preservation 911” area features pressing preservation stories submitted
by preservation advocates, and the “Story of the Week” focuses in on a
particular ongoing preservation issue. The site is rounded out by an online
archive which allows visitors to search back issues from 1992 to 2006.

Things to see:

Saturn Moons Explorer

Only now are we beginning to learn about Titan, one of Saturn’s most intriguing
and enigmatic moons. This particular site provides an overview of Titan,
courtesy of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located at the California
Institute of Technology.

After watching an introductory video segment about Titan, visitors can learn
more in the “Quick Facts” section. The “Latest Images” area contains twelve of
the latest images of Titan as captured by the Cassini spacecraft.

Visitors should also not miss the “3D Globe” area, which contains an interactive
rendering of Titan which allows visitors to visit a number of features on this
moon, including an ice volcano, drainage channels, and “The Smile”, the
brightest spot on Titan’s surface.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


Copyright 2007 by Kimberly Reynolds. All rights reserved.

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