Fundraising Success #23

Fundraising Success #23 Fundraising Success – Issue #23 – Article: “Ten Easy Ways to Maximize Your Results”; Supplier Spotlight: “Christmas Forest Fundraising”; Free ebook: “Murder in the Rue Morgue”

Issue #23


=>  Kimberly’s Column: “Halloween Festivities”
=>  Reader Q & A: “Cheer Group Holiday Sales”
=>  Feature Article: “Ten Easy Ways to Maximize Your Results”
=>  Supplier Spotlight: “Christmas Forest Fundraising”
=>  SiteSeeing, Bonus & more: “American Baby Magazine”
=>  Your Ebook: “Scary Stories by Edgar Allen Poe”

Kimberly’s Column: Halloween Festivities

Hi all you goblins and witches,

Halloween has snuck up on us.  At our house that’s always a zany
time of year with multiple birthdays added to National Candy Day.

I get to razz my husband because the lovable geek is turning 50
the day before Halloween.  He looks so young that I’m beginning
to suspect the old “Portrait of Dorian Gray” trick.

Somewhere there’s a picture of him getting old, but I haven’t
found it yet.  I just might want to borrow it someday…

That’ll probably be easier than shopping for him.  When I asked
him (prodded him really) about what he wanted, it was a pair of
jeans and a new household project.  You’ve got to love a guy who
wants to lay decorative tile around the fireplace as his
birthday present!

Now that we’re on Daylight Savings Time, it seems like the days
are way shorter with full darkness arriving before dinnertime.
This year’s just flying by and soon it’ll be time for my
favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Savor the moments as you go and don’t work too hard.

This month’s article is Ten Easy Ways to Maximize Your Results.
I’m always asked for easy ways to produce better fundraising
results.  Here are ten that you can put to work right away.

The Supplier Spotlight is Christmas Forest Fundraising.  The
holiday season is almost on top of us and Christmas wreaths are
an easy way to raise funds.

This month’s Bonus is American Baby Magazine at no charge from
the nice folks at

This month’s ebook is “Murder in the Rue Morgue and Other Stories”
by Edgar Allen Poe.  Nice macabre reading for Halloween. This
collection also includes The Pit and The Pendulum, The Purloined
Letter, and other favorites.
*—————–Hot Tip——————*

Trillian, the ultimate chat program.

Here’s what said about Trillian:
“With so many different chat mediums such as MSN Messenger,
AOL Instant Messenger, and others available today, there
needs to be a single unified program for people to communicate.
With Trillian, all these chat networks are combined into a
powerful, easy to use program.”

*—————–Hot Tip——————*

Readers Q & A: Cheer Group Holiday Sales

Question: Kimberly, Our cheer group is looking for some good
ideas for holiday sales. Suggestions? – Cindy H.

Answer: Cindy, Christmas goodies work great.  Gourmet coffee,
chocolate, oranges, and wreaths all are high-demand items.

Most people will splurge a little on a high-quality product that
they can give (or receive) as a present.

Make it easy for people to order from you and easy for your group
to deliver the goods. – Kimberly

Most of this is explained in my book, Fundraising Success,
along with lots of other useful fundraising techniques.

Here’s where you’ll find it:
Feature Article: Ten Easy Ways to Maximize Your Results

by Kimberly Reynolds

1) Maximize value to maximize results
Make this your mantra.  More value means more prospects.  More
value means more buyers.  More value means more money!

2) State a value proposition
Sum up the specifics of what you’re doing and why you’re doing
it in two sentences or less.  State exactly what your fundraiser
is all about.  Make sure it has a compelling call to action.
Include it in all your communications and in your sales script.

3) Set a public goal
Make a commitment about your group’s fundraising goal and state
it publicly.  This causes your mind to internalize it as a verbal
commitment.  Your goal should be realistic, but also aim high.
Structure your sales efforts to emphasize and reward achievement
of that goal.

4) Everyone take ownership
Make sure everyone takes ownership of the fundraiser’s success
on an individual level as well as within the group effort.
Everyone should be committed to doing whatever it takes to reach
the group goal.

5) Keep it fun
Fun is part of fundraising.  Don’t make it drudgery to be a
volunteer or a participant.  Remember that they’re giving up
their free time to help.  Plan fun things to do during each
stage of the process that reward involvement.

6) Provide alternative options
Explore all ways to allow alternate giving from the community.
Some people just don’t like fundraisers, but would be willing to
contribute in another way.  Consider offering a membership option
of supporting your group with one annual check or an automatic
donation each month.

7) Quality, quality, quality
Quality sales presentations and quality goods mean more sales.
Quality rewards mean more motivation.  A quality program exudes
confidence and confidence breeds success.

8) Avoid any risk taking
Always caution against unsafe selling practices. All neighborhood
sales activities should include adult accompaniment. Seller safety
is your highest priority.

9) Have a written project plan
Run your fundraiser like a small business.  Have a written project
plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities.  Assign
motivated individuals into those roles and equip them with
everything they need to do a great job.

10) Help others
Don’t forget to increase your organization’s visibility by giving
back to the community.  Visit the elderly, volunteer your group to
help with other charity work such as Special Olympics or Community
Warmth programs, write letters to military personnel posted
overseas, or other causes that have special meaning to your group.
Supplier Spotlight: Christmas Forest Fundraising

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Christmas Forest Fundraising

Supplier: Christmas Forest Fundraising
Phone:  (888) 235-2142 or (360) 245-3202
Fax: (360) 245-3402

Address: 445 Beaver Creek Road
City: Curtis
State:  WA
Zip: 98538

Description: Raise funds using forest fresh Christmas wreaths.

Christmas Forest sells cases of wreaths to your club at wholesale
and your fund raising organization distributes the wreaths to
your customers.

Your group earns 31%-42% depending to which area within the 48
states they are shipped to.

Cases of wreaths are shipped to one fund raising club member.

Provides complimentary brochures, a sample wreath and fundraising
order forms.

Product Lines: Wreaths

Terms: Prepay

Notes: Check shipping charges upfront.

Places To Go, Things To See, Bonus Item & More

SiteSeeing Tip:

Ask Jeeves for Kids
This search engine uses “natural language” so kids can type
their queries in language typical of the way they speak.  For
example, a child can ask “How does a microwave oven work?” and
the search engine will return a page from
that answers the question.

Places to go:

Farmer’s Almanac
Providing homespun wisdom and advice has been a hallmark of
The Old Farmers Almanac since 1792, and their site features
quite a bit of free information that will be useful to new
visitors and familiar to long-time fans of the publication.

Noodle Quest
This amazing research tool actually answers the inevitable
first question:  “Where do I start?”  Just answer the seven
multiple-choice questions starting with “Are you a kid, pretty
new to the Internet, or an Internet wizard?” and click “Show Me
a Research Strategy.”  This is my pick because of the variety
and quality of the research sites it unearths.

Things to see:

Wanted: Your Opinions! Register for NFO?s consumer
panel. Take surveys & tell businesses about the products YOU
want. Get Reward Points that convert to cash & prizes for
taking surveys.

Bonus Item:

American Baby Magazine
A nice quality magazine with all sorts of great articles, baby
name tips, advice columns, and more.

Your Free Ebook:

This month it’s
by Edgar Allen Poe.  All the spooky stories you’ll need for
Halloween festivities.  91 pages, 231kb download, PDF format.

That’s all for this issue. See you next time.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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