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Another good site for fundraising online is which provides an easy way to raise money online while also integrating well with your social media efforts. If you are seeking donations online, Help A Fund makes everything quick and easy. – Fundraising Online

Crowdfunding websites have surged in popularity. They are a great way to raise funds online for your favorite cause, a person in need, or a medical emergency.

Help A Fund delivers point & click simplicity, so you’ll have your fundraising page online in just a few minutes.

Use to raise funds online

When you setup your campaign, you designate who will be withdrawing the funds. Simply choose “myself” or, if you are raising funds for another person, then choose “someone else.”

Current fundraising campaigns are rotated in the feature section on the website’s home page. You can easily share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Online fundraisers at

Donations can be made using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. Payment processing is securely handled by WePay, a leading crowdfunding payment gateway.

Donors have the option to show their names and if desired, their donation amount. They can also make their donation anonymous.

Once your online donations have been processed, simply use your dashboard to withdraw funds to your bank account.

Online Fundraising Using

This short video clip shows how easy the whole process is. You’ll quickly have your fundraiser page online and raising money fast.