Fundraising Success #36

Fundraising Success #36

Fundraising Success – Issue #36 – Article: “Fundraising Fun”; Supplier Spotlight: “A Night At The Races”; Free ebook: “5 Secrets Of Motivation”


Fundraising Success #36 – October 2006


=> Kimberly’s Column: “Fall Fundraising”
=> Reader Q & A: “Easy School Fundraisers”
=> Feature Article: “Fundraising Fun”
=> Supplier Spotlight: “A Night At The Races”
=> SiteSeeing, Bonus & more: “Best Buy Discount Coupon”
=> Your Ebook: “5 Secrets Of Motivation”

Kimberly’s Column: “Fall Fundraising”

Hi everyone!

Hard to believe Halloween is almost here. Time sure flies when
you’re fundraising!

As all the goblins and Star Wars characters plan their night of trick
or treating, it’s a good feeling to know that you’ve been a big part of
helping their football teams, soccer squads, cheer groups, and schools
raise the funds they need to achieve their goals.

This issue features “Fundraising Fun,” a new article describing how
to keep your participants and volunteers motivated by making if fun
to raise funds.

The Supplier Spotlight is on A Night At The Races. They provide a
fundraising package based on horse racing, complete with videos,
race cards, wager sheets, and more.

This month’s Bonus is perfume samples from a Best Buy Discount Coupon.

This month’s ebook is “5 Secrets Of Motivation”

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Readers Q & A: “Easy School Fundraisers”

Question: Kimberly, where can I find ideas for an easy school fundraiser?
– C. Stephens

Answer: There’s some good ideas in the forum:

Easy School Fundraisers –

– Kimberly

You will find my book, Fundraising Success, very helpful in any
fundraising endeavor.

Buy a copy today because it will save you time and money!
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FEATURE ARTICLE: Fundraising Fun

#1 – Make it fun every step of the way
Fun is part of fundraising. Don’t make it drudgery to be a
volunteer or a participant. Remember that they’re giving up
their free time to help. Plan fun things to do during each
stage of the process that reward everyone.

#2 – Fun incentives
Offer a Cream Pie Attack party to all sellers reaching a certain
level. Have a fun day where key organizational figures do funny
things for meeting goals. Examples: Shaving their head, dyeing
their hair blue, wearing a funny wig, dressing like a clown,
risk the dunking booth, etc.

#3 – Take pictures
Everybody loves to see themselves in a picture. Take some candid
shots, have everybody pose, all ham it up for a group photo, etc.
Be sure to post them where everyone can enjoy them. Reward with
prizes for the best, the goofiest, the worst dressed, etc.

#4 – Show appreciation
Show your appreciation to all facets of your organization and
supporter base. Be sure to do fun things that aren’t fundraisers.
Example: Line up discounts on tickets to athletic events, go on
group outings, provide doughnuts for volunteers, etc.

#5 – Fun merchant prizes
Work with local merchants for great prizes that mean the most
to your sellers. Work deals for movie passes, merchandise
discounts, gift certificates, miniature golf, IMAX theater
trip for top ten, etc. Follow our Merchant Plan guidelines.

#6 – Build in fun goals
Do an event based solely on having fun. Have key organization
members commit to doing crazy things once certain revenue goals
are reached, say in $1000 increments. Let things build to the
climactic moment where the head cheese does the ultimate fun
thing as a way to reward the group for all their support.

#7 – Blend fun and food
Remember that you can blend fun into even the most traditional
fundraising events. Everybody knows what a bake sale is, right?
Use a cake walk to sell a large portion of your donated sweets.
Kids love it and you’ll get more for the desserts than if you
sold them outright. Consider having awards for the various
submissions and then auctioning off the best pie, cake, etc.

#8 – Fun completion activities
These will motivate your sellers and volunteers as much or more
as winning actual prizes. Think about low cost fun events that
you could tie to completing certain tasks: Top sales group gets a
water balloon fight; all volunteers play in a Powder Puff touch
football game an ultimate Frisbee match, etc.

#9 – Say thank you
You can’t say thank you often enough to your supporters and
your participants. Show your appreciation with heartfelt words
and deeds.

#10 – Cast party
Have one for all volunteers at conclusion. Get together at
someone’s home or in the fellowship hall with everyone bringing
potluck. It’s a nice way to build goodwill and reinforce a
sense of community for future recruiting.

Make your fundraisers fun and everyone will come back for more!
Supplier Spotlight: A Night At The Races

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: A Night At The Races
Phone: (800) 252-7373
Fax: Unknown

Address: 3043 Jupiter Park Circle
City: Jupiter
State: FL
Zip: 33458-6012

Description: Re-create the atmosphere of being at the racetrack. Rental includes horse races on video or 16mm motion picture films, official racetrack programs, wagering tickets, daily doubles, play money & more. Your guests wager “funny money” on the races and receive a “drawing ticket” or additional “funny money” if they win a race. At the end of your event, a drawing or an auction is held for prizes.

Volunteers from your organization solicit prize donations from local merchants. You offer food and refreshments and make a profit on the “donation fee” charged to attend your event. Additional revenue can be accomplished by printing your own Race Programs and selling advertising space. Another interesting idea is to “Sponsor-A-Horse” for prize drawings.

You have a choice of selecting Thoroughbred Racing, Harness Racing or Greyhound Racing in the desired racing format. These “Racing Kits” contain enough supplies for an audience of 200 people to play the basic six (6) races within each Standard Basic Kit.

Within each “Racing Kit” are 200 Official Race Programs, 2 Sets of Mutuel Wagering Tickets – (50 Tickets per Horse), 200 Daily Double Tickets, 1500 Play Money Bills, Computation (Control) Sheets, a Division Chart, a Toteboard Poster used for posting the results and payoffs, a Pocket Guide for use by your Master of Ceremonies and a complete Instructional Booklet for running our event.

Product Lines: Armchair Horse Races

Terms: Prepay – Cost is $210 for a six race package.

Notes: Has a dozen different packages featuring more races, dog racing, etc.

Places To Go, Things To See, Bonus Item & More

Places to go:

New 10th Planet Has A Moon

The newly discovered “planet” 2003 UB313, otherwise known as Xena,
now has a companion in the solar system. On the heels of the publication
of Xena’s existence, comes the revelation that Xena has a moon, named
Gabrielle. Xena was found in the Kuiper Belt, which is a huge region of
icy planetary bodies that orbit beyond Neptune in the distant region of
the solar system.

Neuschwanstein Castle: Germany

The castle, opened to the public seven months after the death of King
Ludwig II in 1886, is one of the most popular of all the palaces and
castles in Europe. Every year 1.3 million people visit “the castle of the
fairy-tale king.” On the castle’s official website, visitors follow links to
discover the history of King Ludwig II, the building process, the
surrounding area, and the challenges the castle faces today

Things to see:

Star Club Rewards
Cash-back buying club where you get rebates on everything you buy
at participating merchants including Best Buy, Gap, JC Penney,
Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, office Depot, Petco, and more.

Bonus Item:

Best Buy Discount Coupon
Get 10% off on any video game or computer gaming software purchase
at any Best Buy. Offer good through March 2006.

Your Free Ebook:

This month’s ebook is "5 Secrets To Motivation" – Everything you ever
wanted to know about getting motivated to accomplish something.
17 pages, Adobe PDF format, 128kb download.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.

Copyright 2006 by Kimberly Reynolds. All rights reserved.

Maximize your fundraising success!

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