Fundraising Success #11

Fundraising Success #11 Fundraising Success – Issue #11 – Article: “Cheerleading Fundraiser”; Supplier Spotlight: School Spirit & Pride; Free ebook: “Chinese Cooking”

Issue #11


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The countdown continues to the start of the new school year.
Lots of last-minute clothes shopping and expensive sneakers to
buy. I swear that kids outgrow everything in their closets
over the summer just to spite us parents.

Thanks for all the nice notes about our wave of injuries that
I mentioned in last month’s issue. Mad Muffin (the puppy) is
starting to grow back a little hair and is now limping around
getting all sorts of sympathy. And Max is only sidelined from
varsity football for a month, while likewise eliciting lots of
condolences, mostly from the opposite sex. His buddies just
want that big 6’4″ frame back out there at wide receiver.

With school (and sports!) just around the corner, this issue
features an article on Cheerleading Fundraisers. They are the
ultimate in small group fundraising, with all the participants
possessing energy to spare and loads of contacts. The key here
is giving them something to be excited about. Why? Because
excitement sells!

The Fundraising Spotlight is on School Spirit & Pride. SS&P is
a Wisconsin-based supplier that provides customized bleacher
cushions, car flags, house flags, sports bottles, and clothing.
If you want products to sell that have your group’s logo and
slogan prominently featured, they are a great source.

This month’s Hot Tip is a wonderful information site called the
Fundraising Yellow Pages.

*—————–HOT TIP——————*
Want fundraising ideas and don’t know where to start?

Check out the Fundraising Yellow Pages for new and
innovative fundraisers geared especially for small
groups. Conveniently divided into categories for your
convenience, each supplier has a short description
of their offerings and a hot link to their website.

Get your free sample kit today:

*—————–HOT TIP——————*


Kimberly, Thanks so much for sending me the link for the free
trial of your book. I got really excited about putting some of
your ideas to work.

My question is about the Merchant Plan. I realized after reading
this section that our group had been doing it all wrong. What
can I do to start mending fences? – Stephanie L.

Stephanie, I’m glad you enjoyed the book! Here’s what I would
do to repair your group’s reputation with the local merchants.

I’d start by belatedly giving them recognition for all the help
they’ve provided in the past. Praise them long and loud in all
your group’s newsletters, have your supporters personally thank
the merchants for their support, and do something nice for them
as individuals.

Get them a pair of movie passes and personally deliver them. Do
an awards dinner for your merchant pals at a restaurant (yes, it
is OK to coincidentally make it a fundraising event for your
group, but no, don’t ask the merchants to donate anything).

Make sure that you send as much business their way as you can.
Print up a flyer featuring a batch of their promotional coupons
(be sure to get their permission, but it’s really free ads for
them) and distribute them to your supporters.

Leverage these and some of the other Merchant Plan development
ideas in my book and you’ll be well on your way to setting
things right.

All this and more is explained in my book, Fundraising Success!
If you can’t afford the $17 price (a legitimate expense given the
substantial boost it will give your results), then take advantage
of either the 50% off or the free trial listed below.

I’m still taking votes via email (overall it stands at 105-86)
on whether to give a 50% discount on my book or provide you
newsletter readers with a free trial copy of Fundraising
Success! (Note: 750 pages of reference materials not included).

Here’s a hint for you. If you vote, you will get the discount
or the free trial. If you don’t vote, then you will miss out.
It’s the proverbial snooze and lose.

FEATURE ARTICLE: Cheerleading Fundraiser


by Kimberly Reynolds

Cheerleaders are the ultimate in small group fundraising. They
possess boundless energy, determination, and loads of contacts
for potential supporters.

Harnessing all this energy and enthusiasm can be a challenge,
but having the right fundraiser is a great start. You want to
leverage their skills by giving them an exciting fundraising
product to sell.

So, what fundraising ideas will generate excitement?

In this article, we’ll consider three types of fundraisers –
ones that are easy to do, involve doing something a little
different, and that pack a profit punch.

One unique approach is offering custom posters of school sports
teams or of the cheerleaders themselves. For instance, a photo
of the football team, or a series of action photos, can be turned
into a wall-sized poster. Make it alluring by adding your game
schedule or team slogan to it in a contrasting color.

You could also design one to celebrate your championship teams,
commemorate your previous titles, intensify a cross-town rivalry,
recognize all of your school’s sports teams on a spirit poster,
or feature the cheerleading squad in action.

Any of these items is sure to be popular with a wide range of
students. Local businesses will often buy one to put in their
front window. Players will want a souvenir copy suitable for
end-of-season autographs. Proud parents and grandparents will
undoubtedly want a keepsake copy as well.

