Fun Fundraising Ideas

Here is a lengthy list of fun fundraising ideas excerpted from my book, Fundraising Success. The list focus is on the best fundraisers for schools, youth sports teams, non-profit groups, and churches to raise funds fast. If you are looking for great ideas for fundraising, this is the place to start.

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Hunger Games Fundraiser – A unique event idea that leverages the popular Hunger Games books with a challenging obstacle course, archery competition, weird foods, costumes and role playing. If you want something new that will get a huge turnout, this is it!

School Fundraising Ideas – Three fun school fundraising ideas based on simple products that produce excellent profits.

Ninja Challenge – A very unique fundraising idea is a Ninja Challenge obstacle course – Raise money with a tough event including a 5k run with a dozen major obstacles.

Masquerade Ball – Doing a nonprofit charity event like a Masquerade Ball is a fun way to raise a lot of money – How to maximize turnout and donations at your fundraising event.

Cheerleading – Cheer fundraisers that are fun and easy to do – Three profitable cheerleading activities for large or small teams.

Fundraising Event Ideas – A lengthy list of fundraising event ideas – Tips on putting together various charity events and maximizing your profits.

Top Five Products – Products that are easy to sell and always successful – Five top products for schools and youth sports teams.

Yard Sale – Tips for putting together a yard sale fundraiser – How to boost your results by increasing donations and maximizing revenue.

Spaghetti Dinner – Six ways to improve your spaghetti dinner fundraiser -plus event tips for getting a big turnout and maximum results.

Spelling Bee – How to put together a spelling bee fundraiser for your group – Invite local celebrities to participate in your spelling bee and get lots of free publicity.

Charity Poker Tournament – Raise funds with a charity poker tournament offering Texas Hold’em – How to put together a fun night out event for your non-profit group.

Grocery Shopping Spree – How to raise funds fast with a raffle for a grocery shopping spree – Best ways to sell lots of raffle tickets.

Teeter Totter Marathon – A teeter-totter marathon is a unique event that costs very little to put together – This seesaw marathon event works well for elementary schools and church youth groups.

Shooting Range – Organizing a gun range event is a great way for small groups to raise funds – A shooting range fundraiser can be both fun and instructive while supporting your cause.

Free – Three time-tested ideas for raising fast cash for groups of any size without requiring any upfront expenditures.

Band – Proven band fund-raising ideas for maximum profits – Band products that produce big results and are quick and easy to do.

Soccer – Soccer fund raising made easy – Soccer activities for raising funds for your youth sports team.

Easy Fundraisers – Three easy ones for small groups – Easy events for maximum weekend profits – Great for any size group.

Church – Church fund raising for capital campaigns through donor recognition – These church fundraisers produce quick results with some advance planning.

Seasonal – Ten different ideas for high-demand seasonal products to sell – Raise more funds by selling what people already want to buy while its that time of year.

Youth Group – Success tips for your youth group fund raiser – How to increase demand and get a stronger sales response in a youth fundraiser.

Krispy Kreme – Easy to sell these popular doughnuts, gift certificates and partnership cards.

Discount Cards – Sales of $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, pizza, or fast food.

Mini Golf – Hosting a mini golf tournament is a great event for youth sports groups – Extra profit tips for your mega mini golf day.

Chair-ity Funds Raiser – An easy idea is doing a “chair-ity” event – Raising funds through auctioning off highly creative chairs bundled with all sorts of goodies at your fun event.

Custom Silicone Bracelets – Selling these custom bracelets is a great way to support your cause – Custom silicone bracelets are an attractive way to raise funds and show you care.

Candy – Sales tips for doubling or tripling your candy programs revenue and profits.

Candles – Programs offering candles can help your group or team raise funds easily.

Cookie Dough – Cookie dough program overview plus companies and suppliers.

Pizza – Easy moneymaker in three different formats makes a good school fundraiser.

Wine Tasting – Additional profit tips when hosting a wine-tasting fundraiser – How to advice on organizing your event and maximizing revenue.

Art Raffle – Putting together an art raffle is easy and fun – How to raise large amounts for charity with an art raffle.

Christmas Season – A group of Christmas-related ideas for raising funds ahead of and during the holiday season – Product offerings and event ideas.

