Fundraising Success #20

Fundraising Success #20 Fundraising Success – Issue #20 – Article: “Worldcom Ex-employee Fundraiser”; Supplier Spotlight: Troll Book Clubs; Free ebook: “Ebay Tips, Tricks, & Secrets”

Issue #20


=> Kimberly’s Column
=> Reader Q & A
=> Reader Article: “Worldcom Ex-employee Fundraiser”
=> Supplier Spotlight: “Troll Book Clubs”
=> SiteSeeing, freebies & more: “Skin Care Sample”
=> Your Ebook: “eBay Tips, Tricks, & Secrets”


Hi everybody,

Just a short column This month as I’m wrapping up our fall
fundraiser and catching up on family life This monthend.

It’s the end of the YMCA soccer season, homecoming at the high
school, and all sorts of other good stuff.

Lots of great feedback from all y’all (couldn’t resist) in
response to last month’s column. Keep it up!

It’s good to know that so many of you appreciate what we’re
doing. Some suggestions were received about hosting a forum
on the website.

I’m not sure about that as forums tend to get some postings
that are off-topic and sometimes inappropriate. Meanwhile,
I provided a link in the SiteSeeing section to a site that
provides a search engine for online forums. That should help
you find forums related to fundraising.

This month’s article is a reader submission about a fundraiser
for ex-Worldcom employees that raises funds through, of all
things, long distance service.

The Supplier Spotlight is on Troll Book Clubs. They provide
everything you need for hosting a book fair.

This month’s Freebie is a skin care sample kit. It’s designed
to clear up acne, dermatitis, and any other skin condition.

This month’s ebook is “eBay Reports – Tips, Tricks & Secrets”
I don’t know about you, but I love eBay. It was so confusing
at the start, but with books like this one, you’ll pick up
everything you need to know to buy low and sell high.

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READERS Q & A: What’s On Your Mind?

Question: Does anybody know of a fundraising project that will
give my group a percentage and then a percentage will go to some
social justice or social action. An example I received was
Human-I-Tees, but the cost for the t-shirts was a little high.
Any suggestions? – Matt

Answer: Matt, is a candy fundraiser selling
organic chocolate bars where a portion of the funds goes to
protect the rain forest. They cost less than regular candy bars
and are produced by Newman’s Own, which is Paul Newman’s
non-profit food company.

I’ve also got an article on my website about Earth Friendly
Fundraising with three examples:
If you need more info, I can describe how to customize one using
two-for-one discount cards. Basically, you put a special message
on the front of a $10 card that provides ?buy one, get one free?
deals at fast food restaurants.

Cards cost $1.50 and you donate a percentage to your chosen
cause. You select from cards good at McDonalds, Burger King,
Taco Bell, Subway, Pizza Hut, or other national chains (just
one chain per card, not all of them).

Most of this is explained in my book, Fundraising Success,
along with lots of other useful fundraising techniques.

FEATURE ARTICLE: Worldcom Employee Fundraiser

by Laura Sample

“Getting donations from people who don’t want to part with their
hard-earned cash”

Is fundraising easy? Absolutely not. The challenge of coming up
with something different, something fun, something that will
inspire donations is even harder for small organizations that
don’t have the name recognition of, say, The American Cancer

But what if you could attract regular, monthly donations from
people who don’t want to part with their money? What if your
contributors saved money while supporting your cause? What if
they made donations every month without the need for a follow-up
program to ensure the donations actually came in?

That’s what former employees of WorldCom accomplished when they
set up their Assistance Fund. WorldCom filed for bankruptcy in
July and laid off 17,000 employees, effectively flooding the
telecommunications industry with skilled people who have no jobs.

What happens when a family looses its main source of income?
Well, that’s what happened to the thousands of laid off WorldCom
employees. Many were the primary or sole breadwinners of their

Severance packages were not paid as promised, and some of
WorldCom’s ex-employees have no choice now but to rely on food
banks and other organizations they never thought they would

With so many former employees struggling, they organized
themselves and established the ex-WorldCom Employees Assistance
Fund. You can check it out on their web site:

The fund was set up to help people with basic expenses. The need
was there, but getting donations was, understandably, a

The solution? WorldCom partnered with Cucumber Communications.
Cucumber provides long distance phone service, and donates 10%
of the bill of anyone who sings up with Cucumber through the
ex-WorldCom employee’s web site to the assistance fund. The best
part is, the fund gets the money every month.

Anyone can use this program for fundraising, but there are
several things you need to be aware of before starting:

1. The only way sign-ups can be tracked is through your website.
If you don’t have a website, you can get a web page that
contributors can go to, but it’s not as powerful.

2. If your contributor calls Cucumber directly, (instead of
signing up via the internet), Cucumber will be unable to track
the phone bills and pay your charity 10%.

3. There is no cost for the program.

4. Letting people know about their opportunity to support your
organization without spending anything is recommended. You can
use articles in your newsletter, community papers, or any other
method you have for communicating with your sponsors and/or the

5. Your organization does not need to be a not-for-profit to

6. You will be able to access on-line information on who
accessed the web page, and who actually signed up. It’s not
very time consuming, but it’s another thing to do if you want
the information daily.

Looking for a lazy way to fundraise? This is it.

Getting a cucumber link on your web site will bring in donations
every month, from contributors who don’t feel that they’ve made
a donation more than once.


(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Troll Book Clubs
Phone: (888) 998-7655
Fax: (888) 718-7655

Address: 4600 Pleasant Hill
City: Memphis
State: TN
Zip: 38118

Description: Offers children’s book fairs for fundraising. Troll
actively distributes over 5,000 titles including scores of award-
winning children’s classics.

Provides a turnkey book fair solution for schools.

Product Lines: Book Fair, Books – Personalized Children’s

Terms: Prepay

Notes: Has field sales reps available to work with to set up your
month-long event.


SiteSeeing Tip:

Board Reader
A search engine for message boards. Find relevant messages about
your topic that regular search engines miss.

Places to go:

Education Index

The Education Index Web site provides a guide to “the most useful
education-related sites on the Web.” The links can be browsed by
subject such as astronomy, chemistry, geology, and physics or by
age range.

Things to see:
Shop today for savings of 40-70% off top name
brands. sells movies, electronics, housewares,
bedding, sporting gear…all at CLOSE-OUT prices

This month it’s
It’s everything you need to know to beat the competition in
America’s auction wonderland. Complete details, 347kb download,
Windows.exe format.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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