Pokemon Go Fundraiser

Holding a Pokemon Go fundraiser is another easy way to raise funds fast. Pokemon Go is hugely popular and this fundraising event idea is inexpensive & fun. Plus, you can add a Pokemon Go Lure to virtually any other type of fundraising event. Think of it as a great way to boost attendance that’s cheaper …

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Fundraising Online – HelpAFund.com

Another good site for fundraising online is HelpAFund.com which provides an easy way to raise money online while also integrating well with your social media efforts. If you are seeking donations online, Help A Fund makes everything quick and easy.

25 Fun Fundraisers Ideas

The more fun your fundraising event is, the more funds you’ll raise because you’ll attract a bigger crowd. Fun fundraisers are the best ideas for raising the most money, so check out this list of  quick & easy fundraising events. Top 25 ideas for fun fundraisers: Zombie Walk/Run/Lurch Hunger Games Fundraiser World Record Challenge Mud …

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