Casino Night – How to raise funds with a charity Casino Night – A fun night out for adults where games of chance help charity.

Mardi Gras – Have a great time hosting your own Mardi Gras – This popular charity party night is lots of fun and a big moneymaker.

Event Tips – Tips on raising maximum funds at your next event – Easy to follow tips for getting publicity and attracting sellout crowds eager to support your cause.

Cow Chip Raffle – A cow chip fundraiser is a great family-style fundraising event – How to get a big turnout and raise substantial amounts of money.

Relay For Life – Eight event ideas for raising funds for your Relay For Life team – Relay For Life events for teams and sponsors.

Archery Tournament – An archery tournament is a great way to raise money for your group. Leverage the popularity of the Hunger Games with an archery fundraiser.

Cheesecake Calendar – Raising funds with a tongue-in-cheek cheesecake calendar – How to get great publicity plus surefire ways to maximize profits with these extra tips.

Pancake Breakfast – Extra profit tips for your pancake breakfast – How to double or triple your results with four extra steps.

Spaghetti Dinner – Six ways to improve your spaghetti dinner night – Event tips for getting a big turnout and maximum results.

Product Sales Tips –  Five easy ways to double or triple your fund raising profits with no extra work.

Location – A good location can generate big profits – How to find the best locations and work them for maximum fund raising profits.

Small Group Events – Three profitable events for small groups or schools – Events that are quick and easy – Fundraising event ideas you can do in a weekend.

Event Ideas – Part 1 – Great tips on organizing special events – Which non-profit charity events are best.

Event Ideas – Part 2 – Planning tips for various events – Easy events for small groups – Which events are the most profitable.

Event Ideas – Part 3 – Fun events that are easy to do – Night At The Races – Hospital Bed Race for cancer causes.

Car Wash – Quick and easy car wash fund raising tips plus profit boosters.

Gardening Supplies – A home & garden products and services event is a big moneymaker – How to put together a gardening supplies weekend sale for your group.

12 Sales Secrets – How to boost your product sales results with these twelve sales secrets.

Earth Friendly – Three environmentally friendly fundraisers – organic chocolate, printer cartridge recycling, and community trash cleanup.

Maximize Your Results – Ten quick tips on improving your fund raising results – Easy fundraiser profit boosters – Profitable fund raising tips.

Common Mistakes – Excerpt from my book covering common mistakes and how to avoid them.

What’s In It For Me? – In fund raising, everyone needs to know “What’s in it for me?”

Fund Raising Fundamentals – How to increase community awareness of both your group’s need and your offering, thereby boosting your results.

Non-Profit Fund Raising – Best non-profit strategies – Organizational tips for nonprofits – Four unique fundraisers that will boost your results.

Publicity Tips – Simple methods to get your fundraisers well publicized – Publicity is the key to successful event fundraising.

Holiday Season – How-to advice on putting together a holiday product sale with advance orders for Christmas trees and wreathes.

Holiday Season – Part 2 – Practical advice on doing holiday product sales of wrapping paper and catalog products.

Holiday Season – Part 3 – How to put together a holiday-themed event or carnival – Tips on maximizing revenue and profit.

Scrip – Using sales of discount gift certificates to raise funds for your school.

Youth Group Fund Raiser – How to increase demand and get a stronger sales response in your fundraiser.

Valentines Day – Four fast ways to raise funds just before and on Valentine’s Day – Quick tips on auctions, doing raffles and selling unique gift baskets geared toward both men and women.

Tupperware – Tips for putting together your own Tupperware home party – Advice on an easy way to raise funds with Tupperware.

Tupperware For Groups – Advice on Tupperware sales for schools and large groups – How to raise funds by selling Tupperware at an event or as a catalog sale.

Youth Sports Teams – Tips for improving the bottom-line results of your sports teams – Fundraisers for youth sports teams that always do well.

Baseball – Three ideas for a great baseball fundraiser – Easy Little League product sales that produce double what you’ve previously raised.

Softball – Three softball fundraising ideas to raise funds for your team or league – Softball fundraisers that produce excellent results and don’t cost a lot.

High School – Organizational tips for high schools – What to consider when putting together your school ‘s overall plan for raising money this year.

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