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Pokemon Go Fundraiser

Holding a Pokemon Go fundraiser is another easy way to raise funds fast. Pokemon Go is hugely popular and this fundraising event idea is inexpensive & fun.Plus, you can add a Pokemon Go Lure to virtually any other type of fundraising event. Think of it as a great way to boost attendance that’s cheaper than […]

Fundraising Online –

Another good site for fundraising online is which provides an easy way to raise money online while also integrating well with your social media efforts. If you are seeking donations online, Help A Fund makes everything quick and easy.

25 Fun Fundraisers Ideas

The more fun your fundraising event is, the more funds you’ll raise because you’ll attract a bigger crowd. Fun fundraisers are the best ideas for raising the most money, so check out this list of  quick & easy fundraising events.Top 25 ideas for fun fundraisers:Zombie Walk/Run/LurchHunger Games FundraiserWorld Record ChallengeMud Run/Obstacle CourseCasino NightCow Pie BingoChili […]

7 Online Fundraising Tips

In this article offering 7 online fundraising tips, fundraising consultant Alan Sharpe uses the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to provide examples of the best online fundraising ideas. If you want to get your creative juices flowing and raise more money for your non-profit organization or favorite cause, it’s well worth reading.Seven Online Lessons in Fundraising […]

Coin Drop Fundraiser With A Twist

In this coin drop fundraiser with a twist, you don’t drop coins into donation boxes near cash registers, you drop coins into a spiral wishing well where the coins spin wildly in a vortex before dropping into the donation box.This twist on the traditional coin drop fundraiser adds all sorts of excitement and lots of […]

7 Movie Fundraiser Ideas

Having a fundraising movie night is a fun way to raise funds for your group or cause. Here are 7 movie fundraiser ideas that you can use to put together a movie fundraising event at your local cinema or as an outdoor viewing.1) Special Advance ScreeningsThe easiest way to do a movie fundraiser is to […]

Business Donation Request – Fundraiser Source List

Looking for a list of business donation request source links? Download a free 14-page PDF version of our auction donation source list of national businesses. Download link is at the bottom of the page.The link for each business is to their donation request form or to the page where they provide details on how to […]

Fun Raising Friday 23

Time for another look at some fun fundraising ideas from around the country. Check out these fun fundraisers that other groups are doing to raise funds. Ball Drop Raffle From Giant Pelican – 100 charities sold $5 raffle chances for a ball drop raffle featuring a giant pelican with a 50-foot wingspan hovering over the University […]

Fundraising With Bricks

Using engraved bricks for fundraising is another excellent way to raise funds for your nonprofit group, church, or school. The so-called Buy A Brick fundraiser is easy to do and produces great results for special projects or capital campaigns.In a nutshell, your group sells fundraising bricks and pavers that are engraved with wording chosen by […]

Pub Crawl Fundraiser

Another unique fundraising event idea is organizing a pub crawl to raise funds for your cause. Just pick one of these fun pub crawl ideas or themes below and start planning your fundraiser.Pub Crawl IdeasZombie Pub CrawlCraft Beer CrawlShakesBeer CrawlSuperhero Bar CrawlPirate Pub CrawlSnuggie CrawlMustache CrawlCrazy Hats CrawlBanana Bar CrawlThree-legged bar crawl (duct taped ankles)Footie […]

Trivia Night Fundraiser

Another fun and inexpensive fundraising event idea is holding a trivia night fundraiser. Here’s some how to advice on putting together your own trivia night and the best ways to raise funds for your cause at a simple event like this.How To Organize A Trivia Night FundraiserPick A Good Date – Saturday nights are a […]

Mobile Fundraising: Talk To The Hand

When someone uses the phrase Talk To the Hand, it means they don’t want to hear what you are saying. In mobile fundraising, its really all about Talk To The Hand because that’s what’s holding their smartphone, the ultimate communication tool for reaching people today.Mobile Fundraising For NonprofitsMobile phone fundraising is hands down one of […]

12 Fundraising Event Tips

Here are 12 tips on how to raise more money at your fundraising event. Many nonprofit groups only use six or seven of these fundraising ideas, but that just means they’ve overlooked some truly significant ways to raise funds.Some of these tips require substantial lead time, such as applying for a grant to cover the […]

Fun Raising Friday 22

Time for this month’s edition of Fun Raising Friday – a look at 10 fun fundraiser ideas from across the country. These events definitely put the fun in fundraising!These fun fundraiser events are ideas that will work for any group. The whole idea of Fun Raising Friday is to gather lists of fun fundraiser ideas […]

Golf Fundraising Ideas

There are a lot of unique golf fundraising ideas that you can use to raise money for your nonprofit group. Here is a list of the top 10 golf fundraisers that are both fun and easy to do.Top 10 Golf Fundraising IdeasGolf Fundraiser TournamentGolf Ball Drop RaffleGolfing ExpoGolfing Lessons FundraiserMiniature Golf TournamentZombie Golf TournamentFrisbee Golf […]

Capital Campaign Needs

Capital Campaign Needs – A capital fundraising campaign is defined as seeking: “to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of the organization,” by Henry A. “Hank” Rosso, a leading figure in the development of the discipline of fundraising.Traditionally viewed as an exercise to raise […]

Fun Raising Friday 21

A look at 10 fun fundraising ideas for nonprofit groups from across the country. These 10 fun fundraisers for the holiday season range from a WTF fundraiser for a ballet non-profit in Salt Lake City to a warm Hannukah get together in Cincinnati for a sick child to the return of “BatKid” in another San […]

Bed Race Fundraiser

A bed race fundraiser is another fun fundraising event idea that can raise a lot of money for your cause. Bed races work well as cancer fundraisers or for college groups looking to organize a fun event to raise funds.The premise is fairly simple. Teams compete by pushing hospital beds – complete with a “patient” […]

Fundraising Networking Events

Hosting a business meet-and-greet networking event as a fundraiser for your cause is a great way to raise funds. In areas with lots of young professionals, networking events are a popular way to make business connections and its easy to add some fundraising activities to these types of get-togethers.Fundraising networking events for a good cause […]

Fun Raising Friday 20

It’s been quite a while, so here’s another Fun Raising Friday look at 10 ideas for fun fundraising events that other groups are doing to raise funds. These fun fundraiser ideas from all across the country range from elementary school fundraisers to non-profit charity galas.Duct Tape A Teacher – Students at an elementary school fundraiser […]