Fundraising Event Tips: Use Multiple Raffles

As part of our series of fundraising event tips, this article covers why you should use multiple fundraising raffles at your event. Raffles help maximize your results by getting people excited about the chance of winning a big prize while donating to your cause.

When organizing a large charity event with several hundred people attending, you can use these five different types of raffles to raise funds. Those five types of raffles are:

  1. Door prize raffle
  2. Low-end raffle
  3. High-end raffle
  4. Reverse raffle
  5. Dream theme raffle

Door Prize Raffle
A door prize raffle is just what it sounds like. You include the raffle entry as part of each ticket. You can use numbered tickets where you tear off the stub and do a drawing by hand, or you can can do an electronic drawing of a number by using a computer program.

You can award multiple door prizes for the event and do drawings for those prizes throughout the event. The more chances people have to win something, the more involved they will be with the entire event.

By interspersing door prize drawings and other raffle prize drawings throughout the event, people will pay much more attention to what the emcee is saying during your live auction. And that in turn will boost your revenue.

Low-end Raffle
A low-end raffle is one with an inexpensive ticket price, somewhere in the $10 to $25 range, and providing several chances to win a good prize. You want to sell large numbers of these raffle tickets, so be sure to promote them heavily and offer them for sale in multiple ways in the weeks before your fundraiser event.

High-end Raffle
You want to offer a high-end raffle to appeal to your upper income supporters. And by “high-end raffle” I mean one with a ticket price somewhere in the $500 to $2,500 range.

There should only be a limited number of high-end tickets offered for a chance to win a truly wonderful prize. Think really exclusive and really wonderful, like an exotic car or some quality time with a celebrity.

Dream Theme Raffle
Your charity fundraiser event should also raffle off multiple “Dream Theme” packages from a separate raffle priced in the $35 to $100 range. You want the tickets to be affordable to wider range of people, but proportionate to the value of the multiple prizes being offered.

Raffle prizes for this offering should follow certain themes, such as dream beach vacation, dream ski vacation, dream weekend getaway, dream home makeover, dream spa weekend, etc.

Reverse Raffle
A reverse raffle is one that draws prize winners in reverse, so the lucky winner is the last one drawn. Some groups will even include a reverse raffle entry into a higher-priced event ticket.

Reverse raffles are often done as cash raffles, with the last ten tickets drawn each winning a substantial cash prize. Raffle ticket prices for these drawings

There are also multiple variations on this approach, such as where you can draw tickets periodically throughout your event for numbers to make it into the final prize drawing. Any way you do it, a reverse raffle keeps everyone watching their numbers throughout the night.

One final tip: To sell more raffle tickets, offer a 3-for-1 raffle combo package with a discount for the combined ticket bundle.

And that’s it for our fundraising event tips on why you should use multiple raffles at your fundraiser event.