Fundraising Success #22

Fundraising Success #22 Fundraising Success – Issue #22 – Article: “Major Gift Plan”; Supplier Spotlight: “CD Resources”; Free ebook: “83 Ways to Make Money Writing”

Issue #22


=>  Kimberly’s Column
=>  Reader Q & A: “Letters from Santa”
=>  Feature Article: “Major Gift Plan for a University”
=>  Supplier Spotlight: “CD Resources”
=>  SiteSeeing, Bonus & more: “Working Family Magazine”
=>  Your Ebook: “83 Ways to Make Money Writing”

Kimberly’s Column

Hi everyone,

Now that fall has finally started falling here in the South, we
can stop listening to me complain about this year’s record heat
and drought.

One final note on that score.  Did you know that as recently as
70 years ago Niagara Falls used to freeze over every winter?
And that Mount Kilimanjaro has lost 80% of it’s snow cap in the
last 30 years?

Yep, I’m thinking of fundraising products for next year that
are geared for beating the heat! Global warming is here to stay.

Since we’re doing product distribution today for our school’s
fall catalog fundraiser, I’m going to focus on the rest of the
newsletter and resist the urge to complain about the cold.  🙂

This month’s article is “Major Gift Plan for a University” by
Bob Martin, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development, the
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. It’s your chance to see
how a major university structures it’s planned giving program
and works hard to meet their goals.

The Supplier Spotlight is on CD Resources.  They offer a wide
selection of computer software with a selling price of $10.
Choose from Home Depot’s Home Improvement 123, Women’s Fitness,
Curious George ABC’s, and more.

This month’s Bonus is a year’s subscription to Working Family

This month’s ebook is “83 Ways to Make Money Writing” by Beth
Fowler.  If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to
sell your articles to newspapers and magazines, Beth shows you
how to realize your dream.  Hey, it worked for me!

This month’s hot tip is for those of us who like to listen to
music on those high-quality computer speakers while we work.
*—————–Hot Tip——————*


AOL’s Spinner has merged with Netscape Music to form
Radio@ Netscape. They produce 175 free Internet-only
music channels that stream 90 million songs per month.

*—————–Hot Tip——————*

Readers Q & A:  Letters from Santa

Question: Kimberly, Our pre-school is looking for a professional
Letters from Santa program. It’s a nice way for the kids to have
some fun and for us to defray expenses. Can you recommend a
supplier? – Letty D.

Answer: Letty, Letters from Santa is definitely great fun for
the young at heart.  I have to admit that Christmas is my
favorite time of year and nothing tops it off like working on my
own personal wish list!

One of the most professional organizations for conducting a
Letters from Santa program is Lake Data Center.  The name isn’t
real catchy, but their product offering is first class.

They provide the forms that accompany each letter.  Children get
a personalized reply that mentions their name, age, hair color,
eye color, and their age.

Cost is $3.95 a letter and your group receives $1 back. For more
information, check their website:

Most of this is explained in my book, Fundraising Success,
along with lots of other useful fundraising techniques.
Feature Article: Major Gift Plan for a University

Major Gift Plan for a University
Utilizing a Prospect Management System

by Bob Martin
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Summary analysis of the major gifts plan:

1) The major gifts program is ongoing and follows the strategic
plan of the entire organization.

2) The Development office supports the mission and enhances the
vision by obtaining the private financial resources to
strengthen the programs of the organization and by developing,
managing and enhancing relationships with alumni and friends.
Case for major gifts support program:

The major gifts program at the University is aimed at
strengthening support in key areas:

? Faculty ? through endowed chairs, professorships and faculty
development programs

? Students ? through undergraduate scholarships and graduate

? Libraries ? for books, special collections and technological

? Academic programs ? to enhance research opportunities, replace
and upgrade technical equipment and to meet emerging needs


The staff consists of key campus leadership and support systems.
All fund raising costs are covered by state appropriations.

Campus support:

For certain levels of prospect ability the Chancellor,($100,000
and up), and Deans ($50,000 and up) are part of the Development
team.  Some colleges have strong Development Committees. Members
of these committees will assist on certain calls above $100,000.

Prospect Management:

The University uses the moves management process to manage its
major gifts prospects.  One member of each campus development
team coordinates this process for their campus. Each development
director is responsible for 100 prospects.

These prospects must have been researched by the system research
staff and have a minimum gift potential of $25,000.  It is
strongly encouraged that the majority of the prospect portfolio
be in the six-figure and up range.

