Fundraising Success #26

Fundraising Success #26 Fundraising Success – Issue #26 – Article: “Nine Basic Truths”; Supplier Spotlight: “Reindeer Lane Gift Shop”; Free ebook: “Dimes2Dollars”

Issue #26


=> Kimberly’s Column: “Hectic, hectic, hectic”
=> Reader Q & A: “Major Capital Campaign Help”
=> Feature Article: “Nine Basic Truths”
=> Supplier Spotlight: “Reindeer Lane Gift Shop”
=> SiteSeeing, Bonus & more: “Happy by Clinique”
=> Your Ebook: “How to Increase Auction Profits”

Kimberly’s Column: Hectic, hectic, hectic…

Hello everybody,

Boy, have we been busy around here! Tons of things going on, so
this issue will be a quick read.

Just wanted to say that time really does fly. Here I am typing
this issue late on Sunday night when I’m usually long done with
every issue by this time.

Rainy monthend, kids underfoot, household projects, all the usual
stuff for any SuperMom. And I know lots of you readers really
are true super moms. Anyone involved with fundraising has to be.

Me? I just want to put my feet up and enjoy a good book!

You know the old saying though, “No rest for the wicked and the
good don’t need it.”

Can’t figure out which one is the truth… 🙂

That leads me to This month’s article, “Nine Basic Truths” by
Tony Poderis. Tony succinctly sums up the need to take action.
You can’t raise funds without asking for the money.

The Supplier Spotlight is on Reindeer Lane Gift Shop. They
are a great supplier of pre-packaged Holiday Gift Shops for
schools and other non-profits.

This month’s Bonus is a sample of Happy from Clinique. Good
company, nice fragrance.

This month’s ebook is “How To Increase Auction Profits”
Learn all about how to execute your best strategies while
buying and selling on eBay.

*—————–Hot Tip——————*

World of Reading – Book Reviews for Kids, by Kids

A wonderful site where you can browse kids’ reviews
by subject, search by title or author, or browse by
the country reviewers come from to find what books
are popular with kids in other countries.

*—————–Hot Tip——————*

Readers Q & A: Major campaign help

Question: Kimberly, We need some help with our capital campaign.
Is that something that you consult about? – Marianne Winters

Answer: Marianne, I’m going to have to turn down your generous
offer because that’s not my area of expertise. You need to
check with Tony Poderis of or someone else at
that level.

– Kimberly

You will find my book, Fundraising Success, very helpful in any
fundraising endeavor. Buy a copy today because you’ll benefit
from every chapter:

Feature Article: Nine Basic Truths

Nine Basic Truths

by Tony Poderis

Myths about fund-raising

– the process is a mystery
– you need a proven track record to be successful
– corporations and foundations give most of the money

1. Organizations are not entitled to support; they must earn it.

2. Successful fund-raising is not magic; it is simply hard work
on the part of people who are thoroughly prepared.

3. Fund-raising is not raising money; it is raising friends.

4. You do not raise money by begging for it; you raise it by
selling people on your organization.

5. People do not just reach for their checkbooks and give money
to an organization; they have to be asked to give.

6. You don’t wait for the “right” moment to ask; you ask now.

7. Successful fund-raising officers do not ask for money; they
get others to ask for it.

8. You don’t decide today to raise money and then ask for it
tomorrow: it takes time, patience, and planning to raise money.

9. Prospects and donors are not cash crops waiting to be
harvested; treat them as you would customers in a business.

You can find more of Tony Poderis’s work at:
Supplier Spotlight: Reindeer Lane Gift Shop

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Reindeer Lane Gift Shop
Phone: (877) 378-0403
Fax: (770) 554-2961

Address: 1770 Tullie Circle
City: Atlanta
State: GA
Zip: 30329

Description: Reindeer Lane is a fun and profitable fundraising
event for schools and organizations. Reindeer Lane Gift Shop
offers a wide variety of quality products priced from 25 cents
to ten dollars, all within a child’s gift giving budget.

Supplies all promotional materials and decorations for your gift
store. All items are clearly marked and packaged so your
volunteers can identify, check-in and set-up the merchandise
with ease.

The gifts are boxed according to gender type, such as Men,
Women, Child, Boy, Girl, etc., making the set up and selection
process easy.

Product Lines: Christmas Store, Holiday Gift Shop

Terms: Net terms available to qualified organizations.

Places To Go, Things To See, Bonus Item & More

SiteSeeing Tip:

Opera Browser

The Opera Web browser features several novel features, such as
keyboard shortcuts, zooming ability, integrated searches, and
mouse gestures. Opera is offered free of charge, but this
particular version does have a banner ad feature that can be
removed by paying to register the program. The application is
supported by all Macintosh operating systems as well as Windows.

Places to go:
Includes online field guides to birds, butterflies, native
plants, seashells, and more. Also, regional wildlife guides
by zip code, “bird of the day,” “ask an expert,” and more.
FirstGov for Kids

This is a great place for kids to learn about how our
government works. The site is “the U.S. government
interagency Kids’ Portal.” There’s some neat stuff here.

Your Free Ebook:

This month’s ebook is
Lots of great tips for making money at the auction
powerhouse. 339kb download, Windows.exe format.

That’s all for this issue. See you next time.


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