Fundraising Online:

If you are looking into fundraising online is a great website for both non-profit groups and individuals to raise funds online for their cause. The site is completely packed with handy features like event registration, credit card processing, and instant fundraising page creation for new group members.

Fundraising online at started back in 2003 as a way for groups to collect donations online and as a way for individuals to have their own fundraising page. Ten years later and the site has grown into a comprehensive resource for non-profit fundraisers.

Notable features at

  1. Branded non-profit organization pages
  2. Branded event pages
  3. Online event registration
  4. Group registration (for events with teams)
  5. Instant fundraising page creation upon signup
  6. Event-level reporting
  7. Offline donation management
  8. Fundraiser communication tools
  9. Real-time credit card processing for a low 2.5% fee
  10. Donate Now buttons for Facebook and QR codes

On your group page or event page at First Giving, you can easily add pictures and video to get your message across. You can recognize your group’s top fundraisers and teams by automatically displaying your supporter’s rankings.

You can even create unlimited events, each with their own page and details. You can even customize the registration process and create tiered levels of access for different profile types. also gives you the tools to reconcile checks and other offline donations by including those contributions in your fundraising event totals.

By enabling you to accept donations on your website, Facebook, or even mobile donations via QR code from your event flyers. Their online fundraising tools allow you to send custom emails to groups of supporters based on criteria such as amount raised. You can also set up automatic email acknowledgements, such as sending donation receipts.

Non-profit groups can quickly export all of their fundraising online data as Excel or CSV files for import into other software tools. Individuals who want to raise funds for any registered non-profit group simply identify their cause while signing up and are instantly able to use their fundraising page. That means that you have even more ways to raise fund online than ever before.

If you’ve read this far, its probably time to head over to and signup today!