The posters can be sold easily at pep rallies, sporting events,
through the school store, and by the cheerleaders themselves via
a merchant table at a high-traffic location on a monthend.

Think of creative ways to design and market your own unique set
of posters. Consider adding merchant sponsor logos to reduce
the cost. You could also cross-promote with another school on
a rivalry poster and double the overall market.

For more information, contact Fieldhouse Fundraising.

Another idea for a cheerleading fundraiser is selling customized
Holiday Greetings CD’s. This is a brochure or order-taker sale
that offers a personalized selection of holiday music favorites.

One of the nice things about this product is that a purchaser
selects their ten favorite holiday songs by checking off boxes
from a list of thirty classics. Included in the mix are Let It
Snow, White Christmas, Jingle Bells, and Have Yourself A Merry
Little Christmas.

These are licensed copies of the original recordings by the
original artists, assembled on a personalized CD that costs
your group a mere $4 each. A retail price of $9 coupled with
the ability to place a personalized message on each copy, make
these very easy to sell.

The CD’s are available in six basic designs – Singing Snow Men,
Rudolph, Christmas Tree, Peace On Earth, Kwanzaa, and Happy
Hanukkah. There is room for a holiday greeting of up to thirty
characters on each design. For example, the Christmas Tree
version has the phrase “Merry Christmas” in green and red, with
space below it for a “from the xyz family” greeting.

Shipments are sorted by salesperson and customer, making your
delivery a very simple task indeed. Find out more information
from the source of this holiday shopping crowd pleaser:

A third type of cheerleading fundraiser that creates an air of
excitement is selling flowering “airplants.” Airplants, or more
properly, Tillandsias, are unique, soil-free plants that absorb
nutrients and water through their leaves. All they need is air,
water, and light.

Tillandsias are attractive and fascinating members of the
pineapple family (Bromeliaceae). Their native habitat is the
southern United States, Mexico, and Central and South America.

Bromeliads – Tillandsias – can be placed in anything: rocks,
shells, pottery, driftwood, around water fountains, fish tanks,
etc. They like bright, indirect lighting, and a heavy spraying
or soaking two or three times a month.

They have a growth cycle starting with one plant growing to
maturity, then blooming. One to two months after the blooming
has finished, new plants form around the base of the “mother”
plant. Each will continue growing and reproducing if given the
proper care.

A fundraising Airplant package consists of a beautiful example
of the Bromeliad family, comfortably ensconced in a natural
seashell holder. Your group pays $3 per Airplant, including
the seashell holder, shipping and handling. Each Tillandsia
retails for $6, so your group is ensured a good profit margin.

You can organize your sale as a special event or as an add-on
to a regular gathering. Set up a table with your sales display
and place a colorful Tillandsia poster on the wall behind to let
your prospective customers see how beautiful these Airplants are
in full bloom.

You can also conduct your fundraiser as an order-taker from
a sales brochure. Each brochure contains colorful pictures of
these exotic, but easy to care for, plants. Simple text
explanations are included describing the simple steps involved
in nourishing these fabulous specimens.

For more information, contact the largest Tillandsia source:

All three of these fundraising products will add some excitement
to your next cheerleading fundraiser. When all the participants
are enthusiastic about offering something new and unique, it packs
a powerful profit punch. Here’s to making your next fundraiser a
resounding success. Cheers!


(Excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!)

Supplier: School Spirit & Pride
Phone: (877) 663-6696
Fax: (715) 627-0668

Address: PO Box 126
City: Antigo
State: WI
Zip: 54409

Description: Fundraising with house flags, car flags, sport
bottles, umbrellas, bleacher cushions, blankets, and towels.
Each can be customized with your unique logo or slogan.

Wide variety of merchandise available to be customized with
your group’s logo. Bleacher cushions are the 12″ X 14″
closed cell foam type with a built-in hole for a handle.

Cost is $4.50 or less with logo and school color in quantity
of 100+.

Product Lines: Bags, Beads, Cushions-Stadium, Glow Merchandise,
Logo Products-Clothing, Logo Products-Plastic, Spirit
Merchandise, Spirit Signs, T-Shirts, Towels

Terms: Prepay or terms available to qualified organizations

Notes: Freight is an extra charge.


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This month’s free ebook is a collection of
tasty recipes for you to enjoy. Find out how to make Lo Mein,
Shrimp Toast, Kung Pao Chicken, and Egg Foo Young. It’s 31
pages in the universal PDF format. The file size is 160kb.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!
Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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