Fundraising Event Tips: Getting Corporate Sponsors

As part of our series on fundraising event tips, here are 10 tips for getting corporate sponsors for your fundraising event. Corporate sponsorships are extremely important to the overall success of your event and can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

If you aren’t getting corporate sponsors for your charity event, then here is what you need to do. Some of getting sponsorships is just organizational skills, but a good part of it involves changing your group’s attitude or mindset on how to raise money. While grassroots fundraising is powerful, the real money is in getting big corporate donations to your cause.

10 Tips For Getting Corporate Sponsors

  1. Attitude – Your group needs to have a genuine interest in working with corporate sponsors for the benefit of all involved, including the company.
  2. Affinity – Look for corporate sponsors who have an affinity with your cause, the local area and the locale of your event.
  3. Synergy – The corporate sponsorship relationship must be mutually beneficial or its a waste of time and money for the company.
  4. WYSIWYG – Your corporate presentation should be colorful and visually explain exactly what they get for their sponsorship dollars.
  5. What’s In It For Me? – Price your sponsorship proposal in terms the business understands – demographics, positioning, and media exposure.
  6. Network – People do business with people. To grow your network of contacts, attend meet & greet events at every opportunity.
  7. Relationships – It’s all about whom you know and who knows you and your group. Leverage every relationship everyone in your group has.
  8. Chamber of Commerce – Don’t forget the old timers because not everyone is on Facebook. There be movers and shakers here.
  9. Make A List – Brainstorm a comprehensive list of potential corporate sponsors based on affinity, synergy and existing relationships.
  10. Work Your List – Divide up your list of potential sponsorship prospects and start conquering!

Don’t be disappointed if you start off with only a few sponsors for your first event. Focus on doing such a great job of giving your sponsors great bang for the buck. After that good word of mouth will be your best friend.

As always with any fundraising event, focus on getting lots of media coverage and leverage social media across the board. Sponsors always love to see their logo prominently displayed on event pics, video, news coverage, etc.

Just remember when you’re starting out that getting corporate sponsors isn’t really that hard if you speak the language of demographics, media exposure and “what’s in it for me.” Corporate sponsorships are a tool that many companies use to grow their brand. Image is everything, so make sure your charity event has the right image for the sponsorships you seek. Sponsorship money isn’t free, so make sure you add maximum value for your corporate sponsors and you’ll have all you need in the years to come.