Fundraising Online:

Another good site for fundraising online is, which is great for both crowdfunding and Facebook fundraising because you get your own fundraiser page plus a PayPal donation widget to use on your social media sites. Fundrazr makes it easy to share your fund raising project with more than just friends and family.

Fundraising online:

It only takes a few minutes to get started, but you will need a PayPal account because that’s where the online donations are processed. People can donate to your cause by credit card, debit card or from an existing PayPal balance.

Here’s how works for setting up an online fundraiser:

  1. You create your project for free by filling out some basic information.
  2. Once setup is complete, you have an online fundraising page and a donation widget.
  3. You can fund raise on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and by email.
  4. Donations go straight to your PayPal account for immediate access.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites, Fundrazr does not limit you to an all-or-nothing choice. Some crowdfunding sites actually return all your donations if you fail to reach your fundraising target. Ouch!

They also provide lots of great tips for raising money online like how to get the word out, what details to provide, how to get more donations and the importance of thanking your donors.

Tips for raising money online works great for the following types of online fundraisers:

  1. Personal fundraising – Medical needs, accidents, disasters, or other personal needs.
  2. School groups – Everything from elementary schools to fraternities and sororities.
  3. Non-profit organizations – Any cause you want, you got it.
  4. Churches – Capital campaigns, outreach programs, aid projects, needy children.
  5. Community groups – Alumni groups, youth sports teams, causes, mission trips and more.
  6. Other crowdfunding – Artists, entertainers, musicians, entrepeneurs, etc.

Fundrazr offers three plans for fundraising online:

  1. Basic – Free online fundraiser page and donation widget for other websites like Facebook.
  2. Boost – $249 fee for fundraisers over $5,000 gets you online coaching, live webinar capability and inclusion on Fundrazr social network sites.
  3. Pro – $499 fee for fundraisers over $10,000 gets you Boost plus prime listing space on Fundrazr, two 30-minute coaching Skype sessions and a custom video slideshow.

Bottom line? Unlike some other crowdfunding websites, does a great job of providing you everything you need to succeed with fundraising online.