Fundraising Results

Quick tips on improving your fundraising results by maximizing the value provided by your fundraiser. Improve your fundraisers results by teaching everyone what to say and how to say it. Providing quality products and keeping it fun are important also.

10 Ways To Improve Fundraising Results

1) Maximize value to maximize results
Make this your mantra. More value means more prospects. More value means more buyers. More value means more money!

2) State a value proposition
Sum up the specifics of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it in two sentences or less. State exactly what your fundraiser is all about.

Make sure it has a compelling call to action. Include it in all your communications and in your sales script.

3) Set a public goal
Make a commitment about your group’s fundraising goal and state it publicly. This causes your mind to internalize it as a verbal commitment.

Your goal should be realistic, but also aim high. Structure your sales efforts to emphasize and reward achievement of that goal.

4) Everyone take ownership
Make sure everyone takes ownership of the fundraiser’s success on an individual level as well as within the group effort.

Everyone should be committed to doing whatever it takes to reach the group goal.

5) Keep it fun
Fun is part of fundraising. Don’t make it drudgery to be a volunteer or a participant. Remember that they’re giving up their free time to help.

Plan fun things to do during each stage of the process that reward involvement.

6) Provide alternative options
Explore all ways to allow alternate giving from the community. Some people just don’t like fundraisers, but would be willing to contribute in another way.

Consider offering a membership option of supporting your group with one annual check or an automatic donation each month.

7) Quality, quality, quality
Quality sales presentations and quality goods mean more sales. Quality rewards mean more motivation.

A quality program exudes confidence and confidence breeds success.

8) Avoid any risk taking
Always caution against unsafe selling practices. All neighborhood sales activities should include adult accompaniment. Seller safety is your highest priority.

9) Have a written project plan
Run your fundraiser like a small business. Have a written project plan that spells out all roles and responsibilities.

Assign motivated individuals into those roles and equip them with everything they need to do a great job.

10) Help others
Don’t forget to increase your organization’s visibility by giving back to the community.

Visit the elderly, volunteer your group to help with other charity work such as Special Olympics or Community Warmth programs, write letters to military personnel posted overseas, or help other causes that have special meaning to your group.

Do these ten things and you’ll most definitely maximize your fundraising results.