Fundraising Success #1

Fundraising Success #1 Fundraising Success – Issue #1 – Article: “School Fundraising”; Supplier Spotlight: Lulu Redshoes; Free ebook: “Guide to Permanent Weight Loss”


Issue #1

Welcome to our first issue. We’ve got plenty of fundraising
tips and techniques in this issue along with another free e-book. Enjoy!

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.
Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think.


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Hello everyone. After six months of solid effort, we’re
finally launched! Many thanks to everyone who helped along the
way – my husband, my friends, some fellow fundraisers, and my

So why did we publish our first issue on Memorial Day? For a
couple of reasons. First, our subscriber list is pretty small
right now, containing only people who’ve helped along the way or
heard about us from word of mouth.

Second, the website is up. That means getting the communication
flow started. Plus, we wanted to celebrate with a parade and a
marching band (just kidding).

My aim is to provide as much quality information in each issue
that I can without putting a book in your mailbox each month.
I’ll keep it short and sweet and we’ll have some fun as we go.

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Did you know about the website AFRDS
put together on fundraising tax issues?

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“As one of your proofreaders, I was just wondering – Where in
the world did you get all this information? I mean, a thousand
pages, come on!” Amy B. – Charlotte, NC

Geez, Amy. Thanks for scaring everybody away from my book! We
did tons of research so that everybody else wouldn’t have to.
No sense in all y’all reinventing the wheel!

Our goal was to put everything that people would need to be
successful fundraisers all in one place. We put all the tips
and techniques into the book section. The other sections are
timesaving resources that people can utilize quickly and easily
to zoom in on what they need.

Thanks for spreading the word about Fundraising Success!


Note: This is an excerpt from my book, Fundraising Success!
Lulu Redshoes is the stage name for a long-time writer and
performer named Linda Rouse who’s based in New Orleans.
The Fundraising Event in a Box is the script and instructions
for hosting “Queen for Almost a Day.”

Supplier: Lulu Redshoes
Phone: (504) 569-0083
Fax: (504) 522-0688 Attn: #502

Address: 828 Royal Street, Suite #502
City: New Orleans
State: LA
Zip: 70116-3199

Description: Fundraising Event in a Box – The easiest, fastest
moneymaker anywhere! Do-it-yourself entertainment where YOUR
GROUP’S the STAR & the show comes in a box. None of the
contestants has to memorize any lines.

This is a fundraiser designed to enable you to quickly and
inexpensively put up a comedy beauty pageant – with or without
guys, or a combination of females & males (a la “Tootsie,”
Dame Edna, or “Mrs. Doubtfire”). It can be presented as a
dinner show with intermission, or as a “beauty pageant,” or
even part of a “Day at the Fair” event.

Economical, too, as you encourage your volunteers to create
their characters from thrift store finds or mama’s closet.
It’s fun to see what your volunteers come up with, and kids
love to help parents “dressing up” their characters.)

No expensive set is needed, just a simple walkway for the
contestants to parade down. Decorate it if you’d like. Your
cost to use the script: $125 for one use, plus $3 shipping,
or $150 for 2 uses plus $6 shipping. Paying for two uses gets
you a free wireless microphone to use on stage.

A small group of 30, selling 4 tickets each will average $1200.
Add a raffle, auction, hot dogs, bake sale, or beverages for
more profit!

Product Lines: Special Events, Theater
Terms: Prepay
Notes: Can be used in many forms and generates a whole lot of
laughs. The mistakes only make it funnier!

FEATURE ARTICLE: School Fundraising


by Kimberly Reynolds

“Do I repeat last year’s fundraiser or try something new?”

That, in a nutshell, is the question we all face. It can be a
tough choice between sticking with an easier repeat and taking
a chance on a new fundraiser that might end up being more work
and could quite possibly produce less profit.

So, how do you go about making that decision?

Start by determining your financial goals. You can’t make any
kind of decision without good numbers. You’ll also need to
break those numbers down for further analysis.

Your first number would be the amount your school wants to raise
for the entire school year. Your second number would be the
amount that this particular fundraiser needs to produce.

Take those two numbers and divide each one by the number of
students in your school. These are your baseline numbers for
decision modeling.

Once you have your revenue numbers broken down into per student
per year and per student per fundraiser, you can begin weighing
certain decision criteria. You can estimate how a change will
impact your bottom line on a per student basis.

What are your decision criteria?

PARTICIPATION – Will a change to a new fundraiser increase or
decrease your participation percentage?

REVENUE PER PARTICIPANT – Will a new fundraiser significantly
increase how much total revenue each participant generates?

PROFIT PERCENTAGE – Does the new fundraiser provide a higher or
lower percentage of the revenue as net profit?

ORGANIZATIONAL EFFORT – Does the new fundraiser require fewer
volunteers to conduct or is it more labor intensive?

SALES EFFORT – Is the new fundraiser going to require increased
selling by students and their families or less effort?

IMPACT – Is this fundraiser going to negatively impact your
organization’s other efforts or enhance them?

How do these criteria affect the revenue numbers?

PARTICIPATION – A higher level of participation is a good thing,
with one caveat. It pays off in higher net profits only when a
participant actually produces worthwhile results.

REVENUE PER PARTICIPANT – A “no-brainer” here. Boosting this top
line number is the Holy Grail of fundraising. Your new program
has to beat the old one in this category unless your profit
percentage is much higher.

PROFIT PERCENTAGE – Don’t overemphasize the percentage. If it is
much higher, then your overall revenue can be lower. Your bottom
line is always revenue times percentage, but don’t let the higher
percentage come at the cost of lower revenue or alienating your
customer base.

ORGANIZATIONAL EFFORT – Your volunteer base is your group’s most
valuable asset. Don’t destroy it by making them work long hours
only to net your group less than the equivalent of minimum wage
for all the time your volunteers (and you) invested.

SALES EFFORT – A product or event that doesn’t excite any of your
supporters is bound to produce lower results. Make sure your new
fundraiser is easy for students and their families to support.

IMPACT – A change from a “known” fundraiser will have an impact.
Avoid anything that will reduce future revenues or cause a
decrease in volunteers for your other fundraising activities.

Just like you want to avoid burning out your volunteers, don’t
burn out your supporter base with poor quality items, bad timing,
or a lack of planning.

So, what’s it all mean?

When weighing a decision to switch to a new fundraiser, you must
factor in anything that affects your organization, your support
base, and your financial numbers.

Anything that increases your net revenue per student per fund-
raiser without taking away from your ultimate goal of maximizing
your net revenue per student per year is a good thing.

Your bottom line? Choose the fundraiser that will produce the
highest net revenue per student. Once you decide, plan your
campaign around achieving that goal and then work your plan.

Final advice:
DO – Make a change if your old program is loosing steam.
DO – Make a change only if you can do better financially.
DO – Base your decision on maximizing net revenue per student.

DON’T – Do anything that doesn’t NET you more per student.
DON’T – Be swayed by one factor and ignore all the others.
DON’T – Be afraid to change, but base it on the numbers.


SiteSeeing Tip – Did you know that with the newer browsers
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Retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and
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Free ebook:

This month’s free ebook is actually “Journey to Your Dream of
Permanent Weight Loss” from the Rea Centre in London.

That’s all for this issue. See you next month.


We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say
about fundraising. We’d love to publish your article, your
question, your success story, or any other relevant topic
or comment.

Full instructions are on the website. Click on this link:

Thanks for sharing!

Copyright 2004 Kimberly Reynolds

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