Fundraising Party Ideas

Fundraiser events that are a lot of fun always attract a good crowd, so here are 50 unique fundraising party ideas to consider for your next event, plus some extra profit tips. Each fundraising party idea or theme is a framework for the event and you can make it as large scale as you want. The more fun, the merrier and the more funds raised.

Fundraising party ideas

50 Fundraising Party Ideas or Themes

  1. Masquerade Ball – Classic elegance
  2. Mardi Gras – Get down for beads
  3. Wine tasting – Always popular
  4. Dance party – Bust a move
  5. Birthday bash – July 4th, organization start date or any famous birthday
  6. Bunco party – Gals love this
  7. Diva night – Get in touch with your inner biatch
  8. Celebrity lookalikes – Dress like your favorite celeb
  9. Secret agent party – James Bond and Mata Hari
  10. Crazy hat party – Everybody loves crazy hats
  11. Caught by surprise – Come as you are
  12. Pajama party – Dress down
  13. Pampered princess party – Any pampering excuse is good
  14. TV trivia night – Test what you know
  15. Casino Night – Vegas baby!
  16. Oscar Night party – Dress for the red carpet
  17. Karaoke night – Everyone wants to hear you sing… No, really!
  18. Board game night – Multiple choices for games to play
  19. Eighties theme – Breakfast Club, Mad Max, Rambo and more
  20. Nineties theme – Nirvana, Bill & Hillary
  21. Disco Night – Saturday Night Fever
  22. Pet-a-palooza – People love their pets
  23. As you were – Relaxed theme
  24. Carry on – My wayward son
  25. Real Housewives – Organize your own over the top catfights
  26. Hunger Games – Katniss is my home girl
  27. Ninja Challenge – Show your mad skills
  28. Mystery Dinner Theater – Classic whodunnit plus dinner
  29. Bingo night – Easy and fun
  30. Craft Beer Brewfest – A great time for all
  31. Party like its 1999 – Its the end of the world as we know it
  32. Camelot – JFK or King Arthur themes
  33. Movie party – Movie themed or movie screening/premiere
  34. Yoga-thon – Finally a party where you can wear yoga pants
  35. Scrapbooking party – A fun time gathering memories
  36. Tea Party – Alice in Wonderland theme
  37. Poker Tournament – Texas Hold ’em action
  38. Coffee party – Lots and lots of lattes
  39. Superhero costume party – Wonder Woman and Superman
  40. Talk Like A Pirate theme – Arrr!
  41. Apres ski party – Skip the skiing and get the party started
  42. Favorite Disney character theme
  43. Bridal party – Not a bachelorette party, but all things wedding-related
  44. Reality show theme – Favorite reality show (Toddlers & Tiaras vs. Survivor)
  45. Down Under party – All things Australian
  46. Sadie Hawkins dance – Girls ask guys
  47. Roaring Twenties – Flappers and bootleggers
  48. Harvest festival theme – Celebrate the season
  49. Sci-Fi costume party – Star Wars vs Star Trek
  50. Toga party – Animal House style. Need I say more?

As you can see from our list of 50 unique fundraising party ideas, you can raise funds with just about any fun event theme you can think of and sometimes, the wackier the better. And the bigger the crowd, the more money you’ll raise.

Extra profit tips

  1. Silent auctions are a must
  2. Live music is always a big draw
  3. Create colorful flyers to promote
  4. Promote on social media
  5. Sell tickets in advance at a discount because it gets people committed to attend
  6. Use multiple raffles
  7. Get corporate sponsorships for big events

Now lets get the fundraising party started!