Fundraising Ideas For Schools

In this article about fundraising ideas for schools, we’ll cover ideas for elementary schools. Here are ten event ideas that will help you raise the needed funds.

Fundraising event ideas for elementary schools

School Carnival – The most popular and profitable school fundraiser event is a carnival. It can be a Spring Fling or a Fall Festival, but its guaranteed to bring out the families because its so much fun for the kids. Read more here about how to maximize the profits at a school carnival.

Car Raffle – Holding a car raffle is another great way to raise a lot of money without the added stress of making it a big event. Your biggest decisions are what type of car to raffle (think dream car), what price to put on the raffle tickets (anywhere from $20 to $100 a ticket), whether to include some secondary prizes (always a good idea), and how to sell the most raffle tickets possible.

Walkathon/Fun Run – A great event activity to get the kids active and actually interested in the fundraising aspect of things. You want to incent the kids to get them excited about winning prizes for being the one to get the most pledges, the most pledge money per lap, and the most funds raised overall. You can read all about how to do a fun walk/run here.

Giant Yard Sale – The main premise of this event is to get every family to clear out their garage, attic, or storage area of everything they don’t want. You publicize your sale and hold it in the parking lot on a Saturday morning. These can really raise a lot of money if you do them right. Read all the yard sale tips here.

Chair-ity Event – This school fundraiser event involves getting creative by making unique chairs and bundling them with related items. Then you auction off your creations at a “chair-ity” event. Read more here about doing  a chair-ity fundraiser.

Teeter-Totter Marathon – Another fun way to get the younger kids involved is to hold a teeter-totter marathon with each class competing with other classes in their same grade. Each child takes their turn keeping the marathon effort going and you raise funds by having them get pledges based on how long they keep going. Read more here about doing a teeter-totter marathon.

Mini-Golf Tournament – There are two ways to do this type of event. One way is to just make it a fun family outing to the local miniature golf location and conducting a mini-golf tournament with prizes. The other way is to set up your own mini-golf course in the school hallways. That requires buying some AstroTurf and building some course bumpers, obstacles, and raised greens with a cup. Read more here about doing a mini-golf tournament.

Rubber Duck Race – This idea for a school fundraiser involves launching a flotilla of numbered rubber ducks in a local waterway and awarding prizes for top finishers. It essentially works like a raffle with each ticket matching up with a rubber duck. Read more here about doing a rubber duck race.

Costume Party – All you need for a costume party is a great theme, so here are some ideas for your school event. Monster Mash, Pirate Day, Mardi Gras, famous people, history greats, fictional characters, sci-fi theme, etc. the whole idea is to get everybody to dress up and have a good time, add some silent auctions, bake sale items, best costume prizes and you are good to go. Read more here.

Home & Garden Event – A great springtime school fundraising event that you can hold in the school parking lot on a Saturday. You can offer flower bulbs, gardening supplies, small plants and bushes from wholesalers, etc. You can even partner with local merchants who offer deliveries of mulch, pine straw, and other services. Read more here about doing your own home and garden event.