Fundraising Success #4

Fundraising Success #4 Fundraising Success – Issue #4 – Article: “Fundraising Event Ideas”; Supplier Spotlight: Outer Banks Fudge Company; Free ebook: “Acres of Diamonds”


Issue #4

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Another hot month in the South. Phew! Glad we’re heading to
the mountains to take the kids to summer camp and cool off.
We’re staying up by Grandfather Mountain and Linville Falls
ourselves for a little adult quality time. It’s a beautiful
area – the movie “Last of the Mohicans” was filmed nearby.

Of course, we have Mad Muffin – the Wonder Pup, along to
keep us from becoming too sedentary.

All in all though, it’ll be a much deserved respite.

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Do you offer any type of email consulting for fundraising?
Vicki T. – Seattle

Not currently, but we’re considering it. Here’s the problem:
It’s hard to quantify and it’s hard to say no.

Once you start an email consultation, its hard to define an
end point. If I can figure out a way to put some starting
and ending parameters in place, then we’ll come up with an
email consulting offering.

My thoughts at the present are to give it a small trial, maybe
as part of one of the book packages. If it’s successful there,
then we’ll offer it as a separate consultation.

FUNDRAISING SPOTLIGHT: Outer Banks Fudge Company

(Excerpt from Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Outer Banks Fudge Company
Phone: (877) 449-8484
Fax: (252) 449-6621

Address: 3324 South Virginia Dare Trail
City: Nags Head
State: NC
Zip: 27959

Description: The Outer Banks Fudge Company is home to the finest
quality old fashioned, handmade fudge available anywhere. Our
handmade fudge is cooked in copper kettles and poured by hand.

Our packaging is stunning. Our gift boxes are wrapped in
Italian foil with beautiful royal blue lids, sky blue bottoms
and a standout, brilliant white Outer Banks Fudge Company logo
that is touched with a wave of golden sand.

Our gift boxes are available in 8 to 10 flavors. Each box
contains a full pound of old fashioned fudge along with “How
to Care For Your Fudge” instructions and a story card. They
can be shipped 12 per master carton. Flavors within the carton
can be mixed.

Flavor Availability: Chocolate Cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate,
French Vanilla, Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Peanut Butter,
Butter Pecan (Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pecan is available beginning
in September).

The benefits of selling our product:
product and PRIVATE LABEL a possibility depending upon volume.

Product Lines: Fudge
Terms: Net terms available to qualified organizations or prepay.
Notes: This is a source company. Orders shipped via UPS.
Supplier pays any freight charges above $115.

FEATURE ARTICLE: Fundraising Event Ideas

by Kimberly Reynolds

Among the questions that I constantly hear are:
“What fundraising events don’t cost a lot?”
“What fundraisers are easy to do?”
“Which events make the most money?”

And what’s the answer to those three questions? It depends!

That’s right. There is no one answer, no “one size fits all”
solution. Fundraising events will vary in cost, complexity,
and results based on a host of factors that are not often easy
to control.

Events that don’t cost a lot will often require more volunteer
time to put them together. Ones that are easy to do are often
not the biggest money makers. And, sometimes you need a crystal
ball to figure out which event would produce the biggest net

So, where does that leave us in our search for answers to our
three questions? It leaves us with a set of options or choices
for event-based fundraisers.

What fundraising events don’t cost a lot?

Generally, the fundraisers with the lowest cost are those that
involve direct labor in exchange for a donation or contribution.
Examples include the volunteer car wash or the charity bike

Here, you want to use the “sweat equity” approach – volunteers
sweat in return for equity for your nonprofit organization. The
key is to get a large number of volunteers who, in turn, bring
along multiple donations.

Revenue is generated in proportion to the publicity effort for
the event, done either in advance as in the case of the bike-a-
thon or done at the same time (street side signs, etc.) for the
car wash.

What fundraisers are easy to do?

The events that are easiest to conduct are the ones that are fun
and of short duration. Examples include a group dinner, a “make
believe” beauty pageant, or a mystery dinner theater.

Often, the largest part of the job is generating a good turnout.
Communicating your need is central to all fundraising efforts,
but for an event, it’s critical.

By making your event fun to attend and short in duration, you
make it more attractive to potential supporters. The three
types of events mentioned above are easy to put together.

A group dinner involves organizing a group meal, usually at a
restaurant although it can be potluck/buffet style as well.
Many restaurants are glad to host your get together and provide
standard meal service while “rebating” back to your nonprofit
organization roughly 15% of the total tab for your group’s

A “make believe” beauty pageant, such as that offered in the
“Queen Almost for a Day” package, is another way to have fun and
raise funds. Your group needs only a location, some volunteer
contestants (including men), and a paying crowd to cheer on
their laughable favorites.

Inviting everyone to a Mystery Dinner Theater creates another
fun evening that produces a nice amount of revenue for your
group. Line up a large meeting room at a local restaurant and
recruit your thespians from among the gregarious types in your
community and you’re ready to go. Pre-packaged scripts are
available from several suppliers.

Which events make the most money?

Your fundraising events will be are at their most profitable
when you generate a massive turnout combined with a willingness
of your patrons to open their pocketbook. Examples include
school-based Athlet-a-thons and black tie charity auctions.

These events require a lot of effort to promote, coordinate,
and conduct. Many layers of volunteers are needed to staff
all the positions for these two types of fundraisers.

A key aspect to the revenue generating power of both auctions
and Athlet-a-thons is a strong personal tie-in. With an
auction, people will spend money (at least more than they ordinarily
would) because there are both bargains and tax deductions
involved. With a school-based Athlet-a-thon, the personal
tie-in is a direct sponsorship of a child’s achievements.

The personal connection is the strongest motivator for opening
the pocketbook to its fullest extent. Always make sure to
include that aspect when putting your event plan in place.

In the next article in the fundraising event ideas series, I’ll
offer some specific advice on suppliers that have pre-packaged
offerings for event-style fundraising.


SiteSeeing Tip – Open multiple browser windows with a right
mouse click when you are following a link. That way you won’t
have to use the back button when you’re done exploring the link.

Places to go:

Check out the cute wedding cake toppers for all those summer
nuptials. Everything from Raggedy Ann & Andy to cowboy themes
and storybook characters along with several dozen choices of
regular brides and grooms with various hairstyles and coloring.

Drop by the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices and see what
our ancestors dealt with in the last century. Makes you wonder
about some of today’s medical fads as well.

Things to see:
Swap air miles, sell your miles, or buy them outright to get free
travel and airline tickets.

Learn to play golf the Natural way. Guaranteed success.

Free ebook:

This month’s free ebook is (PDF).
It’s a 42 page book that describes understanding what other
people want before you try to do business with them,
either as a merchant, an employee, or as a customer.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

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Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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