Fundraising Ideas For Sports Teams

Here are roughly forty different fundraising ideas for sports teams, mostly events that are fairly easy to pull together with a little planning and not too much money. Youth sports teams need to raise money every year and usually nobody wants to do the same old thing. That’s not to say that what worked previously won’t work any longer, it’s just that candy sales aren’t that popular anymore.

These articles have lots of different event ideas along with a few different products that can add a substantial amount of extra revenue without a lot of extra effort. In each article, I try to briefly explain additional things you can do to maximize the funds raised. Also, just because an article is about a different type of sports team doesn’t mean that you can’t do it for your own.

Sports Team Fundraisers

Hunger Games Fundraiser – A unique event idea that leverages the popular Hunger Games books with a challenging obstacle course, archery competition, weird foods, costumes and role playing. If you want something new that will get a huge turnout, this is it!

Mini Golf – Hosting a mini golf tournament is a great event for youth sports groups – Extra profit tips for your mega mini golf day.

Cow Chip Raffle – A cow chip fundraiser is a great family-style fundraising event – How to get a big turnout and raise substantial amounts of money by including a live band, a pig roast, and anything else that sounds like fun.

Rubber Duck Race – How to organize a rubber duck race to raise money – Profit boosters for your rubber duck fundraiser that can double or triple your results. It’s all about making it a fun time.

Baseball – Three ideas for a great baseball fundraiser – Easy Little League product sales that produce double what you’ve previously raised.

Bowling – Raising funds with a bowling competition – How to tips for organizing a fun event and maximizing the revenue.

Cheer Clinic – Tips on doing a cheer clinic to raise funds. NOTE: This works for any sport as the older, more experienced athletes put on a “how to” clinic for the youngsters and give some hands-on instruction.

Cheerleaders – Ten ideas for cheer squads, five with product sales and five event-style activities.

Dance Team – Eight ideas for dance teams – Four product ideas and four events for dance team fundraising.

Hockey – How to successfully solicit corporate donations for traveling youth sports teams.

Little League – Make your event a fun Family Day with inflatable jump rooms, fastest throw on the radar gun, silent auctions, something for all ages. Why? Because that’s what kids and families like. The longer everyone stays to have fun, the more funds you’ll raise!

Soccer – Soccer activities for raising funds for your youth sports team. Use a radar gun to measure who’s got the fastest shot in town.

Softball – Do a fun Saturday afternoon/evening event and include lots of activities to go along with it. These can include charging admission, placing a markup on all the food and drinks, auctioning off donated items, doing a slave auction, conducting a “men in drag” beauty pageant, or anything else you think of that your crowd will support. Heck, you can even raffle off a new car or flat-screen HDTV if you have a big enough crowd.

Archery Tournament – An archery tournament is a great way to raise money for your group. Leverage the popularity of the Hunger Games with an archery fundraiser.

Youth Sports Teams – Tips for improving the bottom-line results of your product sales.

Products To Sell

Candy Sales – Profit tips for maximizing your candy sales fundraising results.

Custom Silicone Bracelets – Selling these custom bracelets is a great way to support your cause – Custom silicone bracelets are an attractive way to raise funds and show you care.

Discount Cards – Sales of $10 discount cards for special merchant offers, pizza, or fast food.

Gardening Supplies – A home & garden products and services event is a big moneymaker – How to put together a gardening supplies weekend sale for your group.

Krispy Kreme – Easy to sell these popular doughnuts, gift certificates and partnership cards.

Seasonal – Ten different ideas for high-demand seasonal products to sell – Raise more funds by selling what people already want to buy while its that time of year.

Traditional Fundraisers

These articles are worth reading if you plan on doing one of the traditional activities like a pancake breakfast or a car wash because these have lots of advice on how to raise double or triple what you ordinarily would.

Car Wash – Quick and easy car wash fund raising tips plus profit boosters.

Pancake Breakfast – Extra profit tips for your pancake breakfast – How to double or triple your results with four extra steps.

Spaghetti Dinner – Six ways to improve your spaghetti dinner night – Event tips for getting a big turnout and maximum results.

Keep in mind that you can do mix-and-match fundraising; that is, combine one or more of the ideas into one fundraiser. For example, try doing a car wash AND selling seasonal flowers. You’ve already done the planning and promotion for your event, so you could take advantage of the crowd you’ve gathered for two purposes. You might just double your intake!