Fundraising Products

Here are some ideas for fundraising products to sell for your next fundraiser. All of these are popular products, but don’t fit every situation or group size. Selecting the right fundraiser product goes a long way toward maximizing your success.

Fundraising products list

Fundraising Product Ideas

Bed Sheets – Another product offering a unique fundraising idea for schools, churches and youth sports teams is a bed sheets fundraiser.

Brick Fundraising – How to raise funds with a design project incorporating laser engraved bricks – Brick fundraising tips for capital campaigns.

Candy Fundraiser – Tips for selecting the right candy fundraiser – How to improve your group’s results by offering the right fundraising products.

Candy Fundraisers – A a list of the top candy fundraisers for schools, churches, and youth sports teams.

Candy Bar – Candy bar fundraising tips on selecting suppliers and maximizing sales – Why it’s important to ask for help and to use the word because when asking for an order.

Candy Fundraising – Sales tips for doubling or tripling your candy programs revenue and profits.

Candle – Programs offering candles can help your group or team raise funds easily.

Cash Calendar – Combining a cash raffle with a calendar fundraiser – Understanding the appeal of a cash calendar fundraiser.

Chocolate Candy – Five profit tips for getting the most out of your chocolate candy fundraisers – Fundraising candy bars really raise funds fast if you do the fundraiser right.

Cookie Dough – Cookie dough program overview plus companies and suppliers.

Cookie Dough by Paula Deen – Paula Deen Tasty Batters cookie dough can help raise more funds faster than ever.

Cookbook – Fundraising ideas for churches and nonprofit groups – How a cookbook fundraiser can help your church raise funds.

Custom Silicone Bracelets – Selling fundraiser bracelets is a great way to support your cause – Custom silicone bracelets are an attractive way to raise funds and show you care.

Discount Cards – Sales of $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, pizza, or fast food.

Flower Bulb – Sales tips for doubling results with a flower bulb fundraiser – Or, do yours as a Spring gardening event and raise even more money.

Food Fundraisers – How to quickly boost your profits when fundraising with food items.

Fruit – Raising funds selling citrus fruit and related fundraising products – Fresh fruit fundraiser ideas for your group.

Fundraising Flowers – Ideas for making money with fundraising flowers – Fundraising with flowers is easy when you tap into existing demand.

Fundraising Sample – How to get a fundraising sample for your next fundraiser – Phone number to call for eight fundraising products with free samples sent by FedEx.

Halloween Pumpkins – Fundraising with a Halloween Pumpkin Patch – How to tips for a simple Halloween fundraiser idea.

Healthy Fundraisers – Ideas for healthy fundraisers for schools and school groups – Healthier alternatives abound including events, nonfood items, and healthy choices.

Holiday Fundraising – How-to advice on putting together a holiday fundraiser selling Christmas trees and wreaths.

Holiday Fundraising – Part 2 – Practical advice on doing holiday fundraising with wrapping paper and catalog product sales.

Jamba Juice Fundraiser – Fundraising ideas for schools focused on Jamba Juice – How to put together your own Jamba Juice fundraiser.

Lollipop Fundraiser – Raising funds selling gourmet lollipops – Lollipop fundraiser tips for boosting results.

Kathryn Beich Candy – School fundraising with Kathryn Beich candy – Sales information on Kathryn Beich, Inc. and their high-quality chocolate and gift wrap fundraiser catalogs.

Krispy Kreme – Doughnuts, gift certificates and partnership cards.

Magazine Fundraiser – Raising funds by offering discount magazine subscriptions online – Easy magazine fundraiser is a win/win for groups and their supporters.

Organic Seeds Fundraiser – Organic vegetable seeds are another good fundraiser product to sell in the Spring through an order-taker brochure.

Pizza – Easy moneymaker in three different formats makes a good school fundraiser.

Pizza Fundraiser Ideas – Here are 7 pizza fundraiser ideas to help you raise more funds for your school, group, or church with Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Little Caesars fundraisers.

Pizza Hut – Raise funds fast with a Pizza Hut fundraiser – Choose between sales of a $10 pizza discount card with two-for-one pizzas or host a Pizza Night at your local Pizza Hut.

Popcorn Fundraising – Tips on raising more funds with popcorn fundraising – A popcorn fundraiser works great for youth sports teams, schools and church groups.

Product Ideas – How to select the right fundraising product for your group – Top ten products for school or youth group sales.

Scratch Card – Tips on raising funds quickly with scratch card fundraising – Youth sports teams love this easy fundraiser because each player can easily raise $100 or more.

Scrip Fundraising – Using sales of discount gift certificates to raise funds for your school.

Seasonal Fundraisers – Ten ideas for high-demand seasonal products to sell for your next group fundraiser – Raise more funds by selling what people already want to buy.

Tried and True Fundraisers – These old standbys always produce good results for any-size group.

Top Five Fundraisers – Fundraising products that are easy to sell and always successful – Five top fundraisers for schools and youth sports teams.

Tupperware – Advice on Tupperware fundraising for schools and large groups – How to raise funds by selling Tupperware at an event or as a catalog fundraiser.

Valentines Day – Four fast ways to raise funds with a Valentine’s Day fundraiser – Quick tips on auctions, raffles and gift baskets geared toward both men and women.

Worlds Finest Chocolate – Fundraising candy bar sales with Worlds Finest Chocolate – Candy fundraiser featuring gourmet chocolate in $1 or $2 sizes.