Fundraising Success #28

Fundraising Success #28 Fundraising Success – Issue #28 – Article: “Twelve Fundraising Sales Secrets”; Supplier Spotlight: “Cookbook Publishers”; Free ebook: “The Time Machine”

Issue #28


=>  Kimberly’s Column: “Your Holiday Help Is Needed!”
=>  Reader Q & A: “Recordkeeping Woes”
=>  Feature Article: “Twelve Sales Secrets”
=>  Supplier Spotlight: “Cookbook Publishers”
=>  SiteSeeing, Bonus & more: “Billy Graham Christmas Music”
=>  Your Ebook: “The Time Machine”

Kimberly’s Column: Your Holiday Help Is Needed!

Hi everyone!

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!  I know we ate too much and
talked ourselves silly, but it was great fun.

While I was prepping for the big feast, a local newspaper article
caught my eye.  The story was about how hard this year has been
for a larger number of people than ever before.  Local charities
are overburdened with a huge spike in their client base while at
the same time their funding is down.

This is a call to action for all you fundraisers out there. Take
a good look in your local community for other organizations that
could use your help.

Get your team together and commit to doing a fundraiser to help
another group achieve their goals.  This time of year is an
excellent time for quick fundraisers based at tables outside
high-traffic merchants.

Don’t just think about it or write a check.  Make a plan and
dive in.  It will make somebody’s holiday season (and yours) a
whole lot brighter.

Remember: Good things happen for those who help others.
This issue features my article on “Twelve Sales Secrets” where
I spill the beans on how to boost your group’s selling power.

The Supplier Spotlight is on Cookbook Publishers.  If your group
wants to publish a personalized recipe collection, this is the
place to start.

This month’s Bonus is a Christmas Music CD from the Billy Graham
organization.  You’ll want to hurry to get yours before the
holidays are here.

This month’s ebook is “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells.  A great
classic and a provocative read.  Short (45 pages), but powerful
writing from a master.

*—————–Hot Tip——————*

U.S. Department of Education

The DOE’s site has education resources, news from
schools across the country, statistics, and info
on financial aid.

*—————–Hot Tip——————*

Readers Q & A: Recordkeeping Woes

Question: Kimberly, our records from this past year are a
shambles.  Any tips on getting organized? – Towanda Alfred

Answer: Towanda, It’s never too late to put a plan in place!
Here’s what I’d do.  Get your committee chairs to organize what
they already have.

Divide the work by area of responsibility and set up a “best
processes” action plan for each committee on recordkeeping for

And one more thing.  Read my book. It’s got an entire section on
getting organized.

– Kimberly

You will find my book, Fundraising Success, very helpful in any
fundraising endeavor.

Buy a copy today because you’ll benefit from every chapter.
Yours for only $17:
FEATURE ARTICLE: Twelve Sales Secrets

1) Emphasize setting a personal challenge goal
Have sellers make a commitment to be their sub-group’s best
salesperson.  Structure their sales efforts to emphasize
achievement, not failure.

2) Sellers state their solo goal out loud
By publicly stating what you’ll accomplish to your peer group,
you’ve reinforced the commitment.  Who wants to say publicly
that they’ll fail to achieve?

3) Make a prospect list
All sellers should make a list of prospective customers before
they start.  Review it and make sure they have at least ten

4) Define your best customers
Stick to the people you know – friends, relatives, neighbors,
etc.  Don’t forget co-workers and out-of-town contacts for your
major fundraisers.

5) Rehearse the sales pitch
Have everyone practice your group’s sales pitch at home.  Fine
tune your value proposition and make sure that every seller
uses it.

6) Be armed and dangerous
Be prepared.  Sellers should carry their order form and sales
materials wherever they go.

7) Smile and introduce yourself
Remind all your sellers to smile and introduce themselves
before launching into their two-sentence pitch.

8) The power of “because”
Use the word “because” when stating the group’s goal and your
first request for help.  It’s an extremely potent trigger word.
“We need your help because our band needs new uniforms.”

9) Ask for the order
Always include a direct request for an order in your sales script
after the because statement.  “Can you help us meet our goal?”

10) Personalize by picking favorites
Tell each seller to find one or two items that they like and
then promote those enthusiastically.  “These green ones are great.”

11) Ask for more
After the initial order is placed, offer supplemental items for
more revenue or ask for referrals, etc.  Ask these questions.
“Can I show you another program we’re offering because it’s a
great deal too.”   “Can you think of anyone else I should contact?”

12) Make it easy to buy
Do everything you can to make buying your offering easier.  Offer
to fill out the form yourself.  Remind the prospect that a certain
item makes a good gift or that it’s all for a good cause.

Supplier Spotlight: Cookbook Publishers

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Cookbook Publishers, Inc.
Phone:  (800) 227-7282 or (913) 492-5900
Fax: (913) 492-5947

Address: 10800 Lakeview Avenue
City: Lenexa
State: KS
Zip: 66285-5920

Description: A group’s favorite recipes can produce $500,
$1000 or more.  Free information kit available.

Basic concept is to collect recipes from your group and
publish your own cookbook.  Each recipe has the contributor’s
name attached to it within the book.

Product Lines: Cookbooks

Terms: Prepay

Notes:  Web site has copies of price chart, order form, recipe
form, advance sale coupon and gift certificate.

Places To Go, Things To See, Bonus Item & More

SiteSeeing Tip:

History of Handwriting
This site features a succinct “Writing Through The Ages” timeline
dating back to 25,000 BC.  Covers everything from cave art to
Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern writing.

Places to go:

Schoolhouse Rock

All those clever ditties from the 70’s and 80’s are here to
help teach math and grammar.

Go Math

Online help for all levels of math.

Things to see:

Bonus Item:

Christmas Music CD
A nice musical selection of Christian-themed holiday music from
the Billy Graham organization.

Your Free Ebook:

This month’s ebook is by H.G. Wells.
45 pages, PDF format, 118kb download.

That’s all for this issue. See you next time.


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