Fundraising Gift Cards

Fundraising gift cards are one of the easiest ways for your group to raise funds fast. The cards provide great value to customers and deliver a $10 profit with each card sold.

Fundraising gift cards

One of the nicest things about these restaurant gift certificate cards is how much value they deliver, with each purchaser getting $100 worth of local restaurant gift certificates for just $20. Not only that, many restaurants offer an additional discount on their actual gift certificates such as offering a $30 certificate for half price.

How the fundraising gift cards work

  1. You order the cards here which cost $10 and and sell for $20
  2. Customer gets $100 worth of local restaurant gift certificates
  3. Customer picks local restaurant from zip code list on
  4. Card is charged for just the gift certificate selected and printed
  5. Customer can use the card again any time by selecting another gift certificate
  6. gift cards never expire until all the face value is spent

It doesn’t matter if your group is small because the minimum order for these gift certificate cards is just 10 cards. The fundraising gift cards are redeemable online for use at thousands of different restaurants nationwide.

Fundraising with gift cards

The average quantity sold per participant is 7, so even a group of ten sellers can expect to raise $700. And of course, there are lots of ways to sell more cards besides offering them to the usual family, friends, neighbors, etc.

First, you can sell these like any other fundraising product by getting permission to set up a sales table outside a high-traffic retail location such as a grocery store. Use big signs explaining who you are, why you are raising funds, and what you are selling.

Login at and get some screenshots of all the available restaurant gift certificates available in your zip code. Print these out and put them in a big binder. Leave that binder open and facing prospective customers for them to see all of their restaurant choices.

Print out a colorful flyer explaining how they get $100 worth of restaurant gift certificates for $20. You want to be able to easily explain what a great value this  gift card is and get people thinking about using it.

Use a simple sales pitch that asks for their help, uses the word “because” and explains why you are fundraising. Then wait for them to respond. Sales pitch format: “Can you help [insert team, school, etc. here] raise funds for  [insert cause here] because we have an awesome deal on restaurant gift certificates.”

The word “because” provides a psychological justification for a positive response to your request for help. Why? Its basic human nature and there are lots of psychology experiments that prove this point. In fact, what comes after the because statement just magnifies the power of because (it works even if you use a null phrase after “because” but a big value statement just takes it to the next level.

Remember to smile and make eye contact before starting your sales pitch. That’s because its much harder to say no to someone who’s so likable!

The fundraising gift cards have our highest recommendation for a great product to sell because they deliver excellent value and significant profits.