The 100 major gift prospects are typically divided as such:

Sixty A-prospects ? being cultivated to ask for a gift within
12 months,

Thirty B-prospects ? cultivated for a possible ask within 18 to
24 months

Ten suspects ? new prospects that have been identified through
the screening process, but have not shown significant interest
in the university to date.
Each major gifts development director must meet the following
minimum performance requirements annually:

? 120 meaningful prospect visits annually (meaningful is defined
to mean moving the donor towards a gift)

? 250+ personal contacts with major gifts donors each year

? Total Gifts closed range beginning at $1 million for each

? Identify and contact 10 new major gifts prospects each year

? Keep top 50 prospects informed, interested and involved with
a minimum of five contacts each year

Prospect contact reports are done in a prospect management
database.  This system can be accessed from the web for the
traveling Development Director.  It contains a variety of
information on all prospects such as: all contact reports,
reason for and result of each contact; type of contact such
as visit, phone, letter, email, etc.; name, address, phone,
email, spouse; giving history, including gifts and pledges;
degree information on alumni; whom the prospect is assigned
to; place of employment and job title; if they are an A
prospect, B prospect or a suspect at this time; where the
prospect is in the cultivation stage: introduction,
cultivation, solicitation, stewardship and the stage of
proposal development (strategy, proposal development,
proposal delivery and proposal follow-up).
This system also produces a variety of reports to benefit the
major gifts director and the prospect manager: monthly summary
or detailed contact reports, summary and activity of all
assigned prospects during chosen time periods and much more.

These reports are used in individual Development Director
meetings with the Assistant Vice Chancellor to discuss where
they are in the cultivation and solicitation stage with their
assigned prospects.  Information regarding what proposals have
been delivered, those pending and when they expect to close on
these pending proposals (their follow-up strategies) are also
documented on this system.

We will also review the prospect visit schedule for the
upcoming month.  When a development director travels the
research coordinator is also responsible for giving them names
of other suspects or prospects to call on when in the area.

Each year all major gifts directors must review their prospect
list with the Assistant Vice-Chancellor and research coordinator
to report on current prospects and request new ones.

After all the planning and prospect research is completed,
remember that the key to successful fundraising is quality
face-to-face visits with our donors.
Supplier Spotlight: CD Resources

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: CD Resources
Phone: (866) 228-8443 or (904) 471-0373
Fax: (904) 471-0373
Address: 128 13th Street
City: St. Augustine Beach
State:  FL
Zip:  32080

Description: Sell quality, brand name CD-ROM software for just
$10 to raise money for your organization.  Catalogs available.

20 top-quality CD-ROM programs with retail values from $19.95
to $34.95.

Each Award-Winning program is sold for only $10.00.  hat’s 50%
and more off suggested retail as a special offer from America’s
best publishers!  (Cost is $6)

Education titles for all ages, Adult Titles for Parents:

Curious George ABCs
Home Depot Home Improvement 1-2-3
Richard Scarry’s Busytown
Burpee 3D Garden Designer
Britannica Math Club
American Medical Association
Pinball Science (David Macaulay)
Women’s Fitness

Product is shrink wrapped and Gift Ready. Full Jewel Case with
printed inserts.

Product Lines: Computer Software, Educational Software

Terms: Prepay

Notes:  Free Brochures.  Free freight.  No minimum order.
Pre-sort on 1,000+ orders.  3 month delivery.

Places To Go, Things To See, Bonus Item & More

Places to go:

National Heritage Fellowships, 1982-2002
This 68-page publication from the NEA documents the stories
behind each of the fellowship recipients over the past twenty
years. Along with talking about such well-known recipients as
B.B. King, the publication spends ample time discussing other
equally talented standard bearers of the folk and traditional
arts, such as Walker Calhoun, a Cherokee musician and dancer,
and John Yoshio Naka, a bonsai sculptor.

Things to see:
Shop today for savings of 40-70% off top name
brands. sells movies, electronics, housewares,
bedding, sporting gear…all at close-out prices.

Bonus Item:

Working Family Magazine
Get a year’s subscription to a brand new magazine debuting in
2003.  It’s focused on the issues facing families with kids
where both spouses work.

Your Free Ebook:

This month it’s by Beth Fowler.
It’s packed with succinct tips on the best places to get
published in magazines, newspapers, etc. 24 pages, 432kb
download, PDF format

That’s all for this issue. See you next time.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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