Fundraising Sales Tips

Here are some excellent fundraising sales tips for selling more fundraiser products or raffle tickets. These sales tips cover everything from the psychology behind asking for the sale to the best locations for making way more product sales than ever before.

Fundraising sales tips – Sell outside grocery stores

If you want to sell more fundraising products, then you have to know the best way to ask for the order. When selling face-to-face, follow these sales tips:

  1. Smile and make direct eye contact.
  2. Ask for their help in 20 words or less.
  3. Communicate your need and your offering.
  4. Use the psychological trigger word “because”.
  5. After asking, maintain eye contact, remain silent and wait for their response.

Sample Fundraising Sales Pitch

If you are following these fundraising sales tips when selling face-to-face, you would also introduce yourself at the start of your ask. Example sales pitch: “Hi! I’m Jane Doe with the high school marching band. Can you help us out because we’re raising money for new band uniforms?”

Here’s why this sales approach works:

  1. When you smile and look directly at someone while introducing yourself, you make a much stronger impression that commands their attention.
  2. When you ask someone for help, it establishes that you have a need that the other person can assist you with.
  3. When you use the word “because”, it gives the person you’ve asked a justification for responding positively to your request.
  4. When you remain silent and maintain eye contact, you establish on a psychological level that they must respond.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will say yes to your request for help. If someone declines to help, be gracious and smile back. In fundraising product sales, this moment is also ripe for making a secondary product offering (in case what you’re selling isn’t something they want) or asking for a direct donation instead. Either way, you have nothing to lose by offering an alternative.

Fundraising Sales Tips – Use High-Traffic Locations

To make the most fundraising product sales or raffle ticket sales, you have to go to high-traffic retail locations in order to reach the maximum number of prospects. Get permission from the store manager and setup a card table outside a grocery store, home improvement store, WalMart, etc.

Use prominent signs and posters that quickly and clearly explain who you are and what you are doing. Example: “Band Fundraiser. Please Help. Need New Uniforms!”

Your signs should help presell approaching shoppers as they exit the store. However, you still need to make eye contact with each person and do the “ask” if you want to maximize sales. Why? Because it establishes a connection and the direct “ask” means the shopper can’t avoid making a decision by looking away or ignoring you.

Again, you will never make a sale every time you ask, but when you do the “ask for help” you will double or triple your fundraising sales.

Raffle Ticket Sales Tips

The same thing applies to selling raffle tickets as well. They are a “product” in the sense that there is a physical item being purchased, even though its not consumable.

You will want to use colorful flyers featuring the prizes. Use signs explaining how great the odds are of winning (limited number of tickets), how great the prizes are (check out these awesome prizes), the raffle ticket price (offer discounts for multiple tickets), and how the net proceeds will be used (buy new band uniforms, etc.).

If you aren’t using raffles in conjunction with your product sales, you are missing a great opportunity to raise even more funds. One simple way to add a raffle is to use the cash calendar raffle. You create a calendar for sale (make it fun and local), price it slightly higher than a regular calendar to include the cost of the raffle, and include a raffle ticket with each calendar for a cash drawing. The cash prize is usually 50% of the net calendar sales.

Put these fundraising sales tips to work for your group and maximize your fundraising results!