Fundraising Success #3

Fundraising Success #3 Fundraising Success – Issue #3 – Article: “Church Fundraising”; Supplier Spotlight: Mystery Dinner Theater; Free ebook: “Bali Vacation Hotels”

Issue #3

Welcome to our third issue. Lots of new stuff This month along
with another free e-book. Enjoy!

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Hello to all our new subscribers. Things are hot as the blazes
here in Raleigh and the weather looks to continue this mid-90’s
heat wave for the next few days. Whew!

If it’s not that hot where you are, invite me to come sit a
spell over at your place. I’ll bring the iced tea!

Seriously, I know from the product distributors that summer is
the slowest fundraising sales season of the year for them, but
that doesn’t mean you need to stop using your brain (even though
the heat makes it difficult).

This is a good time to think about which event-style fundraisers
you might want to consider putting together. This month’s issue
features an article on church fundraising ideas and places the
spotlight on a unique type of event – Mystery Dinner Theater.

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How do I know if a supplier is reputable? Cindy A. – Boston, MA

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that you can’t judge a book by
it’s cover, so don’t rely entirely on the supplier’s website.

There are a few things to look for on their site, such as the
symbol for AFRDS (Association of FundRaiser Distributors and
Suppliers) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB in their hometown will have a file on any complaints
lodged against their business and how they were resolved. Some
suppliers may be too new for such a file to exist or they
may simply be a middleman for a distributor.

Ask for bank and trade references and check them out. You can
also use the “WHOIS” Internet service to find out the business
details behind the supplier’s website. And of course, you can
always check out what I have to say about them in my book,
Fundraising Success!


Supplier: Wesleyan Thespians
Phone: (781) 837-6457
Fax: Unknown

Address: 185 Plain Street
City: Marshfield
State: MA
Zip: 02050

Description: Mystery dinner kits. Can fund raisers be fun
raisers? Absolutely! Wesleyan Thespian Mystery Dinner Kits
include scripts, clues, solutions and detailed instructions
on how to present mystery dinner performances which we would
like to share with your church or organization.

Offers 13 different mystery dinner theater kits complete with
scripts and directions. Your group provides the actors/
actresses along with a director and a “detective.” Your dinner
guests try to guess the identity of the villain from clues
provided by the cast.

Your group works with a local restaurant to host this event in
a large banquet room facility. Some groups also provide the
food and perform the Mystery Dinner Theater in their own
cafeteria, meeting room, or auditorium.

Available mystery titles include – The Costume Party Caper;
Hi-jinks On The High Seas; The Mild, Mild West; The Li’L Red
School House; And the Old Man Died; Murder, Music & Mayhem;
Who Killed the Director; Dorothy Dinsmore – Gossip Columnist;
A Slaying in the South; Reading Aunt Louise’s Will; The Fifth
Gospel; and I Wed Three Wives.

Product Lines: Dinner, Mystery Dinner Theater, Special Event

Terms: Prepay

Notes: You’ll need 12 thespians plus a director and detective
for each play. Many parts are “bit parts” which can be used as
a draw by offering them to the community instead of just within
your organization. Some groups request a small donation for
being cast as a “bit player.”

FEATURE ARTICLE: Church Fundraising


by Kimberly Reynolds

Church fundraising is an important task that deserves the best approach.
This article examines church fundraising campaigns based around donor
recognition. These church fundraising campaigns are also designed to
strengthen community ties with your church.

How does advertising help make a business successful?

Advertising builds brand awareness.

And how does that relate to church fundraising?

Your church fundraising needs to build your church’s “brand” by
reinforcing the message of who you are and what your “value
proposition” is for your congregation.

I’m not saying that you need golden arches out front with a neon sign
proclaiming “Over 1 Million Saved.”

What I am saying is that you want your supporters to have a strong
emotional bond to your church and that the right church fundraising
campaign can help you do that.

Your church fundraising campaign should be structured to strengthen
those emotional bonds through establishing concrete links to your
congregation that are visible to the community.

What types of church fundraising campaigns provide that visibility?

In church fundraising, donor recognition programs serve that purpose.

Donor recognition programs are easy to conduct and are available in a
wide range of price points that offer ways for your entire congregation
to show their support.

A donor campaign seeks a pledge of a certain contribution amount in
exchange for the specified recognition. The church fundraising donation
could be a one-time gift, a monthly offering, a monthly automatic
withdrawal, or an annual tithe.

In church fundraising, donations of a certain amount are rewarded with
some type of church-related donor recognition. Inexpensive items can
be given to donors for smaller contributions while larger donations are
usually provided visual recognition at your church.

Church Fundraising With Inexpensive Donor Recognition

An example of an entry-level recognition offering for a donation to your
church fundraising campaign is a custom pewter medallion or ornament.

These are often hand crafted to display your church’s exterior view.
Two message lines can be added to reinforce your “brand.”

See church fundraising examples ($10) at

Another example would be creating a unique coffee mug with your
church’s picture and message. The idea here is that each donor
gets a coffee mug as a thank you for their support. The mug
and your message help maintain awareness of their “belonging.”

See church fundraising examples ($4) at

Church Fundraising With Donor Bricks

Engraved or personalized bricks are an excellent way to provide
or incent capital campaign contributions with recognition. For
church fundraising, one attractive method is to use brick pavers
with laser engraved messages in a special entry way or sidewalk.

Another way to display these donor recognition bricks that will
strengthen the tie your church is to design and construct an
attractive landscaping display.

Many churches build a prayer garden and incorporate these engraved
bricks in the sidewalks, planters, and rest/reflection areas.

Ask yourself if your church grounds could benefit from some
additional landscaping and then build a church fundraising campaign
around it.

Remember that each personalized brick could bring a donation of as
much as $150 while also strengthening the bond between donor and

See church fundraising examples at

Church Fundraising With High-Dollar Capital Campaigns

For church fundraising recognition purposes, nothing beats an attractive
wall display in a high-traffic area such as a foyer or entryway.

Let’s face it. People like to see their good deeds recognized. They also like
to see themselves recognized where their friends and neighbors can see.

The higher the campaign amounts sought for your church fundraising
campaign, the more tasteful your recognition program should be.

One simple method features engraved brass plaques on a polished
wood backdrop. Donors select the message they want displayed on
their respective plaques.

Church Fundraising Gift Trees

Another method of church fundraising, which is somewhat fancier, involves
using a gift tree. A three dimensional sculpture of a tree with burnished
metal leaves is fixed upon a wooden backdrop for wall mounting.

For church fundraising, each leaf is engraved with the donor’s message.
The end result is high-quality artwork in the church’s foyer or lobby.

See church fundraising examples at
Church Fundraising Recognition Plaque

For very personalized recognition, consider offering a cast bronze
plaque that highlights individual contributions to a specific project.

You can also offer smaller individual photo plaques that provide more
room for customization of the message.

See church fundraising examples at

There are many more ways to increase your church fundraising results,
but they’ll have to wait for another article.

Good Luck and God Bless!


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