Fundraising Kits

If you are looking for free fundraising kits for school fundraisers or youth sports candy sales, here is the link to get your sample fundraising kit sent right away.

Click the image below to receive your free kit:

Getting Started With Your Fundraising Kits

How do I get a kit?
Your first step is to order your free fundraising kit. It contains everything you need to know to choose the right fundraiser product, make your sales plan, order products and sell the product or products you have selected for your fundraiser.

Hersheys chocolate fundraiser pack

What fundraising products can I choose from?
The products we carry are easy for you to carry. You can choose from seven great programs: chocolate, scratch cards, magazines, gift brochures, cookie dough, lollipops and beef snacks. Each product program has a variety of products that you can select for your fundraiser.

Can we sell over the Internet?
Yes you can! You can choose a traditional product program and keep it within your community. Or, you can add the power of our online magazine program to reach even more people. You can even combine traditional and online to raise more money faster.

What should we sell?
Remember that you don’t have to choose just one product to sell. A good tip is to combine programs that compliment each other like chocolate and Scratchcards, cookie dough and magazines, or Jack Link’s and lollipops.

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