Fundraising Success #5

Fundraising Success #5 Fundraising Success – Issue #5 – Article: “Fundraising Event Ideas #2”; Supplier Spotlight: Champion Golf Events; Free ebook: “Dig Your Own Backyard Pond”

Issue #5


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Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation.  We had a great
time in the North Carolina mountains last month, hiking in the
Linville Gorge area and admiring several scenic waterfalls.

Of course, Muffin, our Chocolate Lab pup, loved every moment and
did her best to wear us out on a daily basis.  We’re not sure
who was more tired on the ride back – the puppy or our daughter
after her first time at summer camp.

In this issue, the spotlight is on Champion Golf Events.  They
supply guidance and prizes for fundraising golf events.  The
feature article is the second in a series on fundraising event
*—————–HOT TIP——————*
The only hot tip I can think of This month is to
find a way to stay cool.  It’s up in the 90’s
again here in North Carolina.

Check out This month’s free ebook – Dig Your Own
Backyard Pond (details in the SiteSeeing section
and imagine cooling your feet in your own pond.

*—————–HOT TIP——————*


What’s the best way to get more volunteers? – Kathy P.

You’ll get more volunteers if you do two things.  The first is
to clearly identify for prospective volunteers what the specific
requirements of the position are.  Spell out the time needed
(beginning and end times) and make sure you define the exact
nature of the work in a couple of paragraphs.

The second key to getting more volunteers is to get the word
out early and often.  Use signup sheets at your first meeting
of the year.  Be sure to get enough volunteers so that no one
feels overburdened.  You want them back next time.

(Excerpt from Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Champion Golf Events, Inc.
Phone:  (800) 490-1959
Fax: Unknown

Address: P.O. Box 530327
City: Birmingham
State:  AL
Zip:  35253

Description: Champion events are not “golf tournaments” — they
are strategic fundraising events that just use golf as a vehicle.
Champion events are built on very basic but strong fundraising
principles.  They involve mobilizing volunteers in your
organization to raise funds for you.  These volunteers raise
funds by getting personal sponsors through their individual
networks.  These events are great fun, and each participant can
win prizes and free trips in the process!

The following are some of the key principles that make the
Champion Golf fundraising system so powerful. In many
organizations, only one person is responsible for raising all
the money.  By having volunteer golfers raise money for you,
you have effectively increased your “staff” from 1 person to
40 or more!

Effective use of volunteers – In this event, each volunteer has
a limited and well-defined responsibility.  Your volunteers
will feel significant as they, through effective fundraising,
are able to further your cause and directly impact the lives
of more people!

In our events, most individuals will raise between $1,500 and
$2,000.  The key is motivating them to do this.  This is where
our experience works for you.  We structure your event in such
a way that participants see it as an opportunity, not a headache!
The good news is we know how to motivate — and the fundraising
process typically takes just two hours of time per person.

Product Lines: Special Events

Terms: Net terms available to qualified organizations

Notes:  Their system has produced incredible amounts for
organizations large and small.  A school in a town of 2,000
raised $79,500 on its first event!
FEATURE ARTICLE: Fundraising Event Ideas #2


by Kimberly Reynolds

As I mentioned in the previous article about fundraising event
ideas, this follow-up article will delve into specific packages
offered by suppliers.  All of these are covered in my book,
Fundraising Success!, so my comments will be short and to the
point about these pre-packaged event offerings.

The first article in this series talked about the search for
fundraising event ideas that are 1) easy to do, 2) don’t cost a
lot, and 3) make a lot of money.  Of course, there’s no one
answer, no one size fits all perfect solution, so we’ll discuss
several supplier offerings for each of these categories.

Everybody loves fundraising events that are easy to do.  One of
my favorites, that we touched on in the previous article, is
“Queen Almost for a Day”.  Dubbed by the supplier as an
event-in-a-box, this fun fundraiser comes with everything you
need except contestants and an emcee.

Of course, you’ll need some type of stage and seating for your
paying audience, preferably a school auditorium, but you can
also make do with a large meeting room so long as your
contestants have some place to parade.  The contestants dress
up in ditzy costumes that they throw together to commit serious
fashion faux paux.

The script stays in the hands of the emcee, who introduces each
participant with a hilarious background story.  The contestants
only answer one question which allows them to focus on milking
their portrayal for additional laughs.

Adding to the fun, male contestants strut their stuff to cheers
and catcalls.  The winner is chosen by audience response and
receives several goofy prizes that produce even more hilarity.

All in all, “Queen Almost for a Day” is a winner in the easy to
do category.  The cost for the script and instructions is $125.
Find out more at

A fundraising event that doesn’t cost a lot is a “Mondo Yard
Sale,” usually coordinated as a group effort and conducted in
a high traffic location such as a school or church parking lot.
As with any yard sale, advance publicity is as easy as putting
up signs advertising the event.

Have your supporters scavenge their closets, attics, and garages
for unwanted items.  Don’t bother with individually pricing
anything.  Just place it out for display with other similar
items and get what you can for each piece.

A multi-family yard sale like this will draw Saturday morning
shoppers in droves, so be ready to start early.  Expect your
first customers at the proverbial crack of dawn.

Having a good mix of items is helpful as not all your buyers
will be searching for the same things.  Popular items include
furniture, tools, clothing, and toys.

You can increase your donations, volunteers, and net proceeds
by offering a percentage split with donors of large ticket
items.  They get rid of the old lawn mower and when it sells
for $40, they keep $20.

Don’t forget to engage in a little give and take with your
customers.  Part of the fun of a yard sale is bargain hunting,
so make sure all your sellers understand the art of making the

In our category of fundraising events that make a lot of money,
consider the charity golf tournament.  This combines a fun
activity with your needy cause in a way that allows you multiple
opportunities to raise money.

The first profit area is adding a markup to the standard greens
fees.  An extra $25 per head can add up quickly in a large
tournament.  As a nonprofit organization, you can also obtain a
discount on those fees that can be as much as 50% on the right
course on a normally slow day.

Another way that you can make money is to have your participants
seek sponsorships from family and friends.  This can be as
simple as asking for a donation of $1 a hole or something a
little more complicated like an amount per stroke or a donation
when their foursome wins a hole in a best ball format.

You can also seek sponsorships from local businesses in a way
that allows them to promote their business such as signage at
the tee and green identifying the company who is sponsoring that
particular hole.

For larger events, you can work with suppliers who can include
hole-in-one prizes, vacation packages for the winners, etc.
These firms specialize in coordinating and conducting these
types of events, so working with one allows your group to focus
on increasing participation and pledge activity.

My recommendation for a good firm is Champion Golf Events.  Find
out more at

We’re out of space in this article.  The next installment in our
series on fundraising event ideas will provide another batch of
fun events to choose from that are low in cost, fun to do, and
make a lot of money.

Isn’t that what your fundraising event should be?

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