Fundraising Success #16

Fundraising Success #16
Fundraising Success – Issue #16 – Article: “Internet Fundraising”; Supplier Spotlight: Schoolpop, Inc.; Free ebook: “Dimes to Dollars”

Issue #16


monthly Column: “The Marketing Power of the Internet”

YOUR FREE EBOOK: “Dimes to Dollars”  This great book provides
dozens of moneymaking tips to profiting on eBay.  Subtitled
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“The Marketing Power of the Internet”

Ever look back to earlier times and think about all the changes?
Obviously, the invention of the automobile and the airplane have
really changed the world, allowing us to easily reach distant
places with an ease unthinkable to earlier generations.

The same is true for the invention of computers and the Internet.
We now have the ability, both personally and as fundraisers, to
reach tremendous numbers of people with very little effort.

Most of us take advantage of things like email and websites to
communicate with others and find information that we need.  What
most of us are ignoring is using the marketing power of the
Internet to reach a larger audience in our fundraising.

You wouldn’t go visit the in-laws via covered wagon, yet you’ll
do things the same way they’ve “always” been done when it comes
to raising funds for your group.  It’s time to think outside the

You must design ways to effectively communicate your need, create
an awareness of what you have to offer, and streamline all the
fundamental processes involved with creating the needed income
for your cause.

This newsletter is going out to more than 7,500 subscribers at
the click of a button. Imagine doing that with a typewriter and
a copier.

Look at eBay and how popular they’ve become as an online market-
place.  They’re now conducting 50 million auctions a month using
the marketing power of the Internet.

This month’s issue is loaded with tips on putting that marketing
power to work for your group.  It’s up to you to make sure your
group isn’t riding in the proverbial covered wagon anymore.

This month’s article is about Internet Fundraising.  It covers
programs that exploit the global reach of the Internet to touch
more people, more quickly, than was humanly possible just a few
short years ago.  If your group isn’t using the Internet to raise
money, then you are missing out in a big way.

The Fundraising Spotlight is on Schoolpop, Inc.  They are an
excellent example of using the power of the Internet to raise
funds.  Schoolpop leverages store, catalog, and online merchants
to provide a complete online shopping portal that raises money
for K-12 schools nationwide.

This month’s Freebie is a Free Vertical Blinds Child Safety Kit.
It will protect small children and pets by preventing them from
becoming entangled in the draw cord. Sometimes we forget just
how dangerous some common household items like blinds can be.

The free ebook is: “Dimes to Dollars.”  This handy reference
is loaded with great advice on how to make money on eBay. Its
got tips on how to list items, a step-by-step guide to all the
processes involved, and wonderful ideas on getting a bidding
war going.  Eighty pages in the easy-to-use PDF format.
READERS Q & A:  What’s On Your Mind?

Kimberly, Our sorority is raising money for a new house. We need
to raise a lot of money.  Any suggestions? – Taneesha S.

Taneesha, You already know that you can’t raise that much in
only a few months.  It’s going to take a combination of hard work
and multiple programs to succeed.

I’d start by doing some fun events every other monthend. Use
these as a way of recruiting more volunteers and broadening your
contacts. Examples are the “Almost Queen for a Day” and “Mystery
Dinner Theater” scripts.

In addition to the other fundraisers you mentioned in your email
(car washes, doughnut sales, and sponsoring dances), you need to
put together a large fundraiser that keeps going and going.

One idea is to have a monthly raffle and sell tickets that carry
over into the next drawing.  Maybe you could combine that effort
with the music/dance event your sorority sponsors.

Another idea is to put together some type of online fundraiser
that you could promote at all your other functions.  Examples
include an online shopping mall, adding affiliate links to your
website, or participating in a network marketing program as a
group and asking others to join your downline.

All this and more is explained in my book, Fundraising Success!
FEATURE ARTICLE: Internet Fundraising


by Kimberly Reynolds

There are a number of ways to raise funds by leveraging the
communication power of the Internet.  This article examines
three popular approaches through examples.

1) Affiliate Programs –
2) ECommerce Portal –
3) Network Marketing –

One of the interesting things about is it’s
creative approach to using affiliate programs to raise money for
a good cause.  In just two years, they’ve raised over $100,000
for education and employment training programs in Third World

To give you an idea of just how creative their approach is,
take a look at this list of ways their website uses affiliate
programs to help their organization:

Study in Australia & Help SolvePoverty
Learn Online & Help SolvePoverty
Submit Your Site & Help SolvePoverty
Market Your Business & Help SolvePoverty
Advertise With Us & Help SolvePoverty
Join These Affiliate Programs & Help SolvePoverty
Shop & Help SolvePoverty

And Coming Soon:

Fly & SolvePoverty
Travel & SolvePoverty
Drive & SolvePoverty
Phone & SolvePoverty
Bank & SolvePoverty
Stay Healthy & SolvePoverty

My hat is off to Simon Healy, SolvePoverty’s marketing director.
He’s using so many affiliate programs in so many ways that you
have to see for yourself.  Check them out here:

A more straightforward approach to Internet fundraising is to
open a virtual mall.  The idea here is that your group collects
a commission on all the online purchases made by your supporters.

