Fundraising Products To Sell

Many groups have a hard time selecting the right fundraising product, so here are the best fundraising products to sell for raising the funds you need. Instead of settling for selling the same products you sold last year and the year before that, check out this list of product ideas that are big moneymakers.

Fundraising products to sell

When selling products to raise money, you want items that have a broad appeal and offer profit margins of at least 50%. You also need to decide if you want to offer products for immediate sale, or do an order-taker fundraiser where you collect payment upfront and deliver their purchases later.

So, I’ve grouped the best fundraising product ideas into three separate lists – immediate sale, order taker (brochure) sales, and most profitable. Keep in mind that you can sell completely different products at the same time. You should also ask for a donation when a prospect doesn’t want to buy any of your fundraising products.

Best Fundraising Products – Immediate Sale

  1. Candy bars – Variety packs have widespread appeal across all age groups.
  2. Non-chocolate candy – Heat resistant candy is great for youth sports teams.
  3. Lollipops – A favorite with kids of all ages and there are lots to choose from.

Best Fundraising Products – Brochure Sales

  1. Gourmet snacks – Mouth-watering selections create large sales.
  2. Cookie dough – Lots of appeal if the price per tub is reasonable.
  3. Wrapping paper – An old favorite of elementary schools still delivers.
  4. Frozen foods – Cheesecakes and other high-end goodies sell well.
  5. Magazines – You can also make money on subscription renewals.

Fundraising Products To Sell – Most Profitable

  1. Discount cards – Gives discounts from up to 12 local merchants on a single card.
  2. Pizza cards – $10 card gives 2-for-1 pizza deals for a year and delivers 90% profit.
  3. cards – Get a 90% discount on gift certificates to local restaurants.

Fundraising Products Sales Tips

If you are going to sell fundraising products, the best way to do it is to sell outside high-traffic retail locations such as grocery stores, home improvement stores, WalMart, etc.

Get permission and setup a card table outside the exit. Use colorful signs and posters that explain why your group is raising money. Display products for sale and interact with shoppers.

Always smile and “ask  for help” while using the word “because” as a psychological trigger. Example: “Can you help us out because our soccer team is raising money for a trip to Regionals?”

Note that you aren’t asking them if they want to buy something, you are asking them for help while giving them a “because” statement as a psychological justification to stop and help.

Another good thing to do when you have fundraising products to sell is to use discount cards as an overlay offer. Lets say you’re selling some type of fundraising candy. You can also offer them a pizza discount card if they buy what you’re selling or even if they don’t. Either way, it only takes a few seconds to make the offer and each one sold adds $9 to your profit totals.

There are lots of different fundraising products to sell, so pick one that has widespread appeal and delivers a good profit margin. If you’re doing location selling, then always use the immediate sales products. Good luck with your next product fundraiser!