Fundraising Sample

How To Get Fundraising Product Samples

Many groups would like to see a fundraising sample before finalizing their fundraiser product choice. In the past, it’s been difficult to find a reputable company that will send you some free samples without obligation.

Well, the good news is that eFundraising, a division of Time,Inc., will send you the fundraising sample you want without a big hassle. All you have to do is fill out a simple form, tell them what you’re looking for, and you’re in business.

Fundraising Samples Available

There are free samples available for most of the product lines they carry. The fastest way to get yours is to order them right now by phone at this toll-free number (866) 884-8804.

Available samples:

Fundraising popcorn is packaged in your choice of youth sports styles, so specify what type of team you are raising funds for. It’s available in four delicious flavors and in nine fun themes including baseball, soccer, band, cheer, football and more!

Cookie Dough
One of the best selling fundraising products in history, cookie dough has mass appeal and delivers big profits. Plus, this cookie dough is the non-refrigerated mix where you just add butter and eggs, so there’s no delivery hassles.

Choose from French Bread style pizzas, or standard full-size 12″ or the three-pack mini-size 5″ pizzas. These are available in favorites like Cheese, Sausage, or Supreme combinations.

Cheesecakes, Pies & Other Desserts
Talk about mouth-watering selections! The pies and cheesecakes in this fundraiser catalog will have every customer ordering two or more. And when you taste your free sample, you’ll want at least that many for yourself!

Important Note – Due to the high dollar value of the cookie dough, pizza, and cheesecake offerings, there is a $15 charge for the first sample and $4 more for each additional one up to a total of six samples. However, you also receive a $50 coupon off your order, so you actually come out $15 ahead. Click here for more details on frozen food samples.

Scratch Cards
A great fundraiser because it delivers valuable coupons easily worth double or triple the amount donated in this scratch card fundraiser. The highest donation a supporter can scratch off is just $2.50 and most of the consumer discount coupons are worth $5 each, so it’s definitely a win/win solution for your funding needs.

Beef Snacks
Very popular with youth sports teams, they sell extremely well due to great taste at a great price. Plus, you never have to worry about whether they’ll melt in the summer heat.

World’s Finest Chocolate
Incredibly scrumptious chocolate candy bars that practically sell themselves. World’s Finest Chocolate has been a top fundraising product for 52 years and is available exclusively through this offer.

Fundraising Sample Summary

Getting free samples sent to your group for evaluation has never been easier. Simply call toll free (866) 884-8804 and place your sample order.

You can choose delicious chocolate, scrumptious pies or cheesecakes, microwave popcorn, best selling cookie dough, or any of the fundraising products available.

It’s fast and easy, so there’s no excuse. Just pick up the phone and call right now!