Fundraising Success #14

Fundraising Success #14 Fundraising Success – Issue #14 – Article: “Youth Group Fundraising”; Supplier Spotlight: Fundraising Depot.; Free ebook: “10,000 Dreams Interpreted”

Issue #14

News Flash: “Wow! What a zany month!”  Details in my column.

YOUR FREE EBOOK: “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” by Gustavas Miller.
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“Wow! What a zany month!”

In the midst of all the back-to-school hubbub and new sports
practice schedules, two of the kids turned out to need glasses
for the first time.  As if there was a moment left to spare in
everybody’s packed schedule.

On top of that, it rained three times in one month. Hey, I’m not
complaining about some drought relief, but did the skies have
to open up just as various after-school practices at separate
locations were getting underway three days in a row?

Every Mom loves to have a carload of wet kids fogging up the
windows in a downpour, then getting home to find the runoff
carrying away everything not rooted to the rock-hard ground.
So much for the landscaping we did last monthend!

Hopefully, things will settle down soon. Summer’s still going
strong here in Raleigh with many days in the mid-90’s.  Don’t
even ask about Saturday’s mid-afternoon soccer practice where
it was 102 degrees.

Every now and then you get a brief glimpse of Fall when a cold
front passes through and that’s when you realize that Summer’s
almost over.

What’s the old saying? “Summer is like a roll of toilet paper.
The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.”

That’s the way a good fundraiser works as well.  It doesn’t
just peter out and die.  The activity level stays strong and
revenue increases each day with ever-stronger demand for what
you are offering.

The key is determining which fundraising products will create
that type of strong response (think Girl Scout cookies) among
your supporters. Then you need to motivate your entire group to
generate an avalanche of demand.

This month’s article on Youth Group Fundraising examines the
impact of enthusiasm, sales preparation, and quality offerings
on achieving top results. Check it out for tips to help your
group achieve your goals.

The Fundraising Spotlight is on the Fundraising Depot. Aptly
described as a fundraising superstore, they offer over 500
programs from which to choose.

This month’s Freebie is a Free Credit Score.  Plus, there’s a
complimentary subscription to YM magazine.  Details are at the
end of the SiteSeeing section.

BTW, thanks for the nice notes about last month’s free tote bag.
It really is a quality goodie bag!

The free ebook is: “10,000 Dreams Interpreted.”  Everything you
ever wanted to know about your dreams is in here, plus it’s a
menu-driven PDF book so navigating is easy.  Here’s an excerpt:

“To dream that you sustain a fall, and are much frightened,
denotes that you will undergo some great struggle, but will
eventually rise to honor and wealth; but if you are injured in
the fall, you will encounter hardships and loss of friends.”

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READERS Q & A:  What’s On Your Mind?

Kimberly, Our group needs help getting organized. We’ve got too
many chiefs and not enough Indians! – Carmen A.

Carmen, Getting a strong volunteer base is one of the toughest
accomplishments in fundraising.  I get this question time and
again.  If you want to jump start your program, you’ve got to
do three things immediately.

1) Create written descriptions of volunteer roles and the time
commitment associated with each. Keep it short ~ 2 hours or so.

2) Get the word out to as many potential volunteers as possible
and let them know exactly why you need their help.

3) Make it as easy for people to sign up to help – by phone,
signup sheet, email, etc.

Be sure to call on the dads in your group to help out.  They’re
a great pool of under-utilized resources.

All this and more is explained in my book, Fundraising Success!

FEATURE ARTICLE: Youth Group Fundraising


by Kimberly Reynolds

Two big challenges often hinder getting the desired results from
your youth group fundraiser.  How do you generate a strong
sales response and create an avalanche of demand?

These challenges are two sides of the same coin.  The keys to
motivating your sellers and captivating prospective buyers both
involve running a quality program.

How do you generate a strong sales response?

The first key is stimulating an enthusiastic response amongst
your sellers. To quote Emerson, “Nothing great was ever achieved
without enthusiasm.”  Creating enthusiasm in your sales force
requires meaningful incentives.

Prize awards should be attainable and desirable.  Those prizes
should be clearly linked to individual sales goals when the
program is rolled out.  Each seller needs to stand up and
announce their sales goals and desired prize(s) to their peers.