This is a nice silent fundraiser. A good example is the pre-built
website offered by SmartMall.

Here, all the work of setting up hundreds of affiliate programs
is already done.  All you have to decide is whether to sign up
as a free member or as a SmartPro member for $30 a month.

What’s the difference?  A SmartPro member gets double the rebates
that the free member does and they can earn money on their own
downline members.

As an example, shopping online at WalMart through the SmartMall
portal will earn your group between 5%-10% of purchases as a paid
member.  As a free member, those rebates are 2.5%-5% of online
purchases.  Just imagine how much spending your supporters do at
WalMart in a year’s time, then calculate 5% of that.

Affiliated shopping works best if you have large numbers of
households that you can persuade to purchase through your website.
That makes this a good fit for motivated school, church, and
youth groups.

With stores such as Sony Music, Spencer Gifts, Sharper Image,
Office Max, Priceline, Lands End, JCrew, Hallmark, Disney, Dell,
Brooks Brothers, and Blinds Galore, your supporters will find
real value in your online mall.

If you are serious about Internet fundraising, I’d recommend
signing up as a paid member.  If you’re unsure, then try it out
as a free member and convert after you’ve built up your traffic.

The paid membership cost of $30 per month is recouped on just
$1,000 worth of online purchases (or less).  In addition, your
downline commissions from other stores will produce significant
monthly commissions as well.

Here’s where you can check this out:

Network marketing for a good cause is a phenomenal way to create
much needed funds.  A good example of how this works is a site
called Permaworld.

Permaworld is an organization of Associate Members and Customers
in over 140 countries who support a belief in a sustainable future
based on co-operating with nature and caring for the earth and its

Fundraising events, direct appeals or door-to-door canvassing for
donations leave many organizations frustrated at the difficulty to
raise needed funds.

Permaworld has developed a simple plan that offers a unique way to
provide substantial funds for Earth Care organizations while at the
same time giving financial benefits for those who help participate
in the process by selling innovative products.

In the Internet age, there is no need to be restricted to one
geographical location to raise funds. Permaworld utilizes the power
of the Internet to provide an environment where people from any
country in the world can connect with each other and network for
common environmental and financial goals.

Here’s how it works.  You can join Permaworld for free or as a paid
member.  As a free member, your income is limited to $5 per paid
signup beneath you.  As a paid member, you can earn up to $5,675
per month by actively participating in their program.

Your downline is filled by your efforts and those above you in
your upline.  All new signups go underneath you in a 5×5 forced
matrix (forced=no gaps & spillover from above).

The great thing about this program is that you are helping the
environment and offering great products.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt
that you or your group can make substantial amounts of money by
using the power of Internet marketing.

Go to Permaworld and see the future of online fundraising:

We’ve taken a good look at examples of Internet fundraising via
affiliate programs, online shopping, and network marketing.
Take the time to explore this concept further.  The future of
your fundraising depends on it.


(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Schoolpop, Inc.
Phone:  (650) 323-5670
Fax: (650) 323-5680

Address: 923 Hamilton Avenue
City: Menlo Park
State:  CA
Zip:  94025

Description: A complete fundraising solution benefiting schools
nationwide through online, store, and catalog shopping.

Schoolpop brings together store, catalog, and online merchants
with parents and the community to raise money for K-12 schools
nationwide.  When shopping with Schoolpop’s more than 300 store,
catalog, and online merchants, schools can earn a percentage of
each supporter’s purchase – all at no extra cost to the school’s

In 45 days following each quarter, Schoolpop will mail a rebate
check to those schools with $25.00 or more in rebates. For those
schools that earned less than $25.00, Schoolpop will accrue the
rebates until the sum exceeds $25.

Product Lines: Online Shopping, Rebates – from Referral
Shopping, Website Shopping

Terms: No cost to your group although Schoolpop keeps roughly
40% of the rebates for processing costs, overhead, etc.

Notes: Claims to have paid out more than $5 million so far.

SiteSeeing Tip – Lycos Top 50 Report
This site tracks the most frequently requested search terms
entered into the Lycos search engine.  See the wave created by
the next big thing before it hits.


Book Hive
Provides a guide to children’s literature.  Includes reading
lists by grade level, reviews of adventure books, humor, sports,
mystery, fantasy, and more.

Murphy’s Law
“All the laws of Murphy in one place.”  Read about the origins
of Murphy’s Law and how it still holds true today.



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children and pets out of danger.  This links directly to the
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Get the same 21-page report that your lender looks at when
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With the next installment due out in November, it’s time to
heighten the fun for your youngster with a free map to all
the actual locations fictionalized in the series.  Presented by
the British Tourism Authority. Order it now.

FREE EBOOK: This issue it’s – You’ll love this handy
reference loaded with great advice on how to make money on eBay.
Its got tips on how to list items, a step-by-step guide to all
the processes involved, and wonderful ideas on getting a bidding
war going.  Eighty pages in the easy-to-use PDF format.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

Fundraiser Help – Great Fundraising Ideas
Maximize your fundraising success!

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