The second key to enthusiastic participation is fostering
intense competition.  You need to create rivalries between small
groups and offer daily rewards for big sales volumes.  The best
individual performers should be recognized and ranked daily in
a public way to further stimulate performance.

Make sure that all your sellers know the basics – make a list of
prospects, rehearse your sales script, smile, make eye contact,
explain why you’re raising money, ask for the order, and say
thank you.  Having all your sellers well versed in executing all
the basics will double your results.

The third key is to keep it fun.  Fun should always be part of
fundraising.  Don’t make it drudgery to be a sales participant.
Remember that they’re giving up their free time to help.  Plan
fun things to do during each stage of the process that reward
a seller’s involvement.

Plan a party for the end of your fundraiser. Recap the goals
and the results.  Recognize the top sellers in front of their
peers. Thank everyone for their efforts.

Remind everyone of what the funds they’ve helped raise will
provide for your group.  Reinforce their enthusiasm and
commitment with a surprise reward.

How do you create an avalanche of demand?

Maximize value to maximize your results.  Make this your mantra.
More value means more prospects.  More value means more buyers.
More value means more money!

State a value proposition.  Sum up the specifics of what you’re
doing and why in two sentences or less.  State exactly what your
fundraiser is about.  Make it a compelling call to action and fit
it into your sales script.

Leverage the power of “because.”  Use the word “because” when
stating the group’s goal and your first request for help.  It’s
an extremely potent trigger word.  “We need your help because
our band needs new uniforms.”

Ask for the order.  Always include a direct request for an order
in your sales script after the because statement.  “Can you help
us meet our goal?”

Personalize by picking favorites.  Tell each seller to find one
or two items that they like and promote those enthusiastically.
“These green ones are great.”

Make it easy to buy.  Do everything you can to make buying your
offering easier.  Offer to fill out the form yourself.  Remind
the prospect that a certain item makes a good gift and that
it’s all for a good cause.

Take the time to put together a quality program for your youth
group.  By combining the enthusiasm of youth with scripted sales
efforts and quality offerings, your youth group fundraiser is
primed for success. The resulting avalanche of sales will
demolish your goals and exceed your wildest expectations.

(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: Fundraising Depot
Phone: (800) 327-0322
Fax: (813) 962-0901
Address: 328 West Bearss Ave.
City:  Tampa
State:  FL
Zip:  33613-1228

Description: Fundraising superstore featuring 500+ fundraisers.
Buy direct for low costs and high profits.

More programs than you could use in ten years.  Aggressive price
points and special promotions.  70% profit on many of their
catalogs (all 60 of them).

Product Lines: Books, Bumper Stickers, Candy, Candy – Case,
Cards – Scratch, Catalog Sales, CD’s – Music, Cheesecake,
Chocolate, Christmas Store, Coffee, Cookie Dough, Cookies,
Decals, Food Items, Gift Items, Gift Wrap, Gourmet Food,
Holiday Gift Shop, Inspirational, Jewelry, Logo Products –
Clothing, Logo Products – Plastic, Lollipops, Magazines,
Magnets, Music, Nuts, Pasta, Photo Frames, Pies, Pizza,
Popcorn, Pretzels, Religious, Scratch Cards, Snacks, Spices,
Spirit Merchandise, Sports Mugs, T-shirts & Sweatshirts,
Wrapping Paper

Terms: Prepay or terms available to qualified organizations

Notes:  Prizes, awards, and incentives that you can mix & match
to tweak your program.  13 prize catalogs in all to pick from.
Specialty offerings like a Spanish language catalog and a
Chanukah catalog.


SiteSeeing Tip – is a great web resource for kids
and parents alike.  It’s a hybrid of web portal, recommended
sites, assignment help, and weblog.


Brainy Quotes
An easy to use site where you can search for quotes by author or
topic.  This one’s real handy in a pinch.

Math Help
Keep up with your child’s advanced math, even if you’re not a
rocket scientist. lays it all out in an understandable
fashion. Everything from Algebra to Differential Equations.


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This month it’s  by Gustavas Miller.
A great PDF resource of more than 400 pages about dreams and
what they mean in your life.
That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

